Year-Long Cardinal T-Square 2013-2014

Often a person contacts an astrologer in the hopes of hearing that their problems can and will be quickly resolved.  They are not necessarily disappointed.  A short consultation can and almost always does help a person tremendously.

Recently I’ve been having to tell clients to dig in. I have to tell them that at least some of their problems will be intractable in the medium-term. I’ve momentarily caught up with my work and I want to start writing about this.

We have a Cardinal T-square forming in July, 2013 that will remain in effect into September, 2013.  We’ll catch a break, October through December, 2013, but deal with this again January through June 2014.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are involved here, so I expect this to be quite harsh.  “Harsh” means different things to different people. Let’s just say that this is jarring energy. It is not at all comfortable and we’re all going to feel it, around the world.

Because these are outer planets, much of what occurs will be out of your hands, but I would think in terms of increasing your stamina in any way you can.  Steel yourself (Aries). Ground yourself (Capricorn). Do whatever you can do to prepare to weather this period.

For many, making a commitment to fight is an effective strategy. To understand, just compare this to getting a cancer diagnoses from your doctor. Some people decide right there and then, they are going to fight the disease. Others prepare to succumb.

The commonality with that scenario and the Cardinal T-Square is that not having the diagnoses / the T-square, is not an option.  These are lines that cannot be moved. Railing against them will not have an affect.  In fact, you’ll do nothing but waste precious energy, which already going to be limited.

Can a person thrive in the middle of this? I think so.  This T-Square hits my chart (and the charts of my family members), hard.  Personally, I am ready to rock right through it.  It’s not going to last forever, you know? But we’re not getting out of this in month or two, either. That’s the thing to know!

Can you see a rough road ahead, if not for you, then for the people around you? How do you see this manifesting in your life?  Do you have an indication around what you’ll be dealing with over the next year?

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Year-Long Cardinal T-Square 2013-2014 — 36 Comments

  1. I’ve been in “hiding” for about a year. I don’t expect that to continue. As a matter of fact, I expect it to be just the opposite. Kind of like when you force a beach ball underwater and let it go and it shoots straight up. Yeah. Feels a lot like that.
    This last Uranus/Pluto square at 11 degrees hit my Mars in Libra. That was interesting because I’ve been dealing more with the crises of others (Libra) than my own.
    Anyway…it looks to be interesting, for sure. And, I think you are right, endurance (as well as a good sense of perspective, humor and humility) will be key in getting through it all.

  2. Personally I already have had the diagnosis and am in the process of rebuilding on a new foundation. I was leveled in every way a person can be and now is the time for working to build a healthier structure. I only have Uranus in Libra. Now oddly enough, someone I know who has planets (Moon, Venus, Mars & Saturn) that are in all 4 cardinal positions AND are at degrees that are conjunct or a few degrees orb these transiting planets has bought a new house, got married, had a kid and just seems to be blooming like crazy in a very positive way. So, I’m not really sure how negative or difficult these T-squares really are because this person’s life just flowed right into place.

  3. This may hit me on one side. But this will also trine here and there. I will have it tough, but will stick it out.

    I already know I have a rough road ahead. And I am making grounds now to get a head of the crowd. I have Virgo Mars. I will get through it all.

    Its funny you say until next year in Sept, cos thats when my plan (Hardship Plan) will be over. And my new one will be in placed 🙂

  4. Is it dumb to be glad that Jupiter’s involved? I’ve been relieved that he’ll be on my husband’s MC while the other two do their business on his IC and DSC.

  5. I’ve been waiting these, exactly, these thoughts of yours, Elsa.
    1. What I would like to add: this square will remain, in orb, until 2018 (Uranus – Pluto).
    2. there is already an opposition between Jupiter and Pluto. And the square of Jupiter to Uranus.
    3. and the most important aspect: you or Satori did not mentioned anything until now about one of the most difficult part of this half of 2013. Mars retrograde in Libra and Venus retrograde in Capricorn.
    my conclusion after already 3 months: I refuse to imagine anything about the last months of 2013.
    If Saturn through Libra wasn’t enough for ‘altering’ some relations, the square between Venus and Mars (a very conflictual aspect) will do it for sure. And maybe, even, for good!

  6. Elsa, thank you for breaking this down for me. I dont know what the hardship will be,but thank goodness I also jupiter wih me..(cancer asc)…with uranus involved I’m sure it will come out of nowhere and fast.

