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Capricorn face to ground

But Bambi’s mother!

Capricorn. Solid, ambitious, and accomplished. The investment bankers of the zodiac. Great managers, even better business partners, but romance? Really?

Hell yes! Look, it’s true that Capricorn can be serious, stoic, and even a little curmudgeonly. They can be rigid, reserved, and thrifty to a fault. They’re probably never going to be the person in a restaurant telling loud stories and throwing their money around like a Leo or suddenly spending all their savings on a trip to Morocco like a Sagittarius. But what Capricorn has to offer means so much more.

Capricorn love is deep, stable, and real. They support their partners in practical ways that truly make a difference in everyday life. They might not hire a skywriter to tell you you’re beautiful, but they will be outside in the dead of winter installing a new battery in your car. Capricorn exemplifies “acts of service” as a love language. If you have a Capricorn in your life, you’ll probably never know all the little things they do to make your life easier. And they’re far too humble to tell you themselves. But day after day, they’ll put in the effort to create a solid foundation and lift some of the weight from your shoulders.

One of my best friends has a Capricorn moon. A few years ago, her husband was in a work-related accident that has left him disabled. My friend has taken on all the administrative tasks, working with attorneys and navigating the treacherous legal maze they’ve been thrust into. She manages medical appointments and court dates and paperwork. To financially support the family, she’s taken on a more difficult job outside the home where she is a model employee and already being groomed for promotion. She manages childcare and schooling and insurance and bills, and she makes it look easy. Because the greatest gift she can give her husband is to not only shoulder the burden, but to make sure he never knows how hard it is. Instead, he can focus on healing and rebuilding his life. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. Is it wine and roses? No, but wouldn’t you want her in your corner?

And it’s not all mortgage payments and insurance deductibles! When a Capricorn feels truly safe and appreciated, a whole new side shines through. You get to see their dark, wry humor in action. They might even get a little – dare I say it? – silly. Their soft side begins to peek through the walls, and you realize what a big heart they truly have.  I’ve seen many a cold, stern Capricorn fall to pieces watching Disney movies (how do you NOT cry during Bambi?). But if you see them tear up? Do them a favor and agree their eyes were just watering from pollen. It is allergy season, after all.

Capricorn love may not be the flashiest thing around. But you can count on them to support you when the chips are down and to build a life with real value. You can count on them, period. If you want a trustworthy lover with integrity and depth who will be there through thick and thin, look no further. Capricorn has your back.

How has Capricorn has added value to your life? Bonus: Tell us about their silly side!

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  1. Have a job or something when you date a Cap or they will leave you even if they have all this Neptune.. serious 🙁

  2. I’m a Capricorn sun and Cancer rising. I love so deep. When I feel safe and loved all I have to do is look at my love and I can feel the purest light piercing through my body; I’m wide open and can see what’s inside of my soul: sparkly colorful bright diamond visions, green hills, rainbows, crystal blue green rivers and aquamarine waterfalls, paradise. The most beautiful experience and sight and feeling. That’s what I see in myself when I see you my love. I love so deep.

    Betrayed or slighted? I’m ice. And like ice I’m useful and you need me sometimes. I’m water but turn me into ice I’m down. I’ll be there for you, help you if I can but I’ll quickly melt away and be gone, no chance of you hurting me again baby.

    I’m silly AF! I usually disagree with Capricorn descriptions and horoscopes. They always focus on profession and money. Like I’m a Capricorn that’s part of my life is on point. There’s so much more I have going on lol

    This one had some valid points, thank you! I do have to say though, I think what your friend is doing for her husband is what 95-98% of wives/mothers do everyday, all day regardless of their sign or situation. We run the show! We run the world said Beyoncé! Haha.

    Great post! Thank you!!

  3. Yes (Kri) a Cap doesn’t want you sitting on your ass or doing what they think is the bare minimum. I think they see it as laziness. Whether you agree or not…at least you know where they stand, IMO.

    Thanks Midara, always look forward to your take on things. I do agree that Capricorns feel emotions deep down – even though most people don’t see it on the surface. After all, they rule bones so it makes sense that even their emotions are bone deep.

    • I think some of Capricorn’s feelings about laziness go back to that “acts of service” piece. They show their love, at least in part, by being responsible and going the extra mile to build a solid foundation, which includes a financial foundation. If they feel that their partner isn’t matching their effort, they often feel unloved. And given that Capricorn isn’t prone to emotional vulnerability, especially with someone they feel hurt by, it can come out as a cold rejection.

      • Capricorn also questions if something is “worth their time” and if someone is not “worth their time investment” they may often cut ties coldly.

