Cancer, Uranus, Pisces, Death And The 8th House

leukemiaIt’s very strange. I have an inner circle of friends, it’s small. During the time I wrote the cancer diagnosis story two of my inner circle had people in their inner circle diagnosed with cancer. We are all just stunned.

On the Pisces front as I mentioned earlier today if your birthday right about now, you are going to have a slew of planets in one house in your solar return. My friend satori fits the bill and yesterday I asked her where the planets landed in her solar return. I was in the car or I’d have looked myself and she gave me this Pisces answer, “8th or 9th, I’m not sure.”

Today she learned a friend of hers has leukemia. The girl is 19 years old! satori is a mother figure to her and it’s just a devastating shock. Her symptoms were swollen gums and sleeplessness if you can imagine that.

“I think the stellium is in the 8th house,” I said.

One of the regular gals who comment here (((phel))) also learned her father was diagnosed with cancer this week and I think I am going to continue to write about this. It just seems appropriate with Saturn in Virgo transiting my 8th house that I work (Saturn) to communicate (Virgo) what I know about 8th house. And one of the things I know is your time is coming and it is not necessarily far off. All the reason to live as completely as possible.

I was lucky (in my usual unlucky way) in that I found this out when I was very young. Consequently I have lived my life aggressively. And it reminds me of a quote from a movie, the title I can’t remember. But someone is dying. Someone who is not supposed to be dying, someone young.

“I want my death to wake you up…” she says. Um…

This little gal satori knows is married. Everyone said she was too young to get married but satori thought, why not? Why shouldn’t she do what her heart wants to? So now she’s got a husband, he’s young too.

“But they are married,” satori said. “They took this step so they are recognized as a unit and the medical community with have to acknowledge him. If he were a boyfriend, they’d run all over him and go to the family at this age…”

She’s right. I am glad this girl got her husband aren’t you? You’ve just got to live your life that is all there is to it. And I wonder if with Pluto in Capricorn we are not all going to be coming to terms with the reality of death like never before.

What do you think?


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  1. Yeah, God what a bummer. Just found out the soldier is missing his biopsy too, it looks like so we are not going to be clear in the near term.

  2. Seems to me it’s life we need to come to terms with.

    I mean, you’re never as alive as you are when death gets close. And then you have to stand on the grounds of death and look back at your life and either fix it or get okay with it.

    But death? How do you come to terms with something so unknown? All you are coming to terms with is the fact that the known is about to end… but that’s not what death is. It’s just what it heralds.

    One interesting note:

    Sorry, requires a login if you don’t read the Washington Post regularly. This is my favorite advice columnist, talking to someone about… Cancer.

    You almost have to feel bad for the astrological sign. (Does anybody know how the disease got that name?)

  3. How strange, the Satori story, I thought you were someone I knew for a second there. A friend of mine had a young daughter that just died, very soon after her diagnosis of brain cancer. One of our friends at the memorial spoke about how when she got married last summer, at a pretty young age, her Mom, when questioned just said, “Why Not?” And he is an adorable young man who was with her and told her it when it was ok to go, and she did.

    What a great philosospy to live by, Why not?. She had had cancer also as a baby, her brother and dad had already died of the same cancer. So she knew her days were numbered and she lived to the absolute fullest and touched so many people judging by the hundreds there at the service..

    Elsa, I know this might sound strange, but I read somewhere the other day, that avocados have some phyto-chemical or whatever in them that kill pre-cancerous in the mouth. Do you guys eat guac?

  4. Mari – we’ve only been “you guys” for a short time… um, we became “an item” last week in his terms, but yeah. I feed him avocado. And not sure he is pre-cancer but we will eventually find out because this doc sends the specimen to some lab in OK (I think) that does nothing but mouth tissue and they will tell him exactly what it is…

  5. I talked to my friend who is a very powerful healer and magician tonight– “coincidentally” ran into him at the bookstore– and talked about this very thing. Only an hour ago. I ran home to blog about it.

    So many people are dying– cancer is running rampant through our local community. I can’t even remember all the stories from this year alone. There is so much loss and regeneration and quite unfortunately it confirms some visions I had back in January.

    There is also HEALING needing to happen, and I am so frustrated being unable to help my friends because they aren’t “there” due to the Aquarius energy. Or maybe I need to save it up for myself, who knows.

    But I do think it’s Pluto in Capricorn and I think we all need to keep our awareness on. And like you said, live in the moment. Absolutely. Take nothing for granted and love your people as well as you can.

    Elsa, I’ll send good thoughts the soldier’s way.

  6. ewinbee, I read the article, no password required. Yes she is addressing some of the practical aspects of departing. How sad that the writer feels no one can be sraight and human with her about her “impending” death.

    Speaking of which, just a practicality, everyone that has an estate, would be well off to have a will done up (this includes me, I’m getting around to it!), it’s pretty cheap to do one, because otherwise, your next of kin/loved ones will be cut short, and the state will be way too involved for way too much money for way too long.

    I had an email forwarded to me today (by a sister) from another sister who is going through a hard time (divorced, lost home, debt, court felony hearings??? I think she was stalking, traffic court problems may lose license yadda yadda…) and she spoke several times about not wanting to live anymore (she often pulls this suicide card out) and how her family should have a fund raiser for her.

    And I’m thinking, how can I be so cold? But I’m just like, well, you got a settlement, you brought all this on, you saw this coming, you nagged the poor guy to death, you mortgaged you home to go on vacations to Mexico, you never set yourself up with any sort of career, sabotage, sabotage, and now you are totally playing the victim…

    How can I help someone who so pushes my buttons, who has always been night to my day (beam).

    I promise myself, I WILL take the higher road and call her or write to her, oh how can I not be fake? I mean it’s possible that she may do the evil deed, as our father did. How can I be so cold and uncaring? I’ve been working on opening up my heart (love) chakra for a while..

  7. My father was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago and has had surgery. He doesn’t know it was cancer, thinks it was something benign, but he is going to have to know, as he will have to do chemo …sigh
    He was shocked anyway, he had been strong and healthy and never imagined his health could deteriorate so suddenly.

  8. Wow. I’ve lost two loved ones to cancer. It does seem like there’s a lot more of it going around lately, doesn’t it?

    I’m confused about solar returns. My birthday is on the tenth. What is a solar return?

  9. Maddalena I hope your Dad does okay. My thoughts are with you both!
    And satori, many good-well vibes for your friend, too 🙁

    It’s true what you write, Elsa. Sickness (or possibility of sickness) is a much different experience when you’re supported by someone who loves you.

  10. Amethyst – the solar return refers to the sun (solar) returning to where it was on the day you were born. It occurs each year on your birthday or sometimes the day before or day after.

    A solar return chart is a chart of this moment in time and can be interpreted. You can google solar return and get gobs of info. 🙂

  11. Mari- I feel your warmth and caring. Your work on your heart chakra must be working. But I think that your heart has always been strong.

    I am sorry your sister is making you jump through emotional hoops. I have had some similar experience and I do feel for you.

    I hope that you have a great day!

  12. Wow this a powerful post and loved it. So glad the taboo is never taboo here. Wishing everyone here who are going through the this experience all sorts of kindness and love.

    Im glad that Pluto in Capricorn may cause the collective to face the reality of death. I have a packed 8th house so I like talking about death daily anyway but more so last year when I was faced with death and had to have major heart surgry (Saturn was tranisting my 6th house in Leo! cant get more litereal than that) And like you said in previous post Elsa when tough stuff like that happens you realise some people start to drop off and disapper. So heres hoping Pluto helps the collective even more to recongise and face death because I cant imagine anything worse for these people let alone not being able talk about it and go through the heavy with majority shying away. They need all they support they can get.

    So glad that girl got herself a husband! Go her!

    Just this monday my mum had biopsy to see if she has skin cancer. Something must be in the water.

  13. How awful, all of this…
    I had Saturn in the 8th too on my Solar Return this year, in December.

    I only wish things get better for everyone.

  14. Thanks Randamandar,
    I’m not sure I made my point, which was that in the face of all these people that are having real tragedies with deaths of loved ones and friends, I just find it hard to have sympathy for this type of self centered behavior. And I’m not totally selfish, I did give her some tools to work with that I thought would help empower her. You can only lead a horse to water….

