Chaddy’s Chit-Chat #1

full moonGood day, Everyone.  I’m sitting here on a park bench next to a convenience store with a numeric name.  The Moon’s in Capricorn and I’m looking back on the last week.  Things were pretty deep and intense.  I spent the whole of the time talking about Pluto, Scorpio, 2nd house values, etc., etc.  I think it best if I lighten things up a bit.  At least keep it on the side of irony.  I think I will start with things that happened over the weekend and will happen over the next few weeks…  It seems that, in separate incidences, Cap’n Crunch; Tony the Tiger; and Snap, Crackle and Pop were all found dead in remote areas of the city.  The police don’t have a motive and are, at this time, keeping quiet about any possible relatedness in order to not have a full-blown panic…  The Chicago Cubs have made it to the play-offs.  If they don’t win the World Series does that mean that the NSA will go back over the film footage of October 14, 2003 to capture the faces of the 3 or 4 other people that were going for the foul-ball, like Steve Bartman, and spread some love…  Speaking of Chicago.  I have a distant friend that lives in Illinois.  He is a Scorpio and he’s having a birthday, soon.  I think I will buy him a few lottery tickets…  To commemorate the ingress of Saturn in Sagittarius, the Thanksgiving Day Parade will be marshalled by 29 Arabian horses and one Shetland pony.  Localized dentists will be at their mounts…  Now, you all know about the prefix: 555; widely used for fictitious telephone numbers in television shows and films.   You are, also, aware of the number: 666; globally recognized as the number for Satan.  And, that the reverse of 666 would be 999, representing the number for God.  So, I got this crazy thought in my head and added another 9 and called (555) 666-9999 and ended up on a conference call with 8 of my ex-girlfriends.  Apparently, three of them were wrong.  I am NOT impotent…   Did you know that toothpicks are ruled by Sagittarius?  I guess that’s one way for Zeus to get Satan to smile…

Did anything happen over the weekend for you in an ironic, astrologically significant way that could make this Moon in Capricorn phase a little more bearable to traverse?  Something to start off the week on a good foot?  I would like to thank all who read and post to the topics on this blog.  You have all been quite kind.  You have made my first week rather… pain-free.

Thank you. 



Chaddy’s Chit-Chat #1 — 9 Comments

  1. Oh my, what a blog. I have to ask, why are toothpicks Sagittarian? And if the Cubs plan to win, they need to bring a goat into that stadium, to truly break their curse. They should not have treated that guy with his goat so callously all those years ago. Haha!

    Actually, something more Plutonian happened to make things a lot better. We got our new bathroom in this weekend and I am happy.

    The cereal icons being dead was funny. Were they killed by a “serial [cereal] killer” ? Hahaha

    And you are welcome.

  2. Toothpicks are spears, swords of Truth? The Sagittarius Arrow? yes, the arrow.

    Oh CHAD, what a read this is. I loved it. Love your posts, they are absolutely delicious. Yes the weekend in UK, for the Rugby World Cup, delivered a sensational win to New Zealand over France, which was fabulous to see for us Kiwis here in NZ. Looking forward to your NEXT POST with glee.

    Thanking ye.

  3. Hysterical, chad!
    Your “999, etc.” reminded me of how 15-20 years ago, “God” was actually listed in the LA White Pages. I dialed the number once and got a recording, a booming male voice requesting a message after a brief rant. I was too astonished to leave one — imagine God calling back!

  4. Conference call with 8 ex’s – man, a nightmare!
    But nothing very astrologicaly relevant here to make moon in Capricorn more bearable.
    Sunday I sewed a curtain for my kitchen window, this to avoid getting frozen to death. I was surpirise that I actually accomplished this. The last many months I’ve been pretty unmotivated/blocked.
    @Gabielle – yeah the Frogs relly got bashed (I live in France) It’s a total farce.
    Can’t even phone up God in this country! (Hi Warped)

  5. Thanks for the humor. I need that. There is little else but irony in this world. Your take on t
    his is so much better than my own.

    I think the authorities killed our breakfast buddies because it is now illegal to enjoy breakfast.

  6. Marty McFly arrives Wednesday so the Cubs have to win….right?!

    I don’t think anything ironic happened over the weekend, I did have my old look at the clock at exactly 12:34 start again. That started when I was 18 but had stopped for several months. No clue what that means.

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