        I use this tactic to try to convince my Cap friends to leave draining relationships 😀

        Cap also has a weird side. I dated a very pretty girl with a stellium in Cap (Mars/Neptune involved) and she bit the shit out of my lip. I was also exhausted by paying for her drinks and giving her my sweater all the time. (As well as my own internalized homophobia..) Power exchanges and pain are the non boring side. As well as feelings of worthlessness and being a let down when you are not useful. There are many weird permutations of that sense of responsibility (particularly when Uranus/Neptune are involved.) Including a Dostoevskyan reaction to being lent money. Lending a Cap money is a great way to eventually get them out of your life 🙁

        I just wish some of my Cap friends could be as responsible as they want me to be..

    • You are correct Jill. Even if you do have a job and it’s not your calling, they may see you as not progressing or pulling your weight. Even if THEY themselves don’t have a job at times or are scraping by or don’t know their calling.

      The other side of Capricorn IS fear and something like “self-abnegation.” Many of my Cap friends (often with Mars/Neptune in Cap or Neptune involved in a stellium) have undersold themselves and held themselves back. And yet, they expected an accomplished partner. There have been times where a self sabotaging Cap friend wants this unequal partnership.

      • A Capricorn does not always “pan out” 🙁 and sometimes they expect you to even if they don’t. And that is unfair. It is important to accept that some people are developing. I don’t want someone’s judgment on my neck when I”m developing.. they can fuck right off

        Especially when they themselves are underdeveloped

  4. Not to slam your post, I’ve been enjoying all of them 🙂 but I think there is complexity and depth to signs perceived as boring (Capricorn, Virgo.) With Virgo there is the tragic never ending self eating self perfection, that seems to find no balm. At least a Capricorn CAN reach their goal SOMETIME and reparent themselves at some point. My friends with Virgo seem to chew themselves up and when I think “how can I help them..” I just don’t know when they’ll ever ARRIVE. At least a Cap can arrive.. that is the blessing. Virgo’s demon is inside their head.

    I think Sag has a similar interest in them, many Sag have saved my life with their sense of humor. They risk accept that life is treacherous and humor gives us some relief. Sag seems to risk accept whatever comes with life. I didn’t read the Sag post.. I had dated a guy with a Sag sun Gemini moon.. he brought much needed fun back into my life and stole me popcorn and bought me cheap champagne and spicy chips 😀 he didn’t want to be exclusive

    With Cap their corny humor is another secret. And how much they suffer slights. I fall into a pattern sometimes with a Cap.. usually they seem to have this battle against authority.. like they have to cross swords with bosses and judges.. I just say I’m with them.

    I’m on the magic side of this sign and I don’t want to believe the are corny, myself. But they don’t always hold up their end of the bargain. I love my artsy friends with their Cap stelliums and paralyzing self doubt. I don’t want to be around the kind that focus on balancing my checkbook. I am self protective and lonely and don’t want to be picked up then shoved aside.

  5. Since Capricorn sits in the 10th of status, public image and career, Caps want to be proud of their partner who must also be turning in their best effort. Not a bad price to pay for loyalty, immense support and someone who is able to help you be your best! Strong Uranian types may find them a little old fashioned but that can be their charm!

  6. “Capricorn exemplifies “acts of service” as a love language.”

    Every day I make my husband his lunch to take to work. Every morning I made my son a hot breakfast when he was growing up and still do when he comes to visit. When I visit him I make sure he has all that he needs. I will shovel/snow blow the driveway so that my husband doesn’t have to after he has worked a 10-12 hour day even though I have worked an 8 hour day myself. AND I tell them everyday that I love them.

    Actions speak louder than words. It’s not just about lip service in my book. You have to back up your words with your behavior.

    Thank you Midara!!!

    • i’m pretty sure grandma is a cap rising. in many ways she’s more of a mother to me than mine was. and her love is very much expressed in the action…

  7. This is my husband. He’s not a Cap, but a Virgo Sun/Merc/Jupiter/Saturn ALL in the 10th house, so I feel like he’s part Capricorn. He makes me feel secure. Every once in a while I get a glimpse of the difficulty that it is balancing everything that keeps a roof over our heads (which he obtained for us through years of hard work, saving and living without). For example, last night I mentioned I was stressed out about something, and the next morning when I woke up, it was taken care of. The night before, when I was sleeping, and he was awake thinking of me. Also he can solve literally any money problem anyone has.

  8. ive not known any Capricorn /cap influenced people to not suffer a lot in their lifetime. and I mean ALOT. my grandmother suffered a lot, my sister’s mother in law, my own mother in law. Just so much suffering. Even Kate Middleton I heard suffered so much trying to be with Prince William before they married, but she went through hell and back. what they do have in abundance is the love of their family. What I have noticed consistently <3 Family truly is a Capricorn trait/delight.

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