Cardinal Grand Cross: April 2014 – Excited about the future

thrill seekerDo you feel excited about the future? I was looking at the upcoming solar returns of the blog. There is a cardinal grand cross in the chart for next year.  We’ll be hearing all about it, because I’ll be writing about it!

Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Sun and Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn.

I felt a thrill just looking at this thing, even though it hits my chart hard.

It does not scare me. I have always wanted to live a vital life. I am just game human being, up for a challenge.  Deal the cards – I’ll play ’em.

I may be a thrill-seeker. I remember when this quality was deemed pathological!

I wish they’d make up the mind. Should I color inside the box, or outside the box? Way to torture Libra!

It’s not like I think this is going to be some walk in the park, or some great thing. But this is life we’re living and that’s always a privilege.

I know a lot of people look use astrology to look ahead and dread things.  Personally, I can’t wait for the future to get here.

Uh oh! Pathology again. I’m supposed to be living in the moment aren’t I?

Says who? Who is it that says I should not look ahead with hope and wonder? It seems to me, if you don’t look where you’re going, you’re liable to bump into something. Being sensible, I think I’ll consider the future!

Are you excited about the future?

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Cardinal Grand Cross: April 2014 – Excited about the future — 18 Comments

  1. i think its that “happy” dna of yours that give you such a positive outlook or you’ve taught yourself the resilience to change your perspective, to address the positive in every situation. So much of the astrology community is gloom and doom. I think many are tired, and afraid. Change is difficult for many. Especially, as we get older. Lose a job? a spouse? a child? a home? your sense of self and grounding? it becomes terrifying, when what replaces the loss is not something we want or is in any way acceptable, or sometimes, not even replaced. tough times. sometimes exciting, but often…can you talk about how you’ve become so resilient? that would be helpful.

    • There is actually a happiness disease. I saw a documentary about it. These kids/people are very joyful and giving but get taken advantage of and then get very confused. School of hard knocks.

      • Hey Notch! Sound like very interesting doc you saw. I have tried to google and you tube it. (Happiness disease, actualy gave not so clear results) Would you define this documentary, so I can find some info? 😀 Gracias in advance

  2. As of late, I’ve been lookin at this pluto uranus thing as fear of freedom. Fear of liberating oneself. It’s why many speak of looking for some kind of stability to hang onto. And well, I’ve found that it runs through my fingers before I can even glom onto it. Poor cancer moon. I am thinking that maybe mars in libra will help those struggling to find some kind of inner balancing point, if that is at all possible at this time. Maleabilty and adaptability are definitely being tested. I would think this could be hard for fixed energy that resists.

    The energy feels good. I’m on board. Skills are being put to the test. It takes some strength to not allow the cardinals to run me down. They seem to be out in full force at this time.

  3. this will be a cross in my chart..10 thouse aries..4thouse libra and jupiter on my cancer asc and pluto on my cap des…I just wrack my brain to find the meaning…I’m ready for change deep within and also uranus lightening flash chnge..bring it, already!

  4. Today 20th, is last day of Saturn in 12th house, it will conjunct Neptune just after xmas then go Rx on my birthdate at the end of March. Too right am kicking back against the Grim, and the prisons and grief, by releasing first vinyl single in 15 years. Time to reclaim my I.D. Its sure exciting and scary : )

  5. Hi Elsa! Since I am a Cappy too, I have looked at that and I am like you – I am ready for a new paradigm, bring it on!

  6. I agree with notch completely. I am struggling hard with fear of freedom right now, when this hasn’t been an issue for me in the past. Capricorn Pluto makes you so afraid of losing stability…square Uranus and it feels like the future is too uncertain. I’m afraid next year is going to be massively confusing for me… t Pluto is squaring my natal mars at 13 Aries with Uranus sitting on top. It’s a lot of fear and a lot of resentment and anxiety.

    I figure, ill make a break through when my mind is totally broken down (natal Pluto conj Saturn in 3rd) and I’m ready to bust into my 9th house where Venus (opp Pluto Saturn) and mars reside.

    Keeping my fingers crossed ill find true love and happiness.

    • I think it is difficult because it is natural for humans to want to belong. I continually have to scale out like I belong on earth at this time, I am a member of the universe, that sort of thing. And be comfortable with that. The one best thing I can do at this time is remain calm in the face of other’s debaucles because adding stress to anyone’s situation really does not help. And that can be difficult with the pushers.

  7. That graphic cracks me up! That’s how I feel right now.

    “I have always wanted to live a vital life.” Me, too. Uranus in 5th house means my zest for life can be shocking.

  8. Looking forward to the future has always kept my hopes alive! Each morning when I awaken, I say t myself,”let the great adventure begin!” and when i retire for the night, I always ask myself “What lessons did I learn today?”

  9. This is in my solar return and the day after the eclipse on 15th April. I also have a grand trine in water in the SR which will ease the tension of the grand cross. I too am excited. ..I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be an exciting year with lots going on.

  10. Pluto-Cap = the tragic death stage of change when — yes — we go through tragic falls.
    Uranus-Aries = the bold new way of being when we spring back to life.

    Imagine we just had the Pluto-Cap tragic death thing going. Then we would all just be going through tragic falls and breakdowns of the world as it has been, without the Uranian awakening to a whole new way of being.

    The best way to handle these two planetary energies coming at us at once is to do them in Stages. For everything that Pluto-Cap is forcing you to let go and let die in whatever area of your life (house) you are feeling it, what is the radically new way of being that you are being asked by the planets to wake up and activate?

  11. Very excited! I’ve been feeling this Pluto in Cap ever since it came within 1 degree of squaring my Mercury @ 1 Libra at the beginning of Dec 2008. It’s been nonstop for me as it travels across my Libra stellium ending with my Sun @ 13 Libra. Has totally upended and transformed my life and it’s not over yet. Has made me totally cool with change (something my Cancer Asc resists) and I have released so much baggage that I’m now completely dedicated to living “light”. Bring it on, I say!

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