A Capricorn and Her Life Plan

As some of you know, I have recently gotten back in touch with an old friend. She’s the Capricorn who’s party I went to here. No, we didn’t find each other on the internet. We did it the old fashioned way, synchronicity. We ran into each other at the grocery store a couple months ago.

So, today we’re getting coffee and discussing our lives. In the interim while we were lost to each other she got married to a very nice Virgo guy. They moved back to town and bought a nice little house and fixed it up. Now, she wants to have a baby…

…But not for at least a few months. She explained “I have to wait. I can’t take the chance. If I got pregnant today, the baby would be a rabbit.” She is referring to the Chinese Zodiac here. This upcoming Chinese New Year will mark the Year of the Rabbit.

“See, I’m a Dragon and J, He’s a Rat. A Rabbit would be miserable with us. I’m thinking wait it out. Go for another Dragon, like me. Then we can dress fancy.”

The lady knows what she wants. She makes a plan and gets it. I laugh and say “You’ve got it all planned out then.”

“I mean it makes sense, it just makes more sense.” She emphatically tries to sell the plan with the word “sense.”

“Ok, well call me when you’re ready and we’ll go take a moon bath together.”

Do you have a Life Plan? How much Capricorn/Earth do you have?

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A Capricorn and Her Life Plan — 27 Comments

  1. No long-term or medium-term plans. Abandoned the idea a while ago, after going through a frustrating and upsetting period when every plan I made just wouldn’t seem to work due to influences and events beyond my control. Every since I live like I have no future, trying to do my best out of my present while improvising and adapting to outside and inside limitations and moment’s aspirations and inspirations. Just getting myself a bit further without any precise destination (just my personal values to guide me). Don’t know whether that’s good. I guess if I get to live long enough I will regret that.. Well, somehow I abandoned that plan too.. πŸ™‚
    And to get back to the question, no capricorn planets in my chart. I have a capricorn vertex which I guess resonates to what I described above. Capricorn is on the fourth’s-fifth’s cusp. I have however much virgo in my chart. Asc, moon and venus. Guess that’s why although I live the way I live and I appreciate the liberating sense it gives me, I have a bothering feeling of insecurity.. Or it could possibly be my 2nd house saturn and the whole saturn return thing I’m going through..

  2. I do not have a life plan. Too many surprises all the time plus I am still (and always) trying to figure out while I am still alive in the first place.

    I am married to someone with a life plan though and this helps.

  3. No. I know what I’m going to eat for supper tonight and that’s it.
    Yes, natal chart earth everywhere, and Capricorn.
    Your friend’s surety unnerves me somewhat. It sounds like tempting fate to me, specially because it involves a yet-to-be life. Control issues? I certainly know a bit about those myself. Rationalizing my motivations as being for the best doesn’t change the underlying impulse.
    With skies as they are, feel the need to add no offence to your friend intended.
    At least 6 billion perspectives here on earth.

  4. oh Capricorns..I love and respect them, but cannot relate

    I know several and everytime they come at me with their 5 year plans for ..whatever..I smile and nod and think “glad ya got it all figured out, good luck with that”

    I admire their Earthy abilities..and could use a good dose of it myself. all i have is jupiter in cap in 12th

  5. @ Nota Yes, I have cardinal, never noticed before. I’m a newbie.

    @ P, Nota, Satori & Dixie I know this may not be the place but thanks for being here AND keeping it as cool as you can/do. Peeps are freaking everywhere and about everything. And it seems certain to intensify. (I have to keep reminding myself just to breathe – no joke.) Somehow we’ve got to get through it together or we’re not going to get to the other side. Your advice, insight and patience are much appreciated.

  6. I’m Capricorn rising with Saturn in the 9th house conjunct Jupiter. I really want to move us to Santa Barbara, but I have no clue about how to accomplish this. Other than that, my life plan should take me through to Wednesday – X-Files: Season 5,6,7,8,9. Maybe Friday if I throw in the two movies. Inspiring, I know.

  7. The only plan I have is to install a solar hot water system that I can later add to to heat my home.

    When I bought my home in 1994 I paid .79 cents per gallon for propane, I now pay $2.40 per gallon. Gasoline was $1.12 its now $3.00. My salary is not going to multiply at the same rate that fuel is. Food or fuel.

  8. Hahaha Elsa, what luck πŸ˜‰

    As for the Cap/Virgo combo, and the dragon child – why not? Some of us love to fly by the seat of our pants, and we skid almost non-stop. If I knew then what I know now, I might have planned things a little better, and not be on my own now, seething with almost uncontainable anger and frustration as I am tonight.

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as the old wives would say

  9. cardinal T with MC square both Moon & Venus in opposition… Elsa was the one to kindly point this out to me but I’ve been afraid to really look into it for some reason.. I also have cardinal Saturn and Pluto.

    I try to plan things and have ambitions but I lack motivation =\ I try hard to keep myself involved but without ever having any guidance I feel like a spacerock headed in some random direction cruising through life… and if I get bumped off course, I’m so adaptable that I have no problem recalculating…

  10. I had a life plan once upon a time (Saturn in Cap, Mars in Taurus), and then I had a child with special needs. Ever since then every day I have to go whatever way the wind blows.

  11. I have Cap and Saturn aspects as well as planets in cardinal signs. I used to have a life plan or try to have one, and still do some extensive planning (planned out what classes I’d take in for the 4 years of college before i took any classes). However, I’ve had to add lots of flexibility to my plans because they often get edited for various reasons (Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter aspects). If I’ve got a general idea of what I want to set out towards, it’s good enough for me.~

  12. Yes, this cardinal girl always has a plan. In fact, my husband told me last night I would have made a good general because I consistently have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.
    Sometimes my plans work out and when they do, they are great, but other times they don’t, and I know that GOD has a better plan so I humbly follow.
    My plans come from instinct or intuition and my thought is they come from God, because I do a lot of praying before I start to plan.

  13. I always have a plan which leads to pretty much the same thing, but sometimes I have to alter the path to get there. Saturn, Nep., and Uranus in Cap in the 6th. The rest is fire and air.

    Denamaria: I do this as well. I am grateful even for plans that don’t work. I pray a lot for this..to God, the universe, life in general. When it hits, I call it an epiphany. A kind of paradigm shift.

  14. Have plans! Very long-term work/career plans. Venus, Mercury and Mars in Cap, which is a stacked up now with current transits. Some more cardinal too, Jupiter in Aries, Nth Node in Cancer. (and Earth trine too)
    Two years left to submit my thesis. I’m hoping that by getting my doctorate, I can get a permanent contract to teach at university. Have been teaching on casual, short term contracts for nearly 5 years now…and its a real pain. If that plan doesn’t work, my doctorate will have given me excellent research skills.
    I suspect Cardinal detests being blocked or thwarted by (unnecessary)outside influences. yet i have enough mutable to make changes to plans along the way.
    As a sole parent, it is crucial I keep working and earn an income for my children.

  15. I like that Coffee, Cocoa, or Tea. Looks really neat.

    Do you have a Life Plan?

    No, I did, hope to when I can envision a path, but right now to hang on until things get a bit better so I can be in a better position to dig myself out. After that, well I still would love to be a father, and raise children with the right woman.

    How much Capricorn/Earth do you have?

    Capricorn, 12th house Juno and Pallas

    Earth, 8th House Pluto/Virgo, and Saturn rx in Taurus either 2nd house Pladicus/4th house Equal

  16. I’m a rabbit with sun in Capricorn. πŸ™‚ Also, Neptune in Cap.

    Rest of my chart is crazy; I fluctuate between hopeless romanticism and brutal workaholic tendencies. Work hard, daydream hard, lose track of time either way. Long term plans?….What are those again?

  17. I have a Capricorn south node in the 2nd house and I definitely do not have a plan. I’m not allowed to have a plan. All I can do is “go with the flow.” I’ve learned I have to surrender to the guidance of my soul and give up control. I also have a Neptune (in 12th house) t-square. I’m sure that has something to do with it.

  18. Oh, cardinal. Right.

    My true node and Neptune are cardinal, but everything else is Fixed Water or Mutable Fire (for the most part).

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