Workshop For Beginners: “Hidden Gem” Cancer Rising, Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon

Today’s Key Topic: Aspects between the Sun and Moon.

The Sun represents our expression of self and the Moon represents our emotional needs. So, what happens when these two parts of ourselves are in aspect?

Sun conjunct Moon – New Moon Baby. This is another one of those “What you see is what you get” configurations. The emotional needs are met through the expression of the self.

Sun Trine or Sextile Moon – This person needs harmonious interactions and is not likely to rock the boat.

Sun Square Moon – This person prefers not only a rockin’ boat, but a tsunami to go with it. This can manifest as an exciting restless seeker type if they are aware of this energy or a victim of drama if they are still in the dark about themselves.

Sun Opposite Moon. These are the Full Moon Babies, HOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL!!!!! These people have high energy and need dynamic interactions. Watch out for a tendency to project.

Pop Quiz – What is the aspect between the Sun and Moon in Today’s chart? Considering the Signs and Houses, what are some possible ways this could play out for this person?


Chart 8 for WorkshopASC – 23 degrees Cancer
Moon Baby! The chart ruler here is the moon, giving a glowing, luminescent undercurrent to the whole chart. Cancer rising’s look good when wet. The men often have that slicked back hair style. The women look good in a low neck line or a tight sweater 😉 Regardless of gender, these people are advocates for women.

The Sun – Virgo in the 3rd House
Virