Capricorn And Rejection

capricorn art printCapricorn is sensitive to rejection.  If someone lets me know they don’t enjoy my company, I exit their life totally and permanently.  It’s easy to get rid of me . Just let me know you don’t want me there and you’ll not have a problem again!

This is extreme in my case or so I’ve been told. But I really don’t see, “I don’t like you,” to be negotiable. I also appreciate being told such a thing since it saves me time and energy. Life is short!

Some think I overreact. But I figure a person means exactly what they say.

How do you handle rejection?  If someone tells you to go away, do you take them seriously?


Capricorn And Rejection — 69 Comments

  1. Ceres conjunct Uranus..I’m usually gone before they ever get a chance to reject. And the process I internalize is the same whether I reject you in fear of your rejection or you actually get a chance to tell me to get lost. I disect and process the why’s, what’s, how’s and wallow in it until I feel like I’ve been punished enough and move on. But that all occurs after I’ve physically erased all evidence of the person in my life.
    Good approach? No, not really because the bolting has ruined more than one good relationship where the other person didn’t have a clue to my reasoning. But..this is how it has worked for me in the past.

    I’m working on it 🙂

  2. Um, yeah. Why waste my energy ? All someone has to do in my case is ignore me for awhile, and I’ll take that as reason enough to vanish. I have been errant with this approach, on only rare occasions. I feel fortunate to have good instincts; in this regard.

  3. Yes, I take them seriously and I respect their feelings. If I found out that someone didn’t like my company I first would be embarressed that I hadn’t picked up that vibe before and I would nerver bother that person again!

  4. I’m with le_soleil, with the Sun and 3 other planets in Capricorn (including Saturn) I see no point in sticking around if I don’t feel someone is putting in the same level of energy into the relationship. Ending a relationship now because lack of attention for me equals lack of respect and Capricorns require respect.

  5. Yes, when some one says they don’t want me around I just leave. People do think this is strange, because I am not fighting to stay. But why should I stay, how big do I need the sign to be.

  6. Capricorn moon here and yes im highly sensitve to rejection. Im gone and its hurts like a muthaF*cker sometimes but im gone if you dont want me. I think im also highly sensitive because I dont open up quickly either and when I do and realize I’ve made an error I do get incredibly hurt. Oh well I have enough jupiter and pluto to transform and bounce back….with TIME!!! 🙂

  7. No Cap here, but yeah, I am outta there. And like Lina, I’m a little embarrassed if I haven’t figured it out already.

  8. I don’t feel embarrassed myself. In my experience, most times this happens it’s because the person has had a change in their life. Most common for me, the person has a new lover, wife or husband who doesn’t like me and they want to cut ties and go in the new direction. This has happened throughout my life, since my late teens and early 20’s.

    I really don’t take it that personally but I sure grant their wish and I don’t look back. I feel gratitude and relief for the information to a large extent as it’s hard to maintain a relationship with someone who is not interested. They release you and you’re as free as they are basically.

  9. Capricorn is sensitive to rejection, but I honestly think that’s your 7th house Uranus, Elsa. It takes a lot for you to stay around, so if someone you treat as equal so much as hints they don’t want you around, you eject and don’t look back.

    The Capricorns I know will cut ties, but they’ll do internal brooding for a short period. Yes, even the ones with Aquarian moons.

  10. Cappy moon & 12th house sun, I just disappear and you won’t have to see me again. With a cancer, 12th house sun, it’s something I usually have an inkling about. If I don’t pick up on that, then I can feel sheepish about it, too. I don’t know why that is, why I feel like I should always be two steps ahead on the “lay of the land” in relationships (friendships, family, social, work, or intimate, etc, etc), but I do. If I’m caught off guard and not aware of the change or the facts that indicate a change is coming, it’s embarrassing to me. That being said, if it happens, then I don’t need much in the way of an explanation, just let me know and I’m gone.

  11. Don’t you guys worry that maybe you’re losing someone who could have been very special? Maybe all they wanted was a bit of reassurance that you really did want them in your life. Instead you confirmed their worse fears and walked right out of it.

  12. Case in point, my brother told me about 20 years ago that he’d like to be left alone with his then fiance. I told him okay and have not contacted him since. He has not contacted me either and I am pretty easy to find, yanno? My assumption is he meant what he said. This was not said during a fit of anger. He wanted to join another family and sever ties with his own which is what he did and entirely his call.

    I think I am a pretty demanding person to know.

    Leon’s ex-wife also told me her then fiance didn’t like me many, many years ago and I said okay to that too. I mean, sometimes a person has to go down and I don’t mind that it’s me. Boundaries are just something I respect is all and I do think it’s Saturnian. My lack of angst about it may be Uranian… and also Jupitarian. I just don’t care if people want to leave. That’s what doors are for! 🙂

    • I tried for 30 years to appease my mom’s husband so that I could stay in her life. He finally said my children and I were no longer welcome in his home a year ago and I was done. No begging or trying to figure what I had done or not done to receive that sentiment, I just left. I finally sent an email to my mom and let her know why I left. She had no idea, but I told her I understood that she would chose to stand by her husband, as she is 81 and needs him. I also said I would come to her if she needed me, but I was done placating and being the scapegoat. She sent me an email that she loved me, but I was right, she would choose him and unless I was willing to figure out how to win him back over, she would not be seeing me again. I am fine with that.

  13. As a Capricorn, there’s only ever been a handful of relationships that I’ve ever fought to try to save.

    In at least 1 case, it didn’t matter. In the other, the jury is still out, but I feel humiliated that the other person isn’t working anywhere near as hard as me on the relationship.

  14. My ascendant is in Capricorn and I always take seriously a rejection. However I noticed two things in my life. First when dating women sometimes it is a handicap, because many women tend to say “no” and mean “yes”. Number two I find Sagittarius people very irritating because they never say to you clearly “no”, they want that you understand their answer from their behavior, while I demand honest and straight answer.

    • That’s bullshit. I’m a female Sagittarius and we say what we feel. I’m blunt and I’ll tell u if u are pissing me off. Also I dated a Capricorn and he tricked me into falling in love with him and disappeared twice on me with no warning. I never insulted him, all I did was shower him with affection.

  15. I have a cappy moon and venus, but I also have pisces, and neptune in libra in the 7th. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and try to see the good in them. I know boundaries are negotiable so for me to balance this energy I have found what works for me is that when they say *good bye* I ask them is this negotiable or is this your final answer, followed by “be-careful what you ask for cause you just might get it” when they answer with “My final answer” I am gone. Many have come back and asked to re-negotiate, but I don’t I took their final answer seriously.

  16. If someone says that they don’t like me, I’m glad to hear it and bow out.

    If a family member tried to cut ties with me to suit another person, and this is something that has nearly happened with me, my response is, “If this is what you need to do to keep so-and-so’s love, that is your decision.” And then I still mail a birthday card every year, because f*ck it–I don’t mind being a boundary-thwarting a-hole to prove unconditional love.

    Yes, the relationship between lovers/spouses is special and needs to be respected. But it’s been my experience that people who ask that of their lovers isolate them from the outside world in other ways too, and that is dangerous and should be fought.

  17. If someone doesn’t want me around it’s impolite for me to stay.

    Plus who wants to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you??

  18. My ex is cap sun in 6th and he won’t leave me the hell alone. I have got to be missing something? Where would I look in the chart fir some clue as to why?

  19. I take it seriously. But how much it hurts depends on how much I liked the person in the first place. If it’s someone I just got to know then my hurt will go away….FAST!! If it’s someone I knew for decades then it’ll take me a few weeks or even months to truly get over them.

  20. From my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong), you have a Scorpio Moon, and I’ve noticed Cancer and Scorpio Moons and Lunar people in general can be pretty sensitive even if they do their best not to show it.

