Cardinal Grand Cross – 13 Degrees – April 22-23, 2014 – RARE

april 22 2014I’ll be watching this grand cross closely, because it affect my husband.

“Look at this,” I said, showing him the chart. “You have to admit, that’s stunning.  You don’t need to know astrology to see this – math alone tells you how rare this is.  That’s Pluto and Uranus involved. Do you know how slowly they move?  This is a phenomenon.”

He raised and eyebrow. “Looks like I’ll be following the Boy Scout rules, P,” he said, holding his fingers up, Boy Scout sign-style.

“Well, yes. That’s exactly right…”

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Who has planets at 13 Cardinal?

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Cardinal Grand Cross – 13 Degrees – April 22-23, 2014 – RARE — 111 Comments

  1. Nothing at 14, but I’ve got my Pluto at 14 degrees and my angles at 16. I think this is going to be a beast for me; it’s activating my Mars-Pluto conjunction. I can see some raging going on. *nods warily*

  2. Mercury, ruler of my Sun and Asc at 13’40 Cancer. I will survive 🙂 It will definitely be a turning point of some kind. As you said in your earlier post – not afraid, looking forward to what’s to come.

    • Hi all and listen well!!!!

      Ascendant 12 degree Cancer (dC 12 degree Capricorn)
      Mercury 14 degree Capricorn
      Uranus 13 degree Libra (!!!!!!) which is my 4th – here transit Uranus is opposite natal and transit Mars will perfectly conjunct…

      Should I be afraid? I already had veeery difficult 4-5 years 🙁

  3. My Asc is at 12 degrees Cap, Uranus 15 deg Libra, and Chiron 15 deg Aries. It will be interesting to say the least! My Part of Fortune is 13 deg Aries, will that help??

  4. Pluto and Jupiter – plastered onto my MC-IC.
    I also follow numerology. April is the last of 4 months in a period expected to vibrate to the number 16 – the tower. Yikes. I’ve been waiting for Pluto to cross the MC and keeping my eyes open for doors that I may need to walk through, perhaps leaving behind some baggage.

  5. that’s me…the one I have been looking for(not looking forwad to?) kind of both. I have cancer asc 13 degrees and cap desc 13 degrees…have known this was coming for awhile..soon as I get ahead financially, I’m calling you Elsa. I have been making my list of questions, jotting down each new one as I read more and more on this.

    • Pretty much, color in the lines, do the right thing, code of honor…this is what he meant.

      There is containment in that chart – you can see it, plainly.

  6. and, yes, my birthday is the 24th, too. so what are we looking at? is this what they call a grand cross? total frustration or…?

  7. Pluto @ 13 Libra. 10th house. My first Pluto square is officially ON in April, yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! 😛 I’m gonna butt heads with bosses!!!

    I have a natal Mars-Pluto square in the 7th and 10th houses.

    ST has Jupiter at 13 degree Aries. 3rd house.

    His Jupiter squares his Saturn in the 6th. Should be interesting. He’s had a few trips to the ER this year after a long time of nothing.

  8. What do you mean by containment in the chart, Elsa? Yes, I have Sun in Aries 13.31, and Mars in Cancer 14.30. My progressed asc will be 10 Cancer, and progressed moon will be 19 Libra. In Natal Chart it’s 12th house Sun, and third house Mars. Should I stay in the whole week, or will something then happen to the house? 🙂

    • Oh, that’s a relief. I thought we’d all end up contained. I just figured out that the Saturn of this chart will also be squaring my Uranus. And the chart’s Sun will be squaring my natal Jupiter. Hmmm… and this is only five months away…

  9. I have Venus at 13 degrees. But what is even more interesting is that almost every person in family, mom, dad, sister, brother even my nephew, plus my beloved have a planet at 13 degrees in the cardinal signs… hmmm???

  10. It was 9 a few weeks (Elsa mentioned) and it will be 13 in April 2014!
    My information comes from the book ~ The Hidden Geometry of Flowers, by: Keith Critchlow & The Hidden Geometry of Life by Karen L. French.
    As many know there is mystery hidden in numbers… so here we have the square=manifestation or rather in the ‘process of physical manifestation’ Ok some food for thought…
    9 ~ The ninefold occurs in some cactuses as far as the plant world but is a rare symmetry…it cannot be constructed exactly with compass and straight edge. Nine is a trinity of ‘threenesses’. There are Nine visible planets + sun & moon.
    13 ~Thirteen is more common in the petal world like the daisy…it is a number/member of the golden sequence
    Side note ~ Elsa or anyone else interested … a beautiful thing to Google in images is the path of Venus 8yrs or orbit path of Mercury 7yrs …amazing!!

    Harmony in the Solar system ya’all!! 😉

  11. MY SISTER!! Sun a 13 Cap. Having been through the Ur/Pluto square on my Mercury this year, I know what it’s like. So I hope she pulls her shit together! She’s an incredibly co-dependent person who needs therapy in a big way. Don’t want her to suffer too much, just hope she fucking deals, already.

  12. IC/MC axis at 14 Libra/Aries so Mars will conjunct IC and Uranus will do the same to MC. Also within orb Sun at 8 Aries in 9th house and MC-ruler Mars at 19 Capricorn in 6th house. This is all very exciting – I hope it will sort out my work/career matters on one go after all that slow motion with Pluto square/Uranus conjunct my Sun. This will probably be an Easter to remember. Cannot wait!

  13. To say that April 2014 its a loaded month for me is an understatement. First, Uranus will exactly trine my Venus. A few days later, the lunar eclipse will be exactly (0 d, 10 min) conjunct my ASC/DC axis. A week later, this cardinal cross will hit my MC/IC, with Pluto exactly conjunct (0 d, 15 min) my MC.

    If my head doesn’t explode in the process, I think my life may change dramatically will ALL my angles being hit in such a short space of time.

  14. I have a grand cross with planets, 4 t-squares, a cradle, and my angles form another grand cross, in my natal chart. What’s one more grand cross?!

  15. Yikes….I have asc/descendant at 12 Libra/Aries and part of fortune 13 Aries, MC/IC 14 cancer/cap….so my angles and pof ……testing big time?

    • wild horse running, I am with ya – almost the same: Sun 16 Cancer, MC 13 Cancer, Asc 11 Libra, plus Saturn return looming and north node conjunct natal Neptune… jeeeeezis!

  16. OMG!!!!! My sun is at 13 Libra…..conjunct Jupiter @ 12 Libra…..conjunct Mars @ 8 Libra….

    I can only assume (with all these squares) that I’ll be running, running, running – activity galore. It’s fun to live in such interesting times!

  17. I have a close square of Mars 13 degrees Aries and Mercury 13 degrees Cancer. What comes out of my mouth and what I want to say do not match sometimes and feelings and actions can conflict, sometimes too reactionary and sometimes too reticent. My brother has 13 degrees Capricorn rising and my sister has her Moon at 13 degrees Cancer so I am expecting some interesting family dynamics aswell.

  18. Ha! I have no idea what to expect but my AC in cancer is 13, my DC in Capricorn is 13, my natal sun, mercury, and Chiron are 13 aries (10th house) and my natal uranus, Juno and moon are 13 libra (4th house). Should I hide?

  19. 12 degree cardinal opposition. i don’t just get my pluto square transit, i get a whole cardinal grand cross! how lucky am i? 😉

  20. My Asc – Desc axis is 13 degrees Cancer -Capricorn, which squares my Mars and Saturn in Libra in the 4th. I’ll be facing real relationship challenges…looking forward to it…maybe the love of my life!

  21. Thank Cheeze, we are moving away from my T square. I’ve got one planet at 14 (Uranus, part of the t square focus) and Chiron at 16, but most of my cardinal stuff is 6-10 degrees.

    Considering the last several years, a separating aspect is nice.

    • My husband is also getting clear, but my son and I are in the shit, big time!
      Not that we care that much – I don’t think we do. We’ve got that “bring it” attitude. Plenty of Mars. We like to think strategically!

  22. All my cardinal stuff is between 8-10 degrees (and the past 3-1/2 years have been a real bee-yotch) … thus I’m just sooooo very delighted to note that this one is passing me by.