  7. I just hope (Jupiter) and pray (Neptune) when I feel powerless or that I have no control.

    Easier said then done! 🙂

  8. My solar return has the t square, my sun is super close to it. However, there is also a grand trine in water. Hopefully that will keep me “afloat!” (Bad pun, I know! 🙂 )

    • I am glad. u brought up the grand trine. I have that in my solar return. Is that good or bad?I heard it was bad. That it doesnt encourage action. With Saturn conjunct my Solar Return Rising sign I need this grand trine. Any thoughts?

  9. @barb: yes, barb.
    here, in my country, in this part of Europe the final part of 2013 was the most debated issue amongst astrologers.
    not necessarily the square between Uranus-Pluto. we, some of us, already ‘get used to’ live with this so painful and loong Arab spring.
    the square between these PERSONAL planets (Mars, Venus) will damage many relations.
    and once and again: the astrol. essence of this square: conflict.

    Some very-very good astrologers from my country concluded: ‘we are afraid of a war. in some part of this world.’

  10. A pastor (who studies history, BTW) believes we’ll have another world war either at the end of this year, or next year.

  11. Alot of issues. Alot of contradictions. Alot of doom and gloom scenarios from the fear mongers. Alot of it doesn’t make sense. Feels like big changes that will definitely affect lives in big ways. Not good for feeling stable. Things have always been changin. It is more obvious to me now that it’s happening faster or so it seems. That can be unsettling if I let it be.

  12. Elsa…im still needing a Solar return chart, $10 is certainly a great deal! Although me & my partner are living off one wage right now(my partners)..& its been hard just to put food on the table every week for us, pay rent & other expenses.
    Especially with all my natal major planets in cardinal houses. Its not been an easy ride for me since 2008. Especially since 2011!
    Over here in Australia..our politicians have been more focused on themselves & their internal BS rather than getting anything done around here & helping the very people that make this economy spin. On the world stage..i imagine we look pathetic right now, but honestly here at home..its taking its toll for all us Aussies. Employment is very scarce here atm.
    ”The land of the free”..certainly feels like ‘yester-years’ here right now.

    The best i can make of all this mess is that i have Jupiter in my Sun sign Cancer, where i host natal Mercury, Mars & Ceres also. All in my 3rd house. I have an Aries rising though, so it feels as though every time i make a move out there in the public sphere, Uranus just goes ”check mate”! & im once again having to take another surprising & shocking blow to my heart & head.

    But something inside me keeps saying ”you will get through, you will succeed, & you are worth it!!”
    & i believe it may be courtesy of Jupiter.. 🙂

    • You are so right to believe the way you do and by doing that you have the battle half way WON! These squares are what separate the boys from the men and the girls from the women! I think with so much apathy going around these days this is truly the kick in the ass people need. Remember, squares like this from Uranus and Pluto help to move the collective as a whole so realize you are not alone. Uranus and Pluto will move without blinking an eye what needs to be moved. After all they are very POWERFUL OUTER PLANETS doing what needs to be done at this time and besides who would want to argue with Pluto? Not me! Wishing you the best, Ann

  13. I say plow through it all peeps!! & fight!! Like Elsa has indicated..we wont be out of this in a month or 2..but it will end. & its the choice to succumb, or fight.

    Bit like the term ‘to fight or flight’!

    I reckon the universe favors the gutsy ,-)

  14. Just left my married man for the zilliionth time and in seclusion. Uranus still in my 7.
    My daughter’s gorgeous home beins a 2nd mold remediation – one last try to save it. Her family is sick, one with serious nuero-damage. They must move earth and reroute water in the hills surrounding, then tear out interiors to try to save the house. Right now theyre living in a hotel.

    • Mars in Libra and I spent the whole summer working on our country property that my husband (Mars and Venus in Aries procrastinator) didn’t want to deal with. After several years of neglect to the ranch house and apartments we have there – it was a mess. We worked like slaves and encountered multiple problems with “simple” repairs that turned complex. We had a lot of unanticipated expenses, and now we are on a tight, worrisome budget. We worked into autumn, and finally got things in order after about six months. I’m still exhausted.

  15. Damn. Libra sun, mercury, and neptune. Aries moon and north node. Cap Jupiter and ascendant. Cancer Uranus and descendent. I can’t believe I’m going through this cardinal cross crap again. How much can a person take? Not to mention Jup in Capricorn in my 12th. I feel like I can’t get a breath. Crushing energy, and I guess I’m in it for the long haul. Damn.

