Checking In With Five Planets Retrograde

deerHow are you faring with five planets retrograde? I see problems being solved but “efficiency” is not part of the equation.  For example, my garden!  I’ve posted about my garden every year for the last ten or so.  This year, I’ve not bothered. This is not because I don’t have a garden, it’s just sort of stalled.

First, it was put in a month late. This was due to the weather. I’ve has my first ripe tomato in May. It’s now July and I have yet to have a “vine-ripened” tomato. Now I have had some tomatoes, but I have to pick them WAY early and let them ripen indoors. This is because if I don’t, some critter does. I see the mouth bites in the green tomatoes but beyond that, some animal is pulling them off the plants, carrying them a couple yards and leaving them half-eaten. The bastards!

I don’t blame them, though.  A lot of people didn’t bother with a garden this year; everyone who did is in the same shape as I am. The local animals are HUNGRY.

I still have hope for a late season but it’s definitely rolled back!

I will also have surgery this month. I am not worried about this, though it’s major surgery.  I do have a lot of things to try to do to prepare and I just can’t seem to get it configured.  I’m going to be pretty seriously laid up… probably right about the time the tomatoes are ripe.  This is okay. I should be able to get someone over here to harvest.  It’s just a convoluted path from here to there.

The transit calendar on the site is broken. I’m sorry about this. The updated it and it broke the forum, among other things. I’m in contact with plugin author but I’ve not idea when it might be resolved.

I can’t start anything ambitious with surgery looming. It’s just going to be a lazy summer.

I don’t like this and I’ll tell you why: 2020 is looming.

How are you faring with all these planets retrograde?


Checking In With Five Planets Retrograde — 21 Comments

  1. I got sick again, the same sickness I had three weeks ago, even though I take the medication. It only got better today. Good thing is, the doctor in the hospital told me the muscles in my back were very tight. This was causing me additional pain I thought were related to my actual illness.

    Generally speaking my life has slowed down.

  2. I’m in a financial bind but don’t have the energy to pick up more hours at work. It’s just as well—I think either my colitis is flaring up again or I have an intestinal infection. Whatever. The universe is just having a field day with me.

    My apartment is slowly, SLOWLY getting settled into but that has pretty much stalled and I am surrounded by boxes.

  3. Well on the garden; I have monster weeding to do but the heat is searing and finding myself happier not sunburning I am hiding in with a book
    “Winter in the blood”,James Welch
    I’ve decided to end my Facebook
    Account,as it’s offering dating
    Sites!! the deal breaker;Really you
    Need to mind your own business .
    I am trying to keep my fears away
    Whatever shape they creep in like
    Time fleeting like the summer wind
    Blooms have a heady scent
    To remind me;enjoy myself even if it’s a nap book memory dream
    Or basil on pasta

  4. I didn’t plant a garden this year. I only have a couple of herbs and some flowers. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous this year. First it was too cold to plant, now its too hot, so I gave up.

    I’m not accomplishing much during this retrograde period. I just can’t seem to get it together.

    Good luck with your surgery, Elsa.

  5. Good luck with the surgery, Elsa.

    The retrograde is bringing unexpected arrivals and departures. We planted a small corn and beans garden and the bush beans are now surpassing the corn which is already tasseling knee-high. Sort of a metaphor for life at this stage. Not big. Small. Expectations retrograde. Instead of harvesting our garden others are handing us their harvests.

  6. This energy feels like those Alamo’s Morrissette lyrics:

    “A traffic jam, when you’re already late…”


  7. I feel like that deer, Elsa!
    Just kinda waiting, confused, maybe not sure where everyone went.
    But still cute. ?

  8. Back-burner mode, just sitting there, wondering what to do, how to get started & somewhat pissed off AKA frustrated.
    I just want to take a break, do nothing, have a beer and stare off into space.

    • I tried doing that. Took a hike to the lake this evening, sat down in a folding chair and cracked open a Coke at lakeside. I was going to quietly reflect on my future and process things mentally.

      Instead, I looked up at the lake….and saw a dang burning boat way out on the water. Everyone and their brother had their boats on the lake, and some of them were circling the wreck like vultures, lol. I got up and left when the emergency boats started coming in. Oh well, there goes my break.

      This summer is really going to be something. O_o

  9. Best of luck and a speedy recovery Elsa! This summer seems to be very laid back and slow, not a bad thing at all…

  10. If I didn’t work Psych, I’d swear I was bipolar depending on the HOUR or minute …. I’m full guns ahead or the next, I want to stay in bed, cuddled in a nice cocoon of blankets with the air on and pretend nothing exists.

    It’s over 100 here so the weeding can wait, I’m just watering the garden. Still de-cluttering. Such a tedious process. If it weren’t for the possibility that maybe a future generation might be as interested as I am in past relatives, I’d call 1-800-MOVE-JUNK and totally CLEAR out everything: dishes, furniture, garage, knock down the swimming pool, etc. I want to GUT my life, not sure if my Saturn return is also influencing this. I’m all over the EXTREMES of emotions.

    Elsa, prayers for successful surgery, for your surgeon and a speedy recovery …. all with no complications! You have a wonderful support system in your community so you are already blessed!

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