CF Perez Cracks Me Up – Alan Berg And Madalyn Murray OHair… Murdered Free Speakers

I was on the phone with Claire-France Perez today, telling her about Madalyn Murray O’Hair and how I thought I was the kind of person who gets murdered. I have an affinity to Alan Berg as well.

Berg was an outspoken radio personality in Denver who was assassinated, shot 13 times in the driveway of his home by a white supremacist. Most of the shots were to the face and they made a movie about him called, Talk Radio.

“Yeah, I could see it happening pretty easily actually,” I said.

I told her what the soldier had to say on the subject and outlined some of the astrology.

“Yeah, if we are going to lose our right to free speech, I am going to be in big trouble because I am a free speaker.  What are free speakers to do when you’ve no longer got this right or if the punishment for speaking your mind becomes very acute? I don’t think it is possible for a person like me shut up.  Look at that Mars Mercury. How do you shut something like that up?”

“Well, I wouldn’t recommend it, you’d get sick,” she said.

“At the very least but you see what I am getting at. As we lose our right to speak freely which does seem to be the direction, people like me are going to be up a creek.  And if you consider the rest of my chart and the for that matter, my life and experience that has already occurred, I don’t think this is a stretch.”

“No… maybe not. But where do you see this? I can’t see this in the solar return.”

I snorted. “The solar return? (That is a chart of the next year) “Oh! It’s not in the solar return,” I said feeling shocked and amused.  “I think I could get killed but not immediately.  I’m not getting killed this year that I know of. Jeez man…” I laughed so hard

Now is it me, or is this funny? Claire-France is fixing to bury me in the next 12 months. Guess it goes to show I’ve got some credibility anyway. 😉

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CF Perez Cracks Me Up – Alan Berg And Madalyn Murray OHair… Murdered Free Speakers — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah I think it’s funny and I laughed when I read “solar return” too. Anyway I hope you don’t die until you’re good and old. 🙂

  2. I have very strong aversions to things that I accredit to my past lives. For example from about the time I was 7 years old I was keenly aware that I did not ever want to become a prostitute, which you have to admit is a weird thing for a kid to be afraid of.

    It felt like something I was destined to be until I was in my early 20s. It wasn’t until I started past-life work that I accepted my belief that I was one, in previous incarnations.
    Anyone else think about this?

  3. Oh yeah…the other one is paralysis. I was convinced I’d become paralyzed until about 2 years ago. It’s the main reason I haven’t learned to drive a car yet and I’m 31.

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