  23. I have Uranus in Cancer at 14 degrees in the 2nd house.
    Today I’m packing because I have to move (not my choice) to a cheaper place, but with a bad commute.

  24. Umh…should I worry ? My natal mars is at 14 degrees of Aries…. Saturn is at 18 of Cancer…

    Well….I am adapting to these endless changes…I feel like a cobble in a turbulent river lately…but I think cobbles enjoy it 🙂

  25. I have 7 cardinal planets but only Saturn at 12 degrees Libra and Uranus at 13 degrees Cancer stand in the path to get kicked directly in the head…but its Saturn and Uranus for Pete’s sake. In my progress chart I have Venus at 11 degrees of Capricorn, Jupiter at 11 degrees of Aries, Saturn at 14 degrees of Libra and Uranus at 10 degrees of Cancer. I know some big changes must be coming and its a little scary but also thrilling.

    • My son has 3 degrees Libra Mars on Asc, Sun/Merc. at 3 Cancer on Midheaven. When Pluto crossed his Nadir and Uranus crossed his DC, his father died (ALS). Within 3 weeks we packed and moved 3000 miles away. He was 14 at the time. I spent YEARS fearing that transit for him, not knowing how it was going to play out. But he’s doing just fine, albeit he is a 16 year old with normal teenage issues. But mature beyond his years in many ways. Now Pluto is on MY MC and Jupiter on my IC, with Uranus squaring them. Today was my last day at work; I was laid off. Flexibility is the only way we’ll all survive this. Roll with the punches, and keep the faith.

  26. Both my young adult kids are facing complete shake-ups, painful ones at that. Not exactly 13 degrees, in the cardinal signs and all angles.
    Their experiences are so similar (mirroring) it’s doubly painful as a mom to witness and be helpless to the changes they, we, are all undergoing.
    My children, 2 years apart, have the same rising (all angles) and only within 4 degrees diff.

    Man!! Hugs to everyone going through this ripping out your guts, painful time.

  27. This is a collective event when government as we know it today will come to crashing halt. Barack Obama has Mars transiting his 8th house on 4/23. Looks like we will be rid of him as the military hauls his backside out of the oval office at gun point. Uranus, the freedom fighter of the zodiac, will set us free from tyranny. This July 4th ought to be the best in 238 years!

  28. Well, they’d better haul the Bushes, Cheney, Kissinger, Blair and that SOB McCain off as well… and all the bankers, and Monsanto et al… But I’ll believe it when I see it…

    • I think you would have to go back to 1914 going forward concerning the presidents we have suffered. THE only one I think could be left out is Calvin Coolidge. GH Bush was probably the worst as he implemented his own wealth as he sold us out to his friends in China. Isnt’ it time we the people took government out of the hands of crooks and thugs? The timing is right now, though, and obama was used as the offering. We are about to experience a happening that is very, very rare. When Venus eclipsed the Sun in June 2012 was when we should have heeded the message from beyond. Read the history of the mid to late 1700s to understand what the planets are doing FOR us and celebrate!

      • Oh, I understand… Adam Weishaupt, Jekyll Island, all of it. I’ve been researching this with great nausea since 2000. I hope you’re right. I have just had my hopes dashed too many times… the slam-dunk tell-all, the smoking gun… and still they spray crap on us every day, launch the drones, drop the white phosphorus and depleted uranium, do their sickening false flags and send kids to war to line their pockets. I just really…. hope you’re right. I’ve really had it with this country. And BTW, JFK doed because he was trying to stop them. I wouldn’t lump him in with the rest. He wasn’t an angel, but he knew.. as did Eisenhower. I truly, TRULY hope you’re right!

      • Diane – Very interesting. Are there any other historical examples? I’m thinking going further back in history we’d find similarities concerning political greed (ie. priest selling forgiveness, Thomas Aquinas posts his new religion (Luthern) on the doors of the Catholic church and so on.