  21. Ah, okay, I must of confused moon signs with perhaps some other people who blog here, or who you talk about.

    I was thinking of a possible lunar issue and not simply a Cap one, since despite the fact my chart is low on water and has no planets in Capricorn, my Moon does have a lot of aspects, and I can only blame so much on Pluto-not that it’s entirely blameless. I can identify with some of Cancerean sensitivity, but little else than that.

    I have a leaving moon, lol!

    Mine is void of course, but I suspect we’re talking about two different things. 😛

  22. “the person has a new lover, wife or husband who doesn’t like me and they want to cut ties and go in the new direction.” This has happened more than once both to me and my sister . I would love to say that I accepted the new reality and moved on. But the truth is both of us were hurt. To suddenly lose a very good friend and confidant of years, well, it sucked.
    Otherwise, agree. Most times, it’s like OK, I have no problem letting you go, equal respect required…

  23. If someone doesn’t want me around, doesn’t like me, well… I will not beg them to stay. I take it seriously when someone says that although if it’s a relationship of any length I’d also like to know why.

    The only Cap I have is Saturn, but it squares Venus, so I’m sensitive to rejection. But my Gemini moon is a blessing in cases like that. It allows me to move on after a mourning period.

  24. what music said. The exceptions, my daughters and my sister. We have serious history, and new dude will just have to suck it up (besides, I know they’re possibly temporary and I’m forever permanent)

  25. “Don’t you guys worry that maybe you’re losing someone who could have been very special?”

    No. Their specialness is not determined by whether or not they had a relationship with me. I will think of them as special even as I honour their desire and leave them be. I honour their wishes BECAUSE I think they’re special.

    Plus, I was taught not to beg at the table for scraps.

  26. As the infamous Duckie said – I’m off like a dirty shirt….Cap Moon near MC, I do take it personally, but you won’t see it [I think….]. Reminds me of something one of my son’s friend said the other day, which is my saying of the week – if my presence is of no value to you, my absence shouldn’t matter….

  27. Yes. Immediately. If I’m mad I may wreak a little havoc first though just to burn the bridge down.

    My ex-boyfriend has seven planets in Capricorn and I could not get him away from me even with a ten foot pole. He’s still trying to cling for dear life and I’m trying not to be a complete bitch to him by simply saying GET THE F— AWAY! but he doesn’t seem to understand what “no longer in a relationship together means”.

  28. Kashmiri, that’s twice in two days you’ve said something that tickled me to no end.

    Caps value their own energy and time, so I think this stems partly from a sense of “if it’s not going to work, move on.”

    For me being a Cap Sun/Mercury but also Venus/Saturn/Pluto in Scorpio, I’ve learned about both sides. Sometimes hanging in there isn’t a waste of time.

  29. I’m going through the Capricorn posts and adding my own thoughts to some of them, if that’s all right, Ms. Elsa.

    I have been cut out, or at least my friendship ties with people have been lessened, in favor of new/rekindled flames. My Aquarius friend took back her Libra baby-daddy, and left me in the cold. He doesn’t like me, I don’t like him.

    My Scorpio friend, whom I was quite crazy for, ditched me for his girlfriend (now fiancee) – we’ve not spoken in almost two years.

    If someone wants me out of their life, I’ll go. If they explicitly say: “Leave me alone,” I’ll leave. My Aquarius father has this ability to argue and then keep hitting you with words and insults, and all the names he’s called me – I believe them, and I take them like a pillar of stone.

    I am a strong believer in saying what I mean and meaning what I say, and I like to think that the people I surround myself with are the same – so if they tell me I’m not a good person, or I’m this or that or I’m annoying or something – I will believe them, and nurse my wounds in private.

    I have an extreme tolerance for verbal pain.

    The only thing that breaks me down is if, say, I lose several friends in a short time. I lost my Aries for three months. I lost my Aquarius (aforementioned) best friend. I lost my male Leo best friend, because he refused to listen to me when I was highly depressed. Three people gone in the span of…two months. The three people I trusted the most all left me.

