Cargo Theft: Modern Day Train Robbery

trainrobberysketch.jpgTruck driving is dangerous. The last company the soldier worked with statistically saw 1/3 of their trucks wrecked each year. Not a day goes by where the soldier doesn’t see dead drivers on the road and when I used to drive to meet him all the time I saw them myself.

There were all those drivers killed on the Oklahoma ice storm we got caught in and on another trip I passed 17 trucks blown over and off the road caught in gusts of wind with their trailers empty. But there is a new and growing threat. People have started stealing trucks with knives or at gunpoint and taking off with the load.

If you think this is petty theft, think again. A truckload of pharmaceuticals is worth 6 million dollars. A truckload of plasma TVs… you get the idea.

With payoffs like this and nothing like the security a thief would have to penetrate to rob a bank, trucks are increasingly becoming targets and it is not some random thing. The Cuban gangs are primarily involved in this and they know exactly which truck they are after. Perhaps they have a man working on the forklift that loads the truck with a high dollar load The truck takes off the operator calls it in and the first time that truck is left unattended, even for 5 minutes, that truck is gone.

It is very hard to catch these thieves and when they do catch them the penalties are laughable. Consequently truck driving becomes more dangerous every day, especially around Dallas or Atlanta from what I’ve heard. It’s amazing how you never hear of this. 15-30 billion dollars worth of cargo are stolen in the US each year.

As for the soldier, with his Mars, Mercury, Saturn T-square it would be no surprise if he found himself in a violent confrontation over trailer full of cell phones. He is also no stranger to mangled metal and I just think it’s notable. He is just meant to be in danger all the time, I guess and I am meant to deal with it.. or at least I will this time.

As for the robberies, they are sure to become more and more common as more and more people lose jobs and buy off the black market because that is what they can afford.

For those on the front line or with access to it, it really looks as if it is turning into the Wild West out there and it is hard for me to care or concern myself when Bernard Madoff sits in his penthouse sipping a martini. Who do you trust anymore? Anyone?



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  1. I’ve always been careful about who to trust. I’m being more careful when I’m out and about. At my age I try to not limp or show any weakness while walking in parking lots. I look around and survey the area before moving.

    My parents had a small trucking company while I was growing up. I was taught to stay away from trucks in traffic and make sure I could see the trucker in his/her mirrors.

    Last week I heard a public service announcement on the radio. It played during morning rush hour. It reminded people that fully loaded tractor trailers weigh up to 60 times what a car weighs, rigs cannot stop like cars, maintain a decent distance, etc. It ended with, “you will be stopped and fined” if you seen cutting off a truck in traffic.

    I’d recently wondered about truck thievery. I remember the big padlocks used on my parents’ trailers. I’m not surprised at this news. Times are rough. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. WOW. Now, the traffic hazards, I get – I was just today talking about the semi trailers I saw overturned on I-80 in Iowa during the snowstorm we had 10 years ago right now. Hope he always travels safely.

    As for the robbery, very scary. Thanks for the heads-up- you’re right, no one ever hears about this. I guess against a gang of Cuban thugs with guns, I would be scared for him but… one part of me feels like I pity the fool who tries to mess with the Soldier.

  3. He can’t stop a bullet (except with his flesh, he points out) and he is not allowed to carry a gun. He did buy a knife the other day… there are all sorts of theft going on.

    Er… you get a whore in your truck and her crew empties your trailer while she’s doing you.

    You’re not supposed to walk between the trailers (parked at a truck stop) but it is the only way to get inside.

    As for the wrecks they are almost always the fault of the car… contrary to what people believe or just a purely unavoidable accident ie sliding on ice.

    People think the truck driver never gets hurt which is of course ridiculous. If you have any brains at all you stay back from trucks – give them lots of space because they CANNOT STOP!

    Truckers get robbed all the time… when you get right down to it they are easy targets. Many of them are not just our shape but obese and there is just no way they can put up a fight.

