Cardinal Grand Cross: September 13-18, 2013 – Heads up (Especially To Virgo)

virgo card girlMercury in Libra will form a T-square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, mid-September.  There are endless ways for this to manifest, but the flavor of this will be consistent.

Published (Jupiter) Information (Mercury) upsets (Pluto) and disrupts (Uranus).
Unexpectedly (Uranus) cut off (Pluto) from news (Mercury) around the world (Jupiter).

On a more personal level, you may get a call (Mercury) with news about a family member (Jupiter in Cancer), who died (Pluto) suddenly (Uranus).
You may also get a surprise (Uranus) call (Mercury) from and old lover (Libra) – I call them “corpses” (Pluto) –  that benefits or cheers you (Jupiter).

Recently, we’ve recently seen an interruption in information services we take for granted for the most part.  Google, down. Amazon, down. T-Mobile, down. Twitter, down. New York Times, down, etc.  If communications / flow of information is impacted at this time, I’d not be surprised.  I’d also stay alert while traveling, planes, trains, automobiles or on foot.

Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo will most definilty notice this.

Virgo, if your birthday falls during this week, check out your solar return.  You’ll carry this energy all year, and you’ll want to get something out it.

Keep in mind, good (big) things can come of this. For example, you receive amazing (Uranus), life-changing (Pluto) opportunity(Jupiter), due to an idea (Mercury) or a bit of information that comes to you.

If I had this in my chart, I’d be looking to make hay!  Just don’t think you’ll avoid intensity, because you will not!

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Cardinal Grand Cross: September 13-18, 2013 – Heads up (Especially To Virgo) — 50 Comments

  1. I hate hearing stuff like this.. I just found out of pregnant and last year 4 ppl in my family were murdered I really can’t deal with another death

    • Bless You! Elsa.
      Thanks for the info. I am a Capricorn 3 degrees / Asc.Virgo 1 degree
      my EX’ is to have spinal operation on 26th…my daughter is asking
      me to take her to Atlanta..which is a 6 yr. drive…really don’t want to
      but, she is disable and there is no other family or friend…

      • It is tough my whole birthday plans are over, the baby’s dad has 2 other kids he isn’t the most stable and I can’t even take care of my own but now this is an extra push

        • Is this your first child? This sounds like my daughter’s situation w/baby daddy and she also just found out she is pregnant. I’m so sorry to hear that 4 members of your family were murdered! Dreadful. Is anyone left to help you?

          • Sorry I just read below that you do have a child. Same with my daughter. She is looking to terminate next week, which is breaking my exhausted little heart but I’m not the one who has to go thru this – Now I’m wondering with these aspects if it would even be safe for her?! (My virgo rising helps me worry about EVERYthing!)

  2. Gee, Miranda, hugs and compassion for you.
    I am rather anxious about my bday too – Sept 16. My natal Mercury (1st) is exact opp tr Uranus; the tr Saturn/Venus/NN cjn will exact cj my Saturn/Venus opp Moon; and tr Pluto is about to exact cj my Mars/NN. Trying to remain calm and thankful, as always, for P’s advice and sugesstions.

  3. I’m Virgo Stellium and I am expecting the goodness. I’ve been saying the last few days that I can feel it coming, so maybe…..
    I refuse to put energy into the negative possibility, I’ve had enough of that. ” good (big) things can come of this. For example, you receive amazing (Uranus), life-changing (Pluto) opportunity(Jupiter), due to an idea (Mercury) or a bit of information that comes to you.” This is the one I’m gunnin’ for.

  4. Thank you Luna! Same to you! And hopefully mines just the good big one too because this will be my second kid I’m having and I have to buckle down and change my life around even more now

  5. Thanks Elsa, for the heads up. This is what I love about your blog. I enjoy your descriptions of the transits and look forward to these.

  6. How routine disrupting. It’s a fear I have about being too involved in the day to day that I lose my sense of the larger picture going on. It’s a balance I am working on maintaining.