  16. Zasu, I hear you. I have Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Pluto in Libra. Figuratively, I feel like I am drowning and when I try to reach a safe harbor or a person to help, I am pushed back down into the water. I have been feeling this way for years and see no end in sight. Like you said…crushing energy. I also have a lot of planets in the 8th house so I am not sure if I am dealing with energy from Saturn being in Scorpio (since the 8th house rules Scorpio). Anyway, just know you are not alone.

  17. What worries me most is the global situation, how some people enrich themselves gigantic, and on the other hand, people are getting homeless on a greater scale(they are going to live in the woods, and there isn’t much over here) thanks to the economic system, which is based on greed. I live in Holland, and the EU is draining. I hope people will stand up big star before it’s getting cold.

  18. This cardinal T-square activates my own natal cardinal T-Square (Cancer Mercury 7th house, Aries Saturn 3rd house, Libra Mars 9th house) so what else can I say?

    I have been so busy with teaching at the college and spiritual center, leaning on my fiance until the money rolls in from new teaching positions, and trying (oh so hard) to keep my mouth shut so that there are few quarrels with anyone. This has taught me to ask for help and let myself rely on him without feeling guilty, and to practice self care despite 3 personal planets in the 7th house (and a right side heavy chart–8 planets in that half).

    Progressed sun will enter Leo in November for some more “how to be ME” lessons, too.

  19. Most informative post, Elsa. You posted Jan-June ’14 and w/the added Mars Rx in Libra square Uranus and a wide square to Pluto = violence…include Jupiter, you’ve got more violence.
    I do like declinations, and see Chiron/Ceres contraparallel at the equator.

  20. Great post. Things going on with work and personal philosophy. 6th house Pluto transit. 9th house Uranus transit. Am getting back to my vegetarian and healthy ways – so trying to be positive there. Realized my philosophy on life stinks a bit, so need to work on that – 9th house. Trying to cooperate. Love your new newsletter btw. But I am glad you described this dynamic. I was feeling the uncomfortable energy in the air, and I did not know what the heck was going on. At least I see it in words and writing now.

    All the best to you Elsa P.


  21. I am a scorpio native with an aquarius moon and a stellium in libra in 2nd. I had an absolutely horrifying last four years.worst years of my life. This year feb i left a seriously abusive marriage. Since then ive become engaged to my ex who i was with for five years,im pregnant,and just started a great good paying managemet job doing what i love. Once i made it out of my dark night of the soul i feel i am now being rewarded. Im reaping the benefits of my pain,sacrifice,hard work,prayers,faith, and survival. I survived dammit. Im still here,i feel like im back on top and now im a force to be reckoned with. I know i can take whatever life throws at me. By keeping the faith,keeping pushing myself,keep doing the right thing,keep moving forward forging ahead,slogging through somehow ive made it through into the sunshine. And boy is it sweet. Many self indulgent spoiled negative traits habits and thoughts have been replaced,with perspective,understanding and healthier patterns. It is worth it. We are all sometimes on top,only to end up on the bottom again.going through the grinding horror of truly bad times made me grateful and at peace with normal day to day boring life. Perspective. Gratitude. ethic,the ability to keep pushing ahead when the tanks been empty for years.thats what my hard times and adversities shown me. And im still in my saturn return for a while now. I dont know how much longer because im not worried about it. I know i can handle whatever comes. Keep getting out of bed when theres no reason to and the idea of work brings tears. Thats what saturn in libra and life taught me. The love of my life died suddenly in march,but it still wasnt as bad a pain as when we separated. We survive and we get stronger.if your having a hard time just keep moving, keep sowing those good seeds for you to reap in the future. You will make it and enjoy your rewards. Hang in there everyone,somethings being worked out for our greater good. We will be ok. Better than ok. God Bless.

  22. It feels like the Cardinal T-Square is going to vanquish me to dust before it’s over. And I have Saturn crossing my Sun right before my bday next year, too.
    It’s been hitting my Venus and Saturn and is heading for my MC in Aries. Double not fun.

  23. I’ve got trigger points for Cardinal T/Cross action in Aries (Eris), Cancer (Pallas), and Libra (BML, Sun). My life has pretty much been running on the Warrior Priestess track since 2010. I guess my little break is over, back to the tough stuff now! I viscerally *felt* the return of this Cardinal T energy building just after the autumnal equinox.

  24. Dear all and Elsa,
    A very stupid, basic, beginners question:
    What do you mean by this hits you (or family) hard? Why is this harder for some people than others?
    Where do we see this exactly in the birth chart? If this is a very silly question, so sorry for my ignorance 🙂

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