    The soldier is not going to fight for cell phones. He will fight to liberate the oppressed or fight for honor but fuck your iPhones, yanno?

    In whatever case… this is a fact, this is the way it is – every night he gets stopped it is a big relief and almost seems lucky if not miraculous he managed not to wreck because there is always something to contend with when you’re driving 14 hours a day as far as weather goes and careful as he may be, we know the odds.

  4. I live on Long Island, NY. We have had a rash of “home invasions” these past couple of years. Basically, a gang of people just burst into your home, sometimes in the middle of the day, either because you left the door unlocked (people often do during the day), or they rang your bell and just charged in when you answered the door. I always lock my doors at night, but now during the day as well. Also an increase of bank robberies – I attribute all this to the economy as well. People are getting more desperate, and more bold it seems.

  5. These are these gangs moving in. They are incredibly violent. search MS-13.

    They are savage and people are in for a shock. I hate to say it but we have become a society where crime pays. Not on a soul level but on a material level without a doubt. There is virtually no penalty and barely a stigma any more either.

    How many people do you think are involved in the Madoff think where he gets to stay at home while his atty works our a plea bargain? It’s just so crooked it’s mind boggling.

    And no one is going to want to go after these gangs. Cops just don’t get paid enough to get their heads cut off, ya know? Much rather take payment from the gangs I am sure.

  6. My husband and I were talking about that just last night, that there must be a whole lot of people trying to cover their asses right along with Madoff. And even when this prick finally goes to jail, it will be some bullshit country club jail.

    Money does seem to make some people soulless – and yes, there absolutely has been an increase in gang activity around here. A friend of mine, her husband is a cop, and she said the public would be scared shitless if we all knew what he does about this.

    But I just can’t live in fear every day – just try to be aware, and alert,,,,,,,(yeesh, I need to watch Scrubs or something, I need a good laugh now 🙂

  7. “she said the public would be scared shitless if we all knew what he does about this.”

    agree with your friend and think madoff has so many people paid off – what jail??? way its going he’ll be convicted of a misdemeanor.

  8. You’re right – he probably will never see the inside of a jail cell. Sucks, but it is probably the truth. He and his smug smile will walk away from this, then he will turn around and give the world the finger too.

  9. I live in an area that is reputed to have a lot of gang activity. When we moved here a year and a half ago it was a reasonable working class neighborhood. With the down turn in the economy the good people have left and the gangster types seem so much more obvious.

    We’re leaving too. Moving very close to where I work. I know bad things can happen anywhere but it is better. And it is a little house on six acres. I can grow a garden and have some chickens for eggs. Self sufficiency is good when the world is going crazy.

  10. Yeah, the good people leave the the bad people take over the city.

    Eventually the good people are going to have to stand and fight or eventually they will be taken over completely.

  11. I agree but in this case it isn’t so much that they are leaving because they are afraid but rather they are leaving because there is no work. It is a largely latino area and many are returning to their country of origin. If they are going to be poor, they might as well be poor at home.

    We are leaving for a lot of reasons. The most important is that my son will be getting off the school bus five minutes from the shop where I work. I won’t have to rush to finish the grooms or turn down work or hope that my spanish speaking friends understood well enough when I asked them to watch him for a few minutes until I could get there. I picked him up from school early today and drove back to work to groom a few more dogs. Even though I knew he was upstairs above the shop in the playroom I still felt the same stress creeping up on me as 3:30 approached and I would normally have to leave. It will be SO much easier now.

    My previous relationship was with a man who was a stand and fight type. In that regard we were a great match. John is a musician who saw a lot of violence in his country growing up (he’s Irish for those who may not know) and hates the idea of having guns in the house. I respect his position but I really believe you’re right and I think the government will be powerless to protect us eventually.

  12. and on the government no protecting us… here again, I have already had the experience. I had two cops who did not want to file a report. I pleaded with them. I begged them. I cajoled.

    In the end they “pretended” to file a report and then THREW a business card with a fake police report number on it at me. I wish I was kidding but I am not. Do you think I am stupid enough to complain?

    I may call them again in my life but uh… probably not.

    You think this can’t happen to you and I know that it can and probably will. It all fuckin’ rogue out there combined with others who are just plain silly.

    I mean if you are (still) living in a land where police take police reports from citizens, that’s fine. I live elsewhere and it’s spreading (fast) rather than being contained.

  13. No I understand and I did want to clarify. And maybe I feel a little guilty because we are moving away from people we like who still live in our little corner.

    The question of standing and fighting in the face of bad people is interesting and disturbing though isn’t it? What I mean is that you have me thinking this evening which is never a bad thing.

  14. “I mean if you are (still) living in a land where police take police reports from citizens, that’s fine. I live elsewhere and it’s spreading (fast) rather than being contained.”

    When I first started hearing gun shots regularly here people told me to call the police. I think they still come out if someone’s car gets shot up but people shooting the air? Forget it. Unless someone is bleeding – no harm, no foul.

  15. We have MS-13 here now.

    There is a blogger in Argentina who often blogs about what that country went through when the economy tanked. Lots and lots of crime. You can click my name for that blog.

    …that whole cop shooting the handcuffed man in the back. Ugh.

  16. PS I-40 goes through my town & we have a truckstop. I don’t like the vibe there for some reason so I try to avoid it.

    There is another truckstop the next exit up, which is about 3 miles from our house. I eat there sometimes. This serial killer may have killed a woman found there & I was actually there at the place right before they found her. Ew.

  17. This makes me so unbearably sad. I mean it. 🙁 Part of me welcomes the future but another part of me just feels despondent. I’m so fucked up about it I don’t and won’t have children. I respect people %120 who do because I don’t have the bottle for it.

    But I’m happy you’re with the Soldier and Lupa, I’m super you and John found a new home and hope this means you daughter can come with. (Hopefully what I remember from previous comments is correct!)

  18. My dad gave up driving trucks (long distance) in the late ’80’s early ’90’s when it became common (in his circle) for drivers to keep a loaded shotgun stashed. There were runs you didn’t even consider if you didn’t have a gun, he says. Freaked me out.

    Even when times were good my dad worked for a national company here in canada and trailers were jacked as a matter of routine. Whenever the company he worked for had a valuable load in the yard they hired on a security crew. Nothing onthe road though.

    Its kinda terrifying i fyou think bout it..

  19. Look what’s happening in Mexico. There are reports now that the government could actually collapse because of the violence and the drug wars. The govt. there is totally ineffective when it comes to SERVING and protecting its citizens.. So yeah, it seems this thing is global.

  20. Yes Kashmiri. My daughter is already in school in the new area. She’s been staying with my boss who lives right around the corner.

    Wanna see?

  21. Sadly you don’t hear about the trucks being jacked because it’s insured, often, and it’s just another pile of business paperwork. Wait until insurance won’t cover anymore and THEN you’ll hear about it.

    Thankfully I live in a neighborhood where the cops still show up and actually patrol. But then again we all know eachother and eachother’s dogs, gardens, and kids. I do worry when the homes in the neighborhood go on the market though. Right now there seems to be a very large percentage of elderly widows in home ownership here.

  22. the soldier works for a large company and they are self insured. And yer right Mud, eventually insurance will be too costly and it will slow transportation which we all depend on.

  23. when it starts hitting big insurance companies’ bottom lines then maybe they’ll start doing something.

    in the meanwhile, i’m glad i live in a state where you’re allowed to arm yourself… i think it makes people more polite…

  24. My gut tells me that anyone attempting to rob steal or mess with your soldier would have a heavy price to pay. It sounds like his personal line of clothing, alone, would prevent a bullet or scare away a would be thief.:)
    Just trying to keep it light. (though it is a very serious problem.)Pray for ALL of our truckers…it’s tough out there. That’s the best we can all do collectively.

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