  7. UGH….had terrible, life changing news already last week….5 yr. old granddaughter diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes 🙁 Please no more…my birthday is Sept. 13…Friday the 13th no less!!!

  8. Birthday on September 13; solar return has Pluto conj Moon in my 1st house.

    I’m scared to even think about it; I hope I can take your advice and make hay/positive energy out of the situation!

      • Hi Elsa,

        My birthday is also on Friday the 13th. I was born Friday the 13th, and turn 39 13*3, this Friday. Could you please explain more about the solar return? The past few months (most of the summer) I have had insane mood swings, literally insane! I am so excited about my birthday. I feel so much positive energy coming my way. Don’t tell me if I’m mistaken. I’m also doing and attending events outside my norm, such as sacred mantra chanting concerts. I’m also getting certifications in physical modalities outside my corporate career. I’m also single and hopeful. Trying to be positive a soulmate with a similar energy to mine is not too far away.

        I would love to hear more. Please I’m a details person, I’m a VIRGO!!!

  9. I’m quite worried about my mother’s health, esp. since you mentioned the possibility of a family member’s sudden passing. My Solar Return AC is in my natal 8th this year, after all.

  10. Interesting. I know a lot of people who will get themselves caught up in this. Hopefully it will be good for all of them! I have very little cardinal and mercurial energy so hopefully I can just slide on by and observe from the sidelines.

  11. Thank you for the warning Elsa. Now I see a reason to tread carefully on my solar return, which is on September 17th. So essentially, I have to be very careful with communication in general? I see how having a 12th house moon will help in that solar return…
    I hope to hear some unexpected good news on the job front, I definitely need to either go back to school or get a full-time job by 2014.

  12. Wow, so many of us feeling the real effects of these transits. Sending you all good wishes. Thanks, Elsa, for your insights!

    With tr Uranus hovering over my NN in Aries, 7H, and Merc about to complete this grand cross right on top of my Sun/SN in Libra, 1H (the “empty spot” in the long-duration cardinal t-square), I’m really feeling thrown for a loop and not sure why.

    Yes, this means that tr Pluto and Jupiter are squaring my natal Sun and NN/SN axis…and tr Uranus is opposite my Sun, too. I’ve been feeling exhausted and stuck. Of course, also this week tr Venus is meeting up with tr Saturn right on top of my natal 2H Scorp Venus…does it make sense then that I have no cash, no lover, and no job, and I don’t even care? ;^) Quit what should have been a good job a few months back due to ethical differences with control-freak boss — power struggles as part of this Pluto-Uranus hard aspect set to my natal chart.

    None of my efforts in the outer world have brought me satisfaction or security or happiness, so I’m living very moderately and going pretty deep within, seeking fresh answers. I’m so confused as to what I ought to be doing, though…seems like everything’s sending me in too many directions…anyone else feeling the same?

    • Yes, Beth. I feel stuck & exhausted too and like there is no place to go, you know? So, I am trying to go in more and more to connect with God or Creator, or whatever you want to call it. Cause like you said, the outer world cannot satisfy anymore. It’s time to go in.

      • Well said, Joy. I think I understand.

        For me, it’s as if I’m admitting defeat in a game I never wanted to play anyway. In fact, I don’t want to play games (but I do want to have fun!) — I just want to be real. Outer world says no-no to that? Tough noodles…

        I wish you peace and enjoyment on your path!

  13. Beth – I have been feeling very unsettled. I have been physically ill since mid-August and very confused, as if I am supposed to be doing something else, but no clue what that is…
    My birthday is September 18. I am virgo sun, leo ascendant, moon in Libra.

    • Hi, sprngrdn. You and I don’t share any basic astro details (I’m Libra sun, Virgo rising, Pisces moon), but it does seem like we’ve hit similar walls lately. I too have an illness that’s been getting me down the past few weeks.

      Supposed to be doing something else…oh, yes, I feel you on that. As I wrote above, I’m sick of “the game.” I think this is one big way the cardinal cross is playing out for me. Is it hitting your chart too?