  15. in the sixth, lighting up my moon (lots going on and shuffling about and changing with work.) and in sextile with my sun/south node in the eighth house.

    it’s friends’ parents. not my own inner circle.
    as far as i know. yet.

    i found out in december my great aunt has cancer. so a bit earlier. close to the second mars/pluto opposition. she’s trying to treat it alternatively. i’m not sure how well that’s going.

  16. (so it’s hitting the eighth house too, and there’s some weird stuff going on in there, not in the death but in the shared world element. things stirring up and baffling.)

  17. My cousin’s birthday was Tuesday, a friend of mine’s birthday was yesterday, and my shrink AND my mom’s psuedo-boyfriend (don’t ask) have birthdays today. Looking at solar returns today, I was downright freaked.

  18. Hi Mari- I am not sure if I read between the lines or not but I did understand your point. I do not have a high tolerance for the self centred behaviour you have described.

  19. Mari… if I were you (and I’m not, but hey, it’s a turn of phrase), I would put a mask on this person who is driving you nutty. And I’d write on that mask (mentally), “other human being”.

    And then I’d just say, “other human being” is having a hard time. How do I respond to “other human being”? Obviously, the same way you’d respond to just about any other human being. Just don’t worry about what she does or doesn’t deserve… who are you as a person, and how does the person you are treat people in this situation? No fakeness required, but maybe a bit of distance. Which sounds like it might be good anyhow.

    When confronted by this kind of thing, what I think is, no matter how selfish that behavior is, none of it is the behavior of a happy person. And I can pity her as an unhappy person even if not as a good one.

    Some people say you have to let people like that fall for their own good, but I’ve never known people like that to be good at learning lessons…

  20. ewinbee, thank you for that perspective. Very telling that I might treat a stranger kinder than my own kin. Obviously, I’m seeing some shadows I don’t really like. Not to mention I cower from Energy Vampires. But you have inspired me to get out of my past and try to come from a place of a higher perspective of compassion and awareness. Guess it’s time to cash all those lessons in…

  21. I am sorry but this brings up a touchy subject for me. I feel sad at the cancer diagnoses. I’ve struggled through close friends and family dealing with the same. It’s never easy to watch, to be around, to deal with.

    But, I have a friend. A dear friend, who has struggled through two close family members having cancer. Both have recovered. As much as recover can be used. So she, just this week, sends out a request for money because she’s doing a cancer walk.

    I get so frustrated that when cancer “cures” are discussed it is a money based solution. There is enough research out there that says that smoking increases risk of cancer, eating unhealthy increases your risk of cancer, exposure to toxic soup increases your risk of cancer.

    And yet, these same groups don’t bother advocating the reduction of chemical use in our world or advocate health BEFORE you get cancer. It’s all focused on some type of treatment or vaccine to deal with things AFTER the fact.

    I know, this does not apply to all cancers. I know that there are some that are genetically caused almost exclusively – but those are a very very small percentage of the cancers out there.

    I just get so frustrated that we want to continue a nasty lifestyle and look for money and a magic bullet when it hits someone close to us, but aren’t willing to make changes to PREVENT it in the first place. argh.

    Sorry. I just see us hurting ourselves more and more by not dealing with the causative factors at the same time as looking for better treatments.


  22. Yes!mudlikes…you must have the Activist Archectype, Totally, it’s about everyone taking responsibility for their own choices and how far reaching each choice we make travels…

    But don’t give up hope.., there is hope…

  23. Yes, I probably do have that whole activist thing.

    I will say, in my defense, that usually, my methods go something along the lines of “hey Robin want to take a bike repair class with me? my goal this year is to bike everywhere that doesn’t involve hauling heavy things so I get healthier” “hey, wanna come over and iron your plastic bags and sew them into something new and durable” “hey, want to eat something from my garden?”

    Usually, it’s me experiementing with and trying something for myself and I try to involve my friends and family in my “experiments” Usually because it’s just crazy enough to be fun.

    And I definitely inherited it from my parents – who started a coop and built their own passive solar house. yada yada.

  24. dear mudlie

    i admire your ability to experiment with the unusaul. i can’t say as i have ever ironed plastic bags before.

  25. Cool, Mudlikesubs, you may have found your calling. I think the earth will need all kinds of new ideas to help it survive as Pluto moves through Cap/earth and shakes it all up.

    PS, I put a rack and panniers on my bike and I can carry some pretty good loads. smile

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