Checking In With Saturn Retrograde

It’s slow go around here!  Granted, I taught the workshop which took me off the blog to some degree. The our sons visited over a fourteen day long period (one, then the other).  We had two dinner parties while they were here.

I just finished catching up with garden, both veggie and flower. Weeding and such. I’m also messing with the fruit trees and beginning to harvest stuff, daily. It’s amazing how fast you can go from one tomato to tomato, everywhere, of all shapes and sizes. I made stuffed poblano peppers today. I think they’ll be grand!

I am also still sorting my social withdrawal – Journey Back To The Edges Of Life.

I knocked everything back by about 80%. Knowing Saturn will be transiting my 12th house for the next 2.5 years, I am not adding anything back in…unless there is space available due to another cut.

Saturn goes direct in August. I intend to have most of this done by then, so I can teach a workshop on Saturn in Capricorn.  This is the usual time for a class. After kids are back in school but before the holidays.  I have this big, giant (Sagittarius) plan (Saturn).

I seem to be done with doctors. Boy is that a relief!

Business is good.  Clients are interesting and communication flowing. I still have that new idea I got when Mercury aspected Uranus. I have not forgotten, but I feel compelled to discipline myself to stay on track with my plan. I mean, why plant a garden and fail to pick the fruit?

How are you doing with Saturn Rx?



Checking In With Saturn Retrograde — 12 Comments

  1. Just reading articles about global warming, animal extinction and unstoppable gonorrhea from oral. And wondering if im spoiled to panic or want to be comforted in times like these

  2. I tell myself things just suck sometimes. Cant hide in my hidey hole anymore. It makes me inhuman.

    Also, i have natal saturn (almost wrote salmon.. appropriate 🙁 in retrograde

  3. It’s been pretty hard for me. Saturn will turn direct right on my natal Venus. I just can’t wait for Saturn to finally leave Sagittarius in December. ?

  4. I have Gemini in Saturn and in my north node with Sagittarius in the south node And I also have Sagittarius in Pluto

  5. Not getting much done, going nowhere, or so slowly that it’s getting to me. I feel like I’m retro-pedalling, or maybe not even that.
    The worst part: I’m the only one who can fix that. Keep on pedalling.
    But it’s good to find company here at EE, lots of encouraging people and ideas.

  6. Things are going well, work on the house is ongoing although we will probably have to have new workers on the big house project as the current ones have become far too comfy and slow – great for saturn retrograde but they’ll be here forever if we let them get their hands on the big project. We’ll see. John, my youngest son is really improving after leukhemia and chemotherapy. He has golden hair again, a cheeky grin, active with loads of energy. other plans for my eldest son’s education and involvment in the social projects have taken a change (perhaps the transit pluto square moon conjunct merc!)we’re working on this but with a new team. It’s all unsure and not always smooth running but it’s moving forward and we’re working on the same page. Maybe this is the Saturn retrograde effect, slowdown and uphill efforts, not all smiles and plain sailing, but the occasional grimace and delayed gratification. It feels like Saturn – serious and heavy at this planning stage but the long term plan seems solid and worth it. I can tell that Saturn in capricorn will be even more work, but possible manifestations of the work now – and that’s what it is all about.

  7. building my business.
    something i put in the “someday” file for years because i had too much on my plate.
    but suddenly customers starting falling into my lap. (i think due to a combination of building the critical skill set and market maturation.) now i need to get organized. need to figure out a strategy.
    it’s a good time to be in my field.
    i also ought to finish my degree.

  8. It’s conjunct my natal Jupiter in 6th. Maybe that’s why I am feeling like my feet are stuck in mud in terms if work, tasks, etc. Nothing dire, just not much forward or inspiring; not a low energy as much as a stuck energy.

  9. Saturn conjunct my Uranus, while Pluto conjunct my Venus and Mercury…

    Major events occur here, nothing small. Options and consequences must be weighted with every choice. Things are certainly not boring. I’ve met some people from what feels to be more than a simple meeting.

  10. It’s just re-entered my 8th house. There are some debt issues that will finally get cleared in August. Saturn through my 8th has been hellish, to put it mildly. But I am not so eager for it to go into early Cap, where it will be on top of my Moon. Since late 2009, I’ve had major heavy duty Pluto and Saturn transits and really need a break. I am not usually scared of transits, but I’ll admit this one is worrisome. I’ve been so beaten down by the transits I’ve mentioned that I just can’t imagine getting another big hit like the one coming up without a breather.

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