      • Unfortunately- I don’t know how to read charts…. 🙁 , but I am assuming it is by what is going on in my life. For example; this morning I got up fed the dogs, went to pick up dishes and threw out my back! Big time! On the couch! Unbelievable!

  14. Flying out on the 11th with cancer girl, her Gemini hubby whose sun is conj my ASC and my cancer mom. We get back the 14th. The 17th moms having another knee replacement. She’s still having trouble with the one she had Dec 26th of 2012. I’m hoping this one goes better

  15. 15th Sep Birth Day !!! Pluto in 1st house, oppose Jupiter and BML at 7th house. Uranus oppose Mercury.
    All are cardinal. I saw my solar return long time ago. I know its not a good year for me. Mom died on 2013. Dad is sick, its so difficult to watch sick parents suffering day by day … not happy with sibling or partner. Kids are not growing but I really want them to grow fast!!

  16. These transits are throwing me for a loop. Weird things are happening – who expects on a typical Friday afternoon to get poked in the eye by a random finger and have their cornea torn? that would be me. At the same time our microwave door fell off and shattered. Our dishwasher and our stroller broke in the same day. In other news, our sweet daycare provider turned into a Joan Crawford type overnight and we had to scramble to find someone new, and we are just bleeding money out of every orifice – for chidcare, healthcare, household items. I feel tossed about like a ship on a stormy sea. I’m actually starting to get afraid of getting up in the morning!

  17. virgovixen, that is some random crap happening to you!..this mess hit me friday night..tried to turn in my leased vehicle (3 yrs up)for a new one and got hit with a bad credit score I was totally unprepared for. then the salesman said lets put it in your husbands name, so reluctantly said ok, then he came back and said even more bad news..the 1000 incentive you were suppposed to get has expired , so 400 down and 20 more a month for paymnt..I got up and walked out!…I will walk to work and save 2000 for the next 5 mnths and then have a huge downpaymnt and better credit. I dont want any salesman telling me what I have to do!

  18. One good thing though- it looks like this Syrian war may have been averted. I certainly hope so and have to wonder if Jupiter fits in here somewhere

  19. Another september 15th birthday here. Solar Return looks like a horror show. The Cardinal Cross might not traumatize me as much if it didn’t come with Moon conj. Pluto and Mars sq. Saturn. I’m going to try to remain as positive and patient as possible. *Deep breaths*

  20. Gemini son ~ both cars broken down at the moment, second water pipe broke yesterday flooding their screened in porch. Mass chaos in that house… ekkk no cars running and no water running… oh, this means they are on my back again!

  21. My birthday was yesterday (14th) and much in common with Beth etc. Pluto stripping more and more away in terms of material objects (washing machine died this week, laptop playing up), and problems with communications. Birthday was a disaster, went out to go swimming to lift my energy and mood only to cancel because I couldn’t seem to find my car …. which was parked virtually outside.
    Lots of ill health in family after a sudden death last month, seems this is all about going within. Again.
    Cardinal cross hitting my Mercury and Venus in Libra, as well as Moon and Saturn. What are my values at this point in life, and are they changing? …..

    Aside from all the serious and heavy, I laughed til I cried yesterday when my mother (who keeps reminding me she’s old) asked me to please send some information by email to her laptop rather than her PC (as she can’t cope with all the required updates on her old PC).

    Might be tired hysteria but I can’t stop laughing enough to explain to her that, mum, it doesn’t work that way. But then again, who knows?! With all these mechanical and communications breakdowns we’re all having …..

  22. Thanks Elsa, and thanks for the great SR and Progression Reports. I need to go deep now and these will help me to do so. Enough detail for a Virgo? I rather think so!

    p.s. Still off-topic for a moment, still can’t get in to post Board comments on the new site, my password coming up with an error message. Maybe this is ON topic after all, because I would have sent an email separately, if my Outlook Express wasn’t still playing up …. Meanwhile, enjoying the new site.

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