Capricorn Backbone – “Believe” In Astrology?

My lumbar spine scolosisMy surgeries are scheduled for the last week of August. People keep asking! I  was told I’d be in the hospital a week.  I was also told I might get out in five days.
There’s tremendous blood loss with this. They recycle your blood back into your body. I don’t know what to say, outside of it’s sounds like a job I’d not like to do!  It’s possible I will need a transfusion after the second surgery.  Not needing one might be the deciding factor on being allowed to go home?

There’s a possibility my surgery will be canceled due to Covid. I have no clue the probability of this which is why I’m not putting a lot of energy into this. However, the closer we get, the less likely it will be canceled. I’m thinking once I’ve done the pre-admission tests, it’s a go.  Those are scheduled, the second week of August. I’ll  ask a lot of questions at that time and hopefully be able to get answers.
This means I’ll be available for consultations over the next two weeks for sure.  The stellium in Capricorn (bones, spine) is sitting on my ascendant (body) with all the planets retrograde. Here I am, waiting.  People ask me sometimes, how I can “believe” in astrology. Well, geez. Is this not textbook? I got into astrology when I was eight years old. It’s always like this, always.
Where does the stellium in Capricorn fall in your chart? What are you waiting on?


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  1. Elsa i truly hope your surgery will be done with great success!I know you posted about this several weeks ago and i would hate to wait, i’d probably get more and more anxious. Fingers crossed for you Elsa and best wishes!

    This whole stellium is falling into my 1st house near my natal stellium in Capricorn. Currently i’m in my first Saturn return period. The current transit does not overlap any of my placements (tight conjuctions) but it is near. I am waiting to go over board to work. Hopefully during next two months. The whole Covid situation makes a frustration on massive scale around the globe. Hoping to meet new people in my life and start something new for myself and build a concrete on which i can stand on for next couple years.

  2. Well! People can believe in astrology if that’s where their heart and their mind want to go! Faith is where you want and need it. Luckily!!!!
    As for the Cap stellium, it’s in my 3rd H.
    I’m “waiting” on things that have little to do diectly with my 3rd H, but In a way they do. I am waiting for some responses, they will probably occur by communication.
    But the rest of the stuff is up to me : just do it!

  3. Sun moon and Saturn in Capricorn
    I have tiny tremors inside even when
    I am waiting for toaster to pop ?silly,not
    Sure why the before time makes me nervous?once I engage anything is easy, trying to break pattern
    When I was almost 1 year old
    My mother took her 6 children and baby skating. I was in back seat sleeping, they went to pond and started skating, well someone came to get something in car leaving door open , I woke and waddled to pond and fell thru ice, my sister said my mother went crazy to find me , ? she couldn’t have walked this far ?and there at other end of pond this little
    Head, she said I was staring up!!completely under ice when I was nearly 2 1/2 my 3 sisters worked as waitresses and short order breakfast cooks in hotel with breakfast restaurant, well they took baby to work someone put me to sit on counter and my little nightgown
    Set on fire, I had scars where little bows burned forever, my sister said I never
    Moved nor dropped my binkie from my mouth!!!
    Waiting even a little, turns into test For me.
    Sissy remember how short their journey to your little bones, how perfect their plan, and how well
    You get thru tough stuff alone, your
    Mother will be holding your hand and kissing your brow to straighten those little bones, kisses to your Waiting

    • raerae! Wow! Thank goodness you were tough to get through those two frightening incidences! Omg! I think even when babes we can sense danger is happening. But you made it! And Elsa so will you! The stars and angels and all our thoughts and prayers will be with you too!

  4. I have it in the second house. I have been waiting on finding out what is going to happen in my job which is tied up with my self esteem because I feel like my program is going to be cut and that reflects on me. My husband is also waiting to find out about his job and it falls in his 10th house.

  5. The stellium is in my 1st House, conjunct my ASC. Only Jupiter will cross my ASC. What am I waiting for? I have fabric I’m waiting on to make/sew baby blankets. It takes time to clean and clear fabric of chemicals and fragrances used to ‘process’ even organic cottons. Overtime I’m learning to be patient with what I can do, what works, when. Ego and Divine Timing … has something to do with First House stuff, I think. Baby’s coming in November. In time for me to be a first time Gram sewing cool stuff:)

  6. Elsa I so hope this comes through for you.
    This is in my second house squaring my natal mars.
    I want to find a place and move so bad but I know its not practical.My rent is so reasonable and I get to keep my pets.I just feel so stagnant.

  7. Stellium at DC, opposite to you, Elsa. Crazy, I am waiting for losing my job. It’s definite, my job will be cancelled by end of 2022. what a long time to see it come! But not all bad, time enough to look elsewhere.
    Also waiting for my bones to heal after fracture and osteoporosis treatment. Things will not figure out before end of 2021. I’ll have to be damn disciplined meanwhile. But I feel I can make it.
    The people near to me, my old parents, my adult son, struggling with real hardships. But want to get ahead of it. Heavy loads and a lot of good will to take it. I guess it’s no guarantee for a nice outcome. But there is this kind of power in the air for – what ever will come…
    So, in that sense – best wishes for you, Elsa!

  8. Third house cusp, waiting to finish up my job so I can own my life. That’s what I get for putting my notice in during Mercury rx, I guess. Department is in transitional phase with software so I am going to see them through that. I am big on clean finishes. I never realized how essential what I do is. My third house daily life will definitely change with work reprieve.

    Same thing with house roofing job. Still waiting on finishing touches. Been over a month. It’s so not like this roofing company.

    Am taking it all in stride. Good things sometimes take a long time.

  9. The retrograde stellium in Capricorn sits at the end of my 12th house. (Saturn had reached my early Aquarius Ascendant before retrograding.) All this is playing out opposite my Moon in Cancer.

    The Capricorn (father) Cancer (mother) axis is apropos: my elderly parents are finally preparing to sell, and move out of, their home and into seniors housing.

    Attendant to that, they will also be selling the house I am living in, which means I am waiting to see where I end up. My financial situation is precarious and lodging options that I can afford are few and far between in my town.

    I am taking it all in stride, one day at a time, baby steps, with faith and my belief system and tools (12th house) to see me through.

  10. Very end of my 9th. I’m waiting on something that I couldn’t explain because I’m not sure what it is! I just feel something coming. Pure faith right now. I’ve been laying a foundation to build from and I’m kinda standing/waiting near the starting line, waiting to be called to briefly wait again, by readying myself for the gun to go off and start the race. Details will become apparent later.

    Elsa, I hope your waiting period is stress free. Not much longer 🙂

  11. Thanks, everyone. I have indications this is going forward. For example, I’m still in contact with the nurse who dug up my actual insurance. She in-state and coordinating care for numerous patients. She was reassuring. Same with the surgical team. I did learn I’ll probably have to have to make two trips for pre-surgical testing. It’s a significant drive – draining, but at this point, I’ll just do it.

    I am one of the few people who feel going into the hospital for surgery is a day off. But that’s exactly what I think. It’s vacation.

  12. In 3rd house natal Saturn 29 Cap (2nd return),quincunx Sun 0Cancer 9th. Its a battle, it always has been to give both a practical yet philosophucal outlet. Its like “behind every successful man, theres a powerful female, but they just dont apeak the same language lol!

  13. I am puking up something that I really don’t want but I can feel it coming. This job I’ve been on for a few years, they treat me like a child. Yes, I am this hard to replace person who is responsible for much but they still treat me like a child. It is a proclaimed “family” by management so I guess that gives them the right to treat employees like children. I am sensing it has done some damage on some level. So that is coming when I leave this job soon and I don’t know what to do about that. Find the recovery I guess.

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