Capricorn Again… — 14 Comments

  1. I must use a word I never before associated with Capricorn, that is … cunning!… and I mean that in the way of ‘so adorable’ but it obviously works the other way too! More versitile than the ever resilient insects they make movies about, not to mention they can eat anything, even cans (or that is what I have heard anyway).

    No wonder they live practically forever.

  2. I don’t know why, but this picture has me thinking of how little room for error there is when you’re tap dancing along the side of a mountain like this goat. It’s making my stomach clutch!

    And yet, it’s a signature goat (Capricorn) move. Go figure!

  3. Well this picture just became my work computer’s desktop background. I need inspiration and boy does this do it.


  4. It makes my stomach clutch as well! I would freeze with anxiety if it was on my desktop. All I want to know is: did the little goat made it ok??? Midara, what is the story here?!

  5. Hey, I’m a Cap.

    I’ve had this tune in my head for a few weeks, “Falling of the Edge of the Earth” by Neil Young.
    Must be Pluto moving into orb with my natal sun!

    Those interested can listen to it from this link. You have to click on the song title.

  6. Kashmiri, you’re welcome. The whole album is pretty nice.

    I’m so embarassed that I got the name of the song wrong. It’s “Falling off the FACE of the Earth.”
    The face of the earth and the edge of the earth have the same meaning to me, obviously.

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