Choosing To Be Stupid – Not Such A Bad Idea

Sometimes I learn things that don’t really help me.  When this happens, I often erase or ignore the knowledge. I do this consciously, because I think it’s in my best interest.

I chock this up to the strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart. I have the ability (and inclination) to blur reality. This can potentially get me in a lot of trouble, it can also save me a lot of trouble and I’ll explain.

I was taught by my grandfather, Henry, that most people were good-natured. He said you should treat everyone as a friend, until and unless they proved themselves to be “disagreeable”. I took this to be the truth when I was young. I’ve applied his philosophy all my life and had excellent results.

I am going to be working with someone new, soon. Recently I learned they belong to X religion. In my paradigm, this is of no consequence. My grandfather studied religion all this life. Part of what he did, was bring people with different beliefs together. Hare Krishnas with Catholics – whatever. No one ever had a problem – I was influenced by this.

I mentioned this to my husband, he’s also studied religion all his life. He informed me that this man’s religion clashes with my own religion. I am sure he’s right, but as soon as I heard this, I set it aside.  So the X’s hate the Y’s, broadly speaking? I don’t need to know that. It’s exactly the thing I don’t want to know, when I am dealing with an individual, having no problems at all.

Do you blur reality too? Where is your Neptune?

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Choosing To Be Stupid – Not Such A Bad Idea — 19 Comments

  1. I think your grandfather’s attitude and advice were excellent. People will so often meet your expectations, so why not have positive ones? I admit, this doesn’t always work, there have been some drastic examples in my own life, but it’s a great approach.

    I would never see religious differences as meeaning people can’t get along. I’m always surprised by those who do, but perhaps it *is* a Neptunian thing. Neptune smack dab in the middle of my third house, trine Moon and sextile asc/Pluto.

  2. 13 degrees Scorpio. I would try to figure out the possible sticking points beforehand so I could either avoid or remedy them, if they came into play. Can’t afford to be a blank slate, welcoming openly the possibility that everything might just go great. Wish I could!

  3. 24 Degrees in Scorpio in the Third House. Maybe it’s my loaded 9th house, but I always find the commonalities in religions rather than focus on the differences. I’m always intensely curious about other religions and spiritual practices, both culturally and how they affect someone personally. I’m repelled by some more cult-like so-called “religions”, but still believe that people have a right to choose their path so long as they don’t try to force conversion or murder others for believing differently. Peace 🙂

  4. Yes – it’s a trick that comes in handy. I have Neptune conj the ruler of my 6th house. I can psych myself out of a lot of pain etc from being sick sometimes.

  5. Some religions actually believe that to please God one must annilate those with beliefs different from yours. If this is the case with your individual, I hope you are able to share with us your experiences with this person.

  6. At risk of sounding redundant, I think the key here is mutual respect and diplomacy.

    Very seldom do people agree on the topic of religion. If your new partner agrees to work on strengthening the commonality versus harping on your differences, then I think your grandfather’s lessons are going to be very helpful in this regard.

  7. Yup, I do blur but never thought of it this way.

    Neptune is in my 9th House(Libra) and it aspects my 11th House Jupiter in Sag and my Stellium in Leo. So,like you, Jilly, I can blur the symptoms of being sick until I can manage some solid action from the Mars-Saturn-Pluto in dramatic Leo.

    Guess that why I love hearing and telling a good,though sepia-toned story:/

  8. Neptune conjunct AC/Moon in Scorpio… Water ruled 9th House. To each their own.

    I grew up with the opposite of your Grandfather Henry. But, I think I might have learned similar lessons. I witnessed a lot of closed mindedness, but thanks to my Uranus in the 10th, I rebelled. I wanted perspective and with that was able to expand beyond my upbringing/environment.

    As far as blurring reality… Neptune/AC trine a stellium in Pisces? Yep, I think blurred edges are my reality.

  9. Oh I don’t think it’s stupid at all… it’s maintaining a “Live & Let Live policy”. Whatever our beliefs, we are all human. I deal on that level. Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Scorp… 11th House =)

  10. WOW! I do this alllll the time Elsa it saves me toooo!! I have no quarrels with anyone because of it. But it has its downside. If you don’t anticipate a problem it can pop up in your face or be behind your back. That’s the sense I get. I don’t let anyone or anything get on my nerves. And by the looks of it Elsa, I believe you have no jealous bone in your body, and neither do I. Unless proven otherwise. When I talk to someone I see or meet someone nonchalantly they must think I am a fool I have no barriers! Its a blessing more than a bad thing. Because although I may be a bit foolish to not anticipate someone’s negative thought of me or negative reaction I do not let it get the best of me and on top of it I am healthy for expressing myself or being who I am where I am . I have muslim friends, buddhist friends, black, white , hispanic friends, young and old friends, I can give a rats ass about society and its norm standards really, I love who is in my life even sometimes when I feel betrayed but sometimes its just because they need compassion from me coupled with some distance.

  11. My closest friends are atheist/agnostic and I am a believer (stellium in 9th house) and we both tolerate each other , actually to be honest in a little confession here, I actually prefer non religious folks as close friends. But then I get lonely in my lonesome beliefs and congregate with like minded folks again and it works out. I am lucky to get the best of both worlds. I meet and know folks who are worldly and others who are babes and I love them the same.

  12. I believe what I want to believe, but the concept of selective learning sounds so odd to me! I try to take it allll in, so I couldn’t imagine separating out information like that. However I block out bad experiences very easily, and definitely see the positive side in every situation. Neptune in my 6th picks up a lot of optimism from my moon.

    I’ve got Pluto, Moon, Neptune, all lined up at nearly the same degrees in Scorp, Sadge, and Cap.
    My 4th, 5th, 6th are ruled by Libra, Scorp, Sadge though. I don’t really know how to identify the combo but it seems interesting. Neptune is endlessly fascinating.

  13. I couldn’t agree more with NOT caring about X hating Y. It may be naive, but if you haven’t experienced anything with that particular person, then who cares what predetermined information someone wants to feed you about them? Granted, there are somethings to take heed to, but in this case, WHO CARES.

    I have Neptune trine Moon. I have a large imagination and dreamy, along with other attributes, but I’m able to mold reality how I’d like to see it sometimes.

  14. This sounds silly, but I’d wish you husband (or your grandfather Henry) started a website. I’d like to hear what his philosophies are and pick his brain. I enjoy studying religion very much.

  15. I’m going to be obtuse here but why is this relevant? Does it matter to getting the job done? If not and you’re not looking to marry and raise children together then it is not relevant to the work in front of you.

    I guess I’ve got something pisces or neptoony going on that it’s not just that it’s information or not, but that it’s ok that they have a different path in life.

    I have a buddhist friend who prostletizes. I know, who knew that was possible – it broke my sterotypes, HA!. He was complaining to me how the athiest at work will interrupt him on break when he’s meditating in a quiet room – there’s a few rooms available at his work that he can use individually and says he often does on break. Ok cool. But then he tells me these other stories where the athiest is picking a fight. I told him, maybe it has nothing to do with the other guy being an athiest and that the guy wasn’t picking a fight. Maybe it was the other guy’s way of saying he didn’t want to hear about your religion while you guys worked together. Then I asked him if he found religion important to the work? Does it make a difference in how you do your job, your choice of religion? (He works manual labor which has nothing to do with it) and he said “oh no” I said then why make it a big deal?

    I think the fight went away when he realized he was crossing the other guys’ boundaries.

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