Changing Your Mind With Mercury In Aquarius

mind_mapping_process.jpgI’ve lost interest in psychopaths. I never thought this would happen but I never thought I would lose interest in listening to Leonard Cohen when I was fifteen years old, but I did. Psychopathy as a subject of study has been similarly exhausted.

You know you’re done with you pick up the new book on the subject and realize there can not possibly be anything in it you don’t know and could probably express better. I put the book down because I thought reading it would be a total waste of time.

It’s funny how Mercury in Aquarius dovetails with Saturn in Virgo. I feel I should study something progressive. I do have a new niche.

Anyone else change their mind lately? I am not talking about indecision, I am talking about bolts from the blue.



Changing Your Mind With Mercury In Aquarius — 5 Comments

  1. This may not be exactly what you’re talking about but recently I have suddenly realized a certain capability to not tolerate any more CRAP! My mind has sort of opened up to being able to understand what boundaries are and why I need them. I just don’t need to tolerate my brother and his wife coming in to my home and disrespecting me with their over educated verbal slings and arrows towards me and my children. I also reaized that it is time to clear up any financial messes in order to move forward. AND I will not tolerate any more nonsense from the tenants where I manage who think that they are special and entitled. I’m also very bored with Psychopaths, Narcisists and pathological liars. Yeah!

  2. I had an idea yesterday. I have a lot of trouble focusing. I daydream a lot. I “escape” a lot, into books, etc. I had the idea to start thinking of my attention as a tool, which I can use as I see fit. I will focus my attention (like a flashlight) on the things which are worthy. I will choose not to give my attention to the unworthy things. This is a simple idea, but for me, it is revolutionary.

  3. i have natal mercury aquarius as well as mars. just lately i have been giving everyone who annoys me a real verbal beating ,but only those who deserve it!
    mostly my tirades have been over the phone or internet, i even gave a few ex’s some surprise emails detailing EVERYTHING i despised about my time with them. i have not seen or spoken to one of these guys in over 9 years!
    damn, i don’t know what’s wrong with me .
    i really should remind myself that whatever i say now ,no matter how true is permanently engraved in peoples minds.

  4. Grr, post was eaten. Let me see if I can re-write …

    I really love the “from last year” feature, it warms my Cancer sun heart to reflect. It was around the time of this blog post last year that I went 60 to 0 on my genealogical research and got back in to astrology. I say back in, but really this has been more an earnest learning experience — I feel more the student than dabbler. Also, in the week around this post I received some shocking/from left field communications that touched off the “crisis” of my Saturn return.

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