  29. Just curious how it would affect someone who has natal Venus at 14 degrees Cancer, conjunct Saturn ? They already have Pluto coming upto oppose their Venus and Jupiter to be conjunct their Venus…should I run and hide ?? 🙂


    • Thanks Elsa..nice to be here…I really also feel that it’s what i have to do…interesting to see how it pans out as we live in separate countries at the moment…;)

  30. Right on my nodes!!! Aries south 13 conjunct Mercury 12 nineth house. Should be interesting. In fact add Neptune trine Neptune in the mix along with natal uranus at 12 Leo conjunct ASC 9 and moon 6. It’s already been very enlightening year waiting for the firework finale to begin.

  31. So how close to the 13 degree mark does one need to be to feel the effects? What about 15-16 degree NN and ascendant in Libra, conjunct Mercury and Neptune?
    Furthermore what does it all mean? Hope it’s something good!

  32. All these people affected and the week of Easter, seems biblical, why so many?
    The message here with this cross is certainly “death” and “resurrection”, out with the old, in with the new

    MC 11.55 deg Cancer (10 house)-Capricorn (4 house)
    AC 10.07 deg Libra (1 house)-Aries (7 house)
    Moon: 1 deg Libra
    Sun: Sagittarius

    I have no planets in any of these cardinal signs, except my Libra moon. both axis’ though are hit
    I am expecting something major since the 1st full moon lunar eclipse (on the 15) is a Libra
    Add the N Node is currently entering Libra

  33. My Vertex is 14 degrees Libra. I have no idea what that means.
    And my chiron is 13 degrees Aquarius. Sounds interesting anyway!

  34. WOW! Husband’s Sun is at 13 Aries (and he is feeling it already). My First House Neptune is at 12 49′ Libra . . . going to ‘batten down the hatches’ for this one!

  35. On April 23rd I’ll be 71. Looks like an intense Solar Return! *Sigh*.
    Jupiter is almost conjunct my Jupiter (17 degrees Cancer in my 2nd House). Things look like they want to expand but are tightly constrained by the rest of the Cardinal Cross.

    • Thank you, Elsa! I can look forward to radical transformation in a positive way, yes? I notice there is a Saturn/Venus/Jupiter water sign Trine, which gives me great hope for loving compassion (Venus) and a grounded (Saturn) yet broad (Jupiter) point of view. For everyone, not just for me.

  36. Natal moon 13 degrees aries, natal pluto 13 degrees pluto, natal Jupiter 15 Cancer. Exact uranus transit conjunct my natal moon square transit pluto which squares my natal pluto!

    Natal Neptune trines moon and trines Venus forming a grand trine. I’ve been trying to interpret this for a while!

    • With everything you described at 13 – please DO let us know how this affects you and plays out. I will be curious since my husband has his natal Sun at 13 Aries. As I said in an earlier post, thus far, nothing is happening that is worth noting . . . .

  37. Hi! Can someone tell me what the cardinal grand cross means for me, please?

    Rising Sign is in 27 Degrees Sagittarius
    Sun is in 29 Degrees Aries.
    Moon is in 03 Degrees Virgo.
    Mercury is in 03 Degrees Aries
    Venus is in 21 Degrees Taurus.
    Mars is in 10 Degrees Capricorn.
    Jupiter is in 13 Degrees Pisces.
    Saturn is in 08 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Uranus is in 22 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Neptune is in 05 Degrees Capricorn.
    Pluto is in 06 Degrees Scorpio.
    N. Node is in 29 Degrees Aries

  38. yes I have ben feeling something for 2 months now, I think a lot of people who are aware are… is the other guy who is going crazy…WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SORT OUT IS THE death and transformation of this event…SINCE IT IS A 8TH 11TH 5TH AND 2ND HOUSE event…..OVER ALL THE Neptune will I think help out….and Saturn trine to Juipter….mars in libra retrograde……sad…..focus is poor……hey guys hand in there, give and help….take care…………………… alex….

    • Ok, thanks..I am feling awful these past 3 weeks….strange feelings…but staying busy…..HETIC AND worry……nervous…..sad but stimulated by good people…..will avoid the sad..things We can do much for…..we are really entering the AQUARIAN AGE….. 2014 to 1914….W.W.1….thanks A

  39. I havnt forgotten your ‘steering the boat 90degrees into the tidalwave’ analogy, ‘coz thats where i’m at! … Pluto finally hit my Asc this week, Uranus wreaking havoc endlessly in my 4th house, natal Venus & Saturn also 13degrees … feels more like treading water – not comfortable, but coping.

