Clashes Waiting For Mercury & Mars Turn Direct – January 2023

uturnThings are speeding up though if feels we’re going in a messed up direction.  We have two cars down here and we’re waiting not that patiently. It’s as if we’re accelerating while simultaneously decelerating.

Everyone’s frustrated with delays and incomplete calls. There’s lots of angst and I feel at cross purposes with others. Specifically,  I want my car repaired, quickly.  This is not a priority to Progressive insurance!

Mars will turn direct on January 12th. Mercury will correct on the 18th.  That’s roughly ten days from now, with Jupiter in Aries that want to travel far, fast!  It’s a recipe for rage, because the retrograde planets degrade efficiency and close off open channels where the energy can be expressed,

Add this to the Venus Uranus square, just waiting to pop off.
We’ve also got Uranus stationing direct, and the new moon, looking like THUNDERBOLT.

Be calm if you can but I’m going to pass on that. It’s just too much energy to try to contain. Remember, Mars energy turned in on itself causes depression.

How are you coping January?


Clashes Waiting For Mercury & Mars Turn Direct – January 2023 — 28 Comments

  1. Most of our household is sick right now. We are grouchy. And our washing machine had a leak. All I want to do is clean and do laundry but hadn’t been able to do so. Things seem to slowly be shifting into a more forward pattern (hope I didn’t just jinx it!)
    Anyway, Elsa, I feel your pain on the Progressive insurance thing. When we had a wildfire burn two of our buildings down last March they were SO slow in getting us any kind of settlement. It wasn’t until May that we started to get some help from them. Also when we first initiated our claim we were passed around like a hot potato. One girl even told us she didn’t understand that we didn’t keep receipts of everything we ever purchased throughout our entire lives. Most frustrating company I’ve ever dealt with. I hope your process goes much more smoothly.

  2. This has got me more in the mood to get things done. Lots of things that I really hate doing but I’m just up and doing them. In my mind I can stand outside myself and say, “lol ok, you go do that stupid thing”, to which I say in return, “that’s right I am and also stay out of my way”.

  3. I 100% threw myself AT multiple bureaucracies and conglomerates and US agencies trying to orchestrate
    a complicated series of financial transactions in mid-December ( think Roth Conversion, Annuity application, new Brokerage set up, power of attorney and MORE!)
    Are we surprised ALL of them are dead in the water? Or at least mysteriously delayed?
    My saving Grace has been the awareness that I am ABSOLUTELY not in control (no matter how passionately I wish I was ). I even started seeing evidence that my meddling was creating obstacles rather than removing them! So rather than focusing on my own confused thrashing about, the incompetence of other people, and the apathy of corporations, I need to remember that God loves me, and has a plan better than I can envision.
    With that change of perspective 90% of the tension melted away.
    So I am feeling oddly calm right now, while all this sorts itself out. Anything other than trusting the Universe will put me in the looney bin.

  4. Uranus in tr 1H about tk conj my natal NN at 18°.
    I had to tell someone F’off today (politely).
    Their natal Uranus conjuncts my DC/Pluto. Rx Mercury is conj his sun, and he’s having a rx Mars return (also rx natally, in his 12H).

    • Bravo. I told someone too, though not at all politely. Got tired of pussyfooting around and finally just called him out on his dilatory tactics and megabullshit (he’s a Taurus, so it was fitting). Tossed several scathing (true) accusations into the mix; he stretched delivery time on a work project way beyond due dates… like 7 months!!…putting me in a very awkward position with the client. Ah well. Long live Mars!!

  5. Clashing, clang, clang……. trying to get off meds for depression and anxiety.
    Found out person who is helping me with this, gave me a supplement with
    St Johns Wort in it, for over a year. Does not mix with my meds!!😩
    Maybe this is why I can’t sleep?!

  6. Yeah, I’ve still felt miserable from impatience. Restless. I have a Mars-ruled chart, so I wonder if it stationing is pushing me to the edge.

  7. “Mars energy turned in on itself causes depression” is the best advice!

    I have indeed been feeling, well, RAGE. Mars in aries/3rd natal here… Although, I have evolved to not instantly putting someone on blast. Unless they are really just insisting on being a turd. And I think we are in a turd transit.

  8. Yesterday a friend had me ride along with her sister who just got her license because they live on a hill and she needed practice.
    I lost my mind! She said she heard you shouldn’t use your brakes going downhill, and that made me worry. The car was not in gear and the emergency brake was not engaged.
    When I yelled, “Brake, brake, brake!!!” she almost didn’t stop in time. It took me about 2 hours and full ac on my face for 20 minutes before I calmed down enough to stop repeating gibberish.

  9. I am taking naps! Because I want to be ready to move like lightning! I think I can feel something coming ,like the dinosaur
    Footsteps, distant and eerie,frightening
    I am best napping whenever possible
    I don’t want to think about things I just wanna be ready to respond

  10. I have had a series of dental snafus. This all comes after a year in which I have been in a dentist chair 28 times! I am so sick of this.

    I thought I only needed last month to get a old veneer replaced. A week later the new veneer popped off right before Xmas. I got an emergency appt and got it fixed but it was another hour and half walk to office coming and going.

    Then another tooth was found to need an onlay. I hadn’t counted on that. 2 more visits and another big bill.

    Then a tooth that had been fixed only months before lost its onlay. Xray showed that the restoration hadn’t worked and so now it needed 2 visits to endodontist and another 2 visits for the crown.

    I want to call a halt to all this. I have had it!

  11. You said something, in a newsletter I think, about Mars and Mercury and Poltergeists, and yes that happened to me. I am sure it was mom. Last night a door in the house slammed. Both my brother and I have heard things here. People walking around. Doors opening and closing. Nothing bad. It is mom’s house. This whole thing has been something for me Elsa. I am using Virgo to help step through things and discern a good course of action. I just thought you might want the Poltergeist comment validated. I have Uranus sextile Moon, and Uranus Sextile Venus natally. Yes, you are correct in what you are saying. I have decided to breathe and gather more information. I live each day grateful for another day.

  12. Today I am SO ANGRY!
    Everything and everyone bothers me, I feel like I need to punch something or someone in their face, every god damn time they make noise, be it coughing, slimy throats, heavy breathing or anything. It just plainly pisses me off like mad!

    I feel like smashing into people, shouting at them and generally scream!!!


    *Pants angrily like a pissed off bull*

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