Child Grooming For Purposes Other Than Sexual Abuse

zodiac napier“Child grooming” is the term given to the process where an adult befriends a child and gradually lowers their inhibition so they may be sexually exploited. It’s a good term but the concept of “grooming” a person (or a group of persons) for some purpose, is widespread and common.

I started thinking about this when I watched The Marinovich Project. Todd Marinovich aka ROBO QB, was raised by his father to be the best quarterback in the world.  His father literally trained him from birth, starting by stretching his hamstrings when he was in infant in his crib.

I’m not a big sports fan but I was aware of this story as it unfolded, because I was in sales at the time.   People liked to talk about Marinovich so I followed his story. I admit I was captivated.

I am sure this influenced my perception of the documentary. I enjoyed it. It featured both the father and the son and I felt it was honest and even-handed. They managed to tell the story without demonizing anyone, which is something I really appreciate. Hey!  Thanks for not attempting to brainwash me!

I finished the show very aware of how extreme a story this is, but then I wondered if it were really that extreme after all.

In reality, you have a baby.  I don’t care who you are, you have a way you want that baby to be. You may want your baby to be healthy, or to not eat meat, or to play the violin or hold certain beliefs or whatever. You try to groom that child into becoming what you want them to be. Invariably you fail.

I wonder if the difference between Todd’s father and every parent is that his father was more ambitious.  It would be like grooming your child to be the richest person on the planet as opposed to trying to get them to be merely wealthy.

I have thought about this a lot since seeing the program a few months ago. I am more aware not just of individuals being groomed (with or without their consent), but of entire communities being groomed and here’s the upshot of all this…

Todd’s father ultimately failed at his goal over time. Average parents wind up failing over time as well.

I suspect this is also true when groups of people are groomed to some end. If I find out I am right about this, it will be very relieving for me, because I just don’t think people should relinquish their lives and/or their souls to another person’s agenda.

Astrologically, if you want insight into what your parents groomed you for, check your 4th house. I think you might be surprised.



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  1. Hmmm… 4th house appears empty on my natal chart. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. Mom warned me, “You don’t want to grow up to be a ditch digger, do you?” I didn’t think that would be all bad. Dad told me not to spend my life under the hood of a car like he was. They both insisted I go to college but were really unhappy when I joined the Army Reserve to help pay for it. I don’t feel like they prodded me in any particular direction other than making something better of myself.

  2. I have Aries that cusps Taurus.. fairly equally.

    My mother groomed me to be independent and self sufficient, but tie myself to her and be a lady.

    No, I don’t to be tied to my mother. I want to be independent and travel the world, and be ME, who is a tad bit of a princess. 😉

  3. This totally weirds me out which I think is one of the reasons I’m pretty sure I’ll never have kids of my own. I agree that all parents have to groom to some degree, but it seems like such a fine line between offering guidance and support and imposing your will and desires upon the kids.

    I have an empty 4th house which makes sense because I often feel like I wasn’t really parented much.

  4. I have Scorpio in my 4th. My Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto are all in there with it. I find this very interesting because my parents, while they were constantly at odds, both drilled me on how to be a successful human being. My father tried to make me his loyal yet independent son he never had, and tried to make me enjoy what he enjoyed, and was upset that I didn’t. Though I still carry the aura of tomboy with me. My mother wanted me to root for the underdog and accept the outcasts, which I have spent my whole life doing. I never saw either of them happy together and I have always had relationship problems, I wonder if this is tied to Venus in the 4th? My mother is always concerned with my success in school and networking- Mercury?

    I wonder what Pluto could affect, if anything. Perhaps it is so far out it is merely generational.

    Thanks for posting this. Very good points. 🙂

  5. hi everyone 🙂
    I dont know if i was groomed…but i have scorpio neptune/moon in 4th square my 12th leo moon. I have a scorpio mother who was a people pleaser who got crapped on all the time…Im also a people pleaser but i seem to get crapped on only occasionally 🙂

  6. lol nothing happening in my 4th either. my parents love me and support me more than i can imagine would be possible, and i feel lucky to have them, but they never “forced” me to stick to anything… i did dance, i did piano, i did choir, i did karate, i did swimming (that i stuck to but mainly because im a cancer and love the water anyways… i wasnt very fast lol)… i also apparently scored very high in an iq test in the 4th grade and they never told me… or really groomed me acedemically… As and Bs were required and thats what i got… nbd… as an adult, there isn’t a vocation that i truly feel i was groomed for… the only vocations ive ever really dreamed of were being a movie star, and being a homemaker, still hoping for the latter to come true 🙂

  7. 4th house Scorpio with Pluto in it. Growing up my parents never “groomed” me, at least not directly or intentionally. I faced a lot of change in homes and schools as a kid, my parents were pretty restrictive with me, they were always fighting as well… Like the bad violent kind of fighting, which turned me into a referee in their fights and a parental figure to my younger siblings.

  8. very interesting. Libra is on the cusp of my 4th house, but I have my true node, Jupiter, and Neptune in Scorpio in my 4th. So I think that it is pretty scorpion. But my libra mother was a bigger influence early in life, but ultimately I am more like my scorpio dad. (P.S. I remind each parent too much of the other parent).

  9. I think people can groom their kids unconsciously via hidden agendas. Its not always out in the open. WE all end up having to offload our parents agendas dont we?

    My fourth house is Aquarius. I had an quirky, Aquarius mom and was groomed to be independent… via neglect (she was a alcoholic). Living in the country helped… no rules, no fences, few neighbours, no boundaries.

    Empty 4th House.

    Rulers of Aquarius: Saturn in first – Lots of self criticism… negative sense of self,body issues. Basically highly critical, rather harsh, dysfunctional, somewhat abusive parents.

    Uranus (co ruler) in 9th: Big, big focus on education and higher learning. I have three degrees. And I love to learn. And trained as a teacher. Was praised for a got high grades….

    I feel I got groomed for taking care of others…(Saturn 1st over responsible?) starting with them and then also my younger siblings. This has set me up as a caretaker all my life (as a Cancer that isnt hard).

  10. Yeah, no surprise there. Capricorn on the cusp. Work, work, workaholic…until I hit the Aquarius intercept and now I rebel against so much work. Won’t do it, nope, can’t make me.

  11. I totally agree Elsa..infact i was having this conversation with my partner last night, we both decided that once we have children, we would want them to become christian, and go to church, just as we did when we were kids. Although this is a very touchy subject for me personally, as i dont want to ‘groom’ our (future) children in any particular direction or model.

    Im so torn over this subject with my partner..which just confirms exactly, how groomed i really am.. :-/
    I have no planets in my 4th… & most of my parenting came from the christian school i went to..also my grandparents..& church.

  12. Taurus in the 4th house. I appreciate that my family has taught me to appreciate the good things in life! I was never hungry, they kind of spoiled me (I’m the baby), I crashed three of the four cars they handed to me (so now I can’t drive there’s understandable), I appreciate the music like during parties when they blast Michael Jackson or whatever playlist is on in the backyard while they BBQ… They just tried to enliven the home life as they are both Cancers which is a mixed blessing. Its an empty house but Venus is in the fifth house …Ruler of 4th house in the fifth house:

    ” Parents take a role in the lives of our children. Home is centered on creative self-expression. Home life is oriented towards sports and creative passions. Home life is oriented to raising children. Home is theatrical and dramatic. One parent is a performer or entertainer. We live at the theater. We find emotional security through performance.”

    So w/ that said I am glad this happened this way because they let me jam with my band members I am a serious drummer possible producer and was accepted in a music school. So I will take that with me.

  13. I can’t imagine why anyone would have a child in order to groom them. Isn’t the whole fun of it creating this wholly awesome and individual thing?

  14. Btw elsa I agree with the child grooming as long as it doesnt force the child to do with he doesnt want to do ! You can tell what a kid will like very early.. For instance my brother’s child likes to be acrobatic jump sporty etc… Things may change but for now she is a very physical child and she is only 2 onto 3 in Sept. So … I think with her liking the arts I think drums would be good for her. I have a knack for seeing what kids gifts are early on. Like I knew my cousin’s baby would do football he actually joined the football team and wrestled years later. Now her other daughter was into the same thing as my bro’s daughter and she did gymnastics. I think its important to train the child in the way they should go or else they’ll be dictated by someone other than the family like society’s teachings and textbooks! But people do have career changes. Its safe to teach the child early on. Look at venus and serena williams, they grew up in the ghetto the father took them out! Also beyonce. Oh and every celebrity knows this. Its unfortunate the masses don’t really know this because perhaps they are caught up in something else. I have Sun, Venus, and Mercury in my fifth house I think if I had a child or fostered one/adopted one which I’d like to do later down the line if I have a steady partner, then I would totally keep my eye on his or her art or actiing/pretense.. Cause the ruler of the fifth is drama/Leo… I am no actress so that only leaves it to my kids perhaps. Btw, Einstein was raised to learn math at a very very young age. I just think the kid will have a harder life if he or she isn’t trained!! I mean the world is mean as it is, keep them focused on something good 🙂

  15. Empty Aries fourth house. I guess I was groomed to fight. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I’ve certainly had to fight. But I don’t know that I’d have attracted those situations in the first place had I not been raised in this way. And really, I hate fighting. I’m a libra.

  16. Libra on the cusp of 4th. Groomed to please, be nice and to work for others (ruler of 4th in capricorn, 6th house). Also uranus in scorpio in the 4th. Quite surprised by that. Was I also groomed to rebel through digging deep into the (family) past? Perhaps I should consider writing that novel…

  17. I was groomed to be educated, balanced, and proper. 4th house Virgo cusp, Mercury in 9th, Saturn/Jupiter in Libra in 4th as well.

  18. Wowza. I love this post. My 4th house is ruled by Aquarius. My parents groomed me to reject grooming. My dad certainly force-fed us his politics, he liked to expound…

  19. 4th House Cusp in Libra, with my Sun/Mercury/Vesta basically on my IC – it’s true, they wanted me to be submissive, passive and compliant all the time. They were far from accomplishing their goal and they did fail, but to this day I attribute my ridiculous Libran demeanour to the fact that they would snap at the slightest hint of a critique, so nowadays I can’t help being overly tactful even though it’s not necessary because I deal with adult and legal people who can handle opposite opinions. The point is that my “family” just couldn’t.

  20. I have Leo in the 4th, with Venus and South Node there (and Mars, unless you’re using the equal house system, but I have created a lot of drama in the household so I don’t know). I was an only child and I know my parents loved me a lot but I think they might have spoiled me a bit. I also grew up constantly surrounded by cats, interestingly enough.

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