  40. My moon conj eris conj chiron is at 13 aries and uranus at 15 libra. With sun, mercury and venus in gem and no powerful water in my chart, I have been revelling in the cancerian energy jupiter brings and I’m well connected to it with physcial correspondances strong ie house and wardrobe changes all reflect cancer. I need that. Still, while I can feel the energy ramping up, I don’t feel crazed like the last two years. I’m getting solid doable ideas and info, much more organised and grounded than ususal. Who knows, maybe I’m in the eys of the storm with the black moon sleeping right now and who knows what tomorrow will bring. But I’m aware and prepared and very keyed into the soothing autumnal energies that are powerfully present where I live now. I feel optimisitic, as if real change is coming. Still, wish me luck!

  41. So far my 19 year old (Libra) daughter has moved out of state, my son has had fraudulent activity on
    his back account, and I have a New Job! Wow things are certainly speeding up!

  42. The Jupiter Pluto opposition will be straddling my asc desc axis quite closely, the ascendant is somewhere between 8 and 13 Cancer. However, I am wondering if the fact that my birthday is on the 21st of April will be significant? The eclipses will affect my sun at 0 Taurus and then my natal Mercury in the 10th, so am counting on something long term I am thinking….

  43. My Ascendant is 13 Capricorn. The eclipse on the 15th is directly on my 25 libra sun. I have plans to fly across country on those exact days…4/15 and 4/22. I’m a little worried. Do you think it justified?? Nodes are at 9 Libra/Aries Thanks 🙂

  44. I have a natal Grand Cardinal Cross. So: Uranus is going to sit on my Sun, Jupiter on my Saturn, Mars on my Pluto (admittedly, this one has the biggest orb since my Pluto is at 7.45 Libra) and Pluto on my Moon (but it’s been transiting it for the last few years so I managed to get used to it). My Asc and MC are in Aries and Capricorn respectively, although a few degrees away from the exact aspect. And on the day of the Grand Cross I will be travelling by train – I can’t put it off since I am travelling to an important conference. Well, I guess I just have to make double copies of everything and clutch my bag extra tight.

  45. I have MC at Virgo 13. My boss told me today he will be promoting me. And that he will announce it to the others on the 22nd. Just so. Because he had been watching me for a couple of weeks and decided to use my capabilities.
    I won’t go into explaining my almost nonexistant so-called career, but that was out of the blue, and there isn’t even an existing position of this kind, he will be CREATING it for me.
    I am scared shitless. I am so proud of the hard work I did in my former very low paying position, just because it’s in my nature to be very responsible. And that someone noticed it, and decided to do something about it, it feels good. But I am very scared. And proud.

    • WOW! MalleTelle congratulations to you – recognition for hard work seems to be ‘par for the course’ of this Grand Cross configuration. Though, your fear may be what is surfacing for you to address . . . just enjoy the new position and look at it as a wonderful learning experience. 🙂

  46. Hi Elsa! I have Libra in MC at 13 degrees in my 10th house, and Aries at 13 degrees in my 4th house. I have gone through a complete stripping down of my career for the past 2 years, and we are in the process of moving. But where we were first going to move suddenly changed and now we are moving to an area that we would have never considered before (but bigger and better.) Happy Grand Cross!?

  47. Living with husband who has 13 Aries Sun in the first house – so far so good. . . .he is doing fine and nothing dramatic is going on with him with regard to the Grand Cross at 13 and Uranus on his Aries Sun.

    Will let you know if anything develops.

  48. Two planets @ 13 degrees. So far, not much is happening. Might change though- hard to say. Maybe more tension than usual.

  49. I do have a question however- would this be a good time to address a problem (a non-personal problem) that I’ve been putting off ??

  50. @Sherry – I would say yes – you will have no choice but to deal with this ‘problem’ and be aware of the messages coming to you that will direct you toward an answer. May take up to 6 months to resolve.

    • Thank you Toni for the input. “No time like the present”, as they say. I think you may be right on the resolution time also. Cheers!!

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