Astrology And Children: Saturn in Scorpio – Psychological Maturity

scorpio necklace niceMy son has his Sun conjunct Saturn in Taurus in the 8th house.  The Sun and Saturn are in Scorpio now. The effects of the transit have been pronounced.

My son is maturing psychologically. We’re dealing with a death in the family in ways that are tangible (Saturn).  He can no longer be just a school boy. He’s got to help me move this bed, put together this shelf, carry boxes and whatever else I need him to do.

He’s also had to field phone calls from an aunt he’s never met, chatting with her respite as she grieves the loss of her husband. His positive response to this pressure is forging his character in good way. I am extremely proud of him.

He’s also hitting puberty. This is pretty funny…

The other day, we came face to face as we both turned a corner from different directions, at the same time. I was surprised when he just stood there.

“Are you kidding?” I said.  “Go around me. You yield to me!” I said. “I am your mother, but on top of that, I am an old lady! You go around! You don’t make me go around you!  When you find yourself staring at an old lady like this,  step aside and say, excuse me ma’am. She’s old!”

He nodded, stepping aside. “Excuse me, mom,” he said, without sarcasm.

“Thank you,” I said, passing by him, feeling very lucky.  “Excellent!”

I felt lucky because he’s as big as I am now. Soon he’ll be six feet tall and if he doesn’t listen to me now, he’s not going to listen to me then.

I treat him with tremendous respect. I never invade his privacy. I support his friendships and I let him call his own shots.  He knows he can trust me, so yeah.  I think he can defer to his mother, regardless of what the testosterone in his body might be doing. Why should that be my problem, right?

A Saturn transit to Sun Saturn, would be time when he would become more defined (Saturn) as man (Sun). I think he’s making really good choices.

I am also watching his best friend, The Quirky Aquarian under this transit. I’ve known him since he was 8, he’ll be 16 in February.

I heard he went out and applied for every single job he could think of, anywhere, doing anything. I was glad to know it – he’s not afraid to grow up.

Do you have children or know children with major planets in Fixed signs, impacted by Saturn in Scorpio? How are they doing?


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  1. My son has Mercury Neptune in Aquarius, transited over the last year by Saturn. He’s started picking out some of my books to read in addition to his usual kids fare. On his second Shakespeare play now and also getting into the Philadelphia Experiment. Reckons the language in Shakespeare is the best he’s ever read lol.

  2. Both of my kids have their major planets in fixed signs. Saturn in scorpio has definitely shaken some of the fixed things in their lives: they have moved house, started school, made their first long journey on their own. And their mother has started working again. They lost some of the old security and gained more freedom – they grow and I think they seem to cope with the new World quite well!

  3. Come to think of it, he’s also talked for the first time about what he wants to do as a career (Mercury in 10th). Pretty much decided on being a reporter. And has also been working hard on his cursive – his writing up till recently was very messy but has changed quite dramatically over the year. All good stuff, but he has a Sun Saturn square natally so is used to challenging himself.

  4. What can I say? I’ve got Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, and every 7 years I have to pas trough some difficulties: when I was 7, I flee the home-country because of the civil war, and when was 14, I had to take a temporary refuge in my home-country, because the city (and the country) I live in was bombed. It was somehow ironic, going for the first time after seven years to the country You fled because of war, just to avoid the war again 🙂 When I was 21, I had to endure the bitter divorce of my parents (I was still living with them, because it is considered pretty normal in my culture to stay with parents for long), and I still think the last thing, War of the Roses was the worst 🙂
    I’m in my Saturn return’s year now; I haven’t had an easy year, but somehow, I am getting my priorities and goals clear, and finally can somehow (to tell you the truth, I still don’t know exactly why and how) see the path ahead of me…

  5. My Leo son with a Scorpio moon just won an award at school for practicing “perseverance”. He also has sun conj Saturn. Fitting i think. I’m very proud of him.

  6. My Taurus girl has saturn at 9 taurus in the 6th with mercury at 17 Taurus. Her sun is at 26 jury barely in the 7th. Her merc is conj my mars by 1 degree. It is hard work talking to her lately. I have to be extra careful what and how I communicate. If I say nothing because I’m irritated and being careful how and when I say something she takes it as an attack. She also has moon at 4 cancer and Venus at 10 cancer so she’s hyper sensitive. Her emotional needs (cancer moon in the 8th) her way of thinking and communicating (merc in Taurus) her beliefs and rule book (saturn in Taurus) what she values (Venus in cancer) are all being worked over right now and all with a moon/Pluto/saturn flavor. I have this signature Natally (scorp moon opposite saturn) I grew up with it and am realizing some of the pain I experienced as a child and want to help her if I can. And at the same time I’m growing by recognizing these things.

    She is coming out of her hiding. Her barriers are being torn down as is her way of relating. I am giving her more freedoms but trying not to give her so much rope she hangs herself. She’s been working on her apearance. Loosing weight and taking care of her skin. I quietly watching to be sure she’s doing it in a way that doesn’t damage her body for the long run.

    She’s also buckling down on her school work like never before. She want to get her liscense in a year and a half. I told her she will have to maintain a 3.0 for 6months prior. She’s working on that.

    So far do good but I do worry about when saturn hits her sun at 26 Taurus and my moon at 29 Scorpio conj her 26scorpio ASC

  7. My son is 12 and half years old. His BML conjunct Uranus (6th house) and Neptune (5th house) is in AQ.
    He (cancer Sun) need to grow up!! His class teacher has told me he is not matured enough, he doesn’t take his responsibility. That’s so much frustrating … how much we parents can be after him?? We are tired and disappointed.

  8. Actually, I wanted to ask: is Saturn 7-years’-cycle extremely important for everyone? Saturn is my Ascendant ruler, so I really can tell I felt every one of them, but is that also true for everyone? In my country, you start elementary school at 7 years’ old; then you go to high school at 14, and those are two major transitions, so it’s quite generational thing. As for 21 year, I’m not quite sure that it was so important to some of my friends, as it was to me…

  9. Ha!! I’m a 51-year-old with Neptune in Scorpio (2nd house) who just experienced transiting Saturn conjunct. I suddenly feel adult (oh, and old, btw). And I suddenly feel ready to grow up.

    That’s an excellent story about your son!

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