    Which goes into my second point: if Capricorns feel rejected while spilling their innermost feelings, like someone they’ve entrusted these deep dark feelings to simply doesn’t care, it’ll hurt them. Deeply. Nothing is worse than realizing someone you love and trust doesn’t give a crap about you. If that’s not rejection, I don’t know what is.

    Scenario: the aforementioned male Leo. I trusted him explicitly: we’d both dealt with depression and all the side effects of it, and anytime he was considering self-harm or had suicidal thoughts, I talked him out of it. He told me several times: “You’re the only person who understands and whom I talk to when I don’t feel like talking to anyone else.” (Not even his Cancer girlfriend, who has no sympathy for what she considers mental and emotional weakness.)

    So here I am, and I’ve spent a year (he’s my Aries’ brother) consoling and comforting him, listening to him rant about every little thing that’s wrong in his life, of which his girlfriend, who’s one of my friends, is a large part.

    I was extremely close to suicide one day. I’ll admit that. And I’m trying to talk to Leo about it, you know, expecting him to talk me down, tell me I’m better than that, he loved me too much to see me hurt myself. The things I told him.

    I’ve literally got the pill bottle in my hand and I’m texting him: “I don’t know what to do, help me, please.” Begging. And I don’t beg. I never beg. But I trusted him so much that I begged for some comfort.

    He would answer my texts half-heartedly, complaining about his issues with his girlfriend, and then not reply for a half hour – and when I did receive a text from him, the message said:

    “Have you heard from [Cancer]?”

    And I thought to myself…”You can’t even get your head out of your girlfriend’s butt long enough to help me when I am freely admitting I need you.”

    Cancer texted me asking what the heck I was doing – and said Leo was saying what a nuisance I was and how I only cared about myself and not him and couldn’t I see he had other things on his mind?

    So not only was he refusing to acknowledge me after the hours I’d spent on his problems, he was spilling my secrets to her.

    Double betrayal: of privacy, and of trust.

    I haven’t spoken to him since.

  30. Oh my goodness. Yes. I just went through something with a Sag. He didn’t say no, but he didn’t say yes. And I’m at a disadvantage especially because of my straightforward Capricorn nature. I need a yes or no now. And the only reason I’m hanging on to this Sag is because they’re forever changing their minds…but it still hurts and I don’t deal well with rejection at all…

    • Sagittarius (I am one) we need a lot of attention from our partners. And when we don’t get it we back off to stop getting hurt

    • Sagittarius (I am one) we need a lot of attention from our partners. And when we don’t get it we back off to stop getting hurt. So flip flopping comes from not sure if the person really likes us

  31. I have a question as to y a capricorn male wld stop callin for 2months n then not call again for 5months n then. say he want to tlk…like what!now he upset.cause i refuse to tlk to him.but too many months hve passed w/no contact…n now u hve so much u want to tlk about cus im rejectin u after nc ignitiated by u…

    • A little less than 4 years late – the same happened to me. Ex hadn’t contacted me for 8 months and when he initiated contact a few days back, I did not respond to him at first – a friend said I should at least hear him out. He didn’t come up with anything constructive. When I’d told him to leave me alone, he threw a tantrum like a 3 year old – I was disgusted. He’s a Capricorn and Saturn dominant. His ego was smashed due to my counter-rejecting him. He seems like a narcissist to me.

  32. I take people SO SERIOUSLY that most of the time I avoid exposing myself… if you don’t come here, looking FOR ME and no one else, and stating it openly, it’s unlikely I’ll reach out to you. Rejection kills me. (Cancer Chiron & rising).

  33. I WISH I was the type to just leave people alone forever once they ghost me. But I have stupid 7th house planets in Cancer. And Cancer DOES NOT LET GO. So I’ll respect your wishes if you’d prefer I fuck off and make that clear, but if you just disappear, I might call a few times until I get the message.

    Family members are more tricky. My family traveled to see relatives, for years, who may not have been as happy to see us. Most of them never bothered to reciprocate. So my parents decided to stop going out to them for awhile and see if they would make an effort. They didn’t. Message received!! Now they only visit family members who want a connection with us.

    • i’m dominant 4th house 🙁 I have Capricorn but I think it’s broken, because my houses (top three) seems to be very strong. I think my problem is, is that I feel a deep soul -wrenching connection that there’s something special, beyond universe to understand why I need to be around a person that may openly reject me in the past; or basically treat me like shit. And I feel its the same now, as I don’t think people can change so easily. we try but the signature is there. while someone who would be “good” for me, and is super nice, I don’t really care to be around but i’ll be nice of course. I just need that soulful, deep otherworldy connection that is beyond understanding. I think it may also be pisces/Neptune 12th house as well in combination to 4th. and 8th. all those watery feels.

    • I do have a cancer sun best girl friend who has pisces moon and it’s super easy for her to “let go” of people she doesn’t like, like her sister in laws or mother in law. who have treated her like shit. or are condescending. So it’s not about letting go, I really do believe it’s something more deeper. She does have Capricorn mars, but I think those watery feels (opposition to earth) just doesn’t let go of soulful connections. she had a hard time letting go of her libra sun/aries moon ex boyfriend. it took forever.

  34. Do they hate me, or a projection of me? Does it matter? Personally, I can be a bit cranky if I don’t have enough sunlight during the year. I guess that’s gonna cause some broken friendships and bad first impressions, sometimes!

    I don’t take rejection that seriously. I do take requests seriously though. Don’t like me? I’ll go fishing somewhere else.

  35. Friends have disappeared from my life but I can’t remember being rejected. They moved on, I moved on. Years later, we sometimes reconnect. It happens. I have Capricorn Mercury in an exact conjunction to Chiron in the 4th house. If you reject or disparage my thoughts or my words it wounds me and you will find it a subject I will never raise with you again. I will still converse with you, but not on that subject. I can have a respectful debate but I can’t bear being shut down.

  36. I leave people alone if they ask me to. I have done it in the past with people I thought were friends. I did with ex BF’s as well. I had a 10 year break with my Dad. He had trouble leaving me alone, so I learned from that. You gotta give people space. No reason to argue. Just accept their decision and move the fuck on.

    My mother did this to me in February. I have not contacted her other than with one text in November, asking her not to wish me merry Christmas on text because it confuses my emotions when she asked me not to call. I don’t like grey zones, it confuses me. Either you are in or you are out. No in betweens.

    She asked me in front of my little sister which still has a bond to her today. Talk about humiliation.

    But I left her alone. I don’t hate her, to some extent I even understand her.

    When people ask you to disappear, you gotta leave them the heck alone, and deal with it in private.

    Mars in Cap and 12th house, square moon in 8th.

  37. Very sensitive to rejection. Working on that with these Cap transits, trying to let go of this and forge a new path with people. It’s hard because life is so gray and I prefer black and white…

    But yes, if you reject me , adios!

  38. I was apparently amputated by a friend 10+ years ago without realizing it – she left to another country and I hadn’t been in contact with her so didn’t know about her move. Then she contacted me out of the blue after a few years. I wish I’d ignored this, as I later learned that she had indeed amputated me.
    I wish she’d told me to f°°k off, I’d have told her the same and the whole thing would be over with.
    As it is, she’s now in contact with me & I wish she’d just have stayed silent on her faraway island.
    I don’t mind the rejection, just don’t come back. Total waste of time.

  39. Forgot to mention the astological part – she is Sun, Mercury, Mars Cap, I’m Leo Sun, Aqua moon, Liba Mars. Her Cap Mars is square my Libra a Mars. She wins, I lose. I run away!

  40. I have a Scorpio Moon, if someone tells me to go away I will honour their wishes.

    When they come back, as they always do, I will either accept them back if they mean that much to me, or shrug.

  41. Not a Cap Sun but have Saturn opposite my Gem Sun. I always used to blame the failure of a relationship on myself and believed I wasn’t worthy of their company. Age 60 has taught me balance in these matters and endings are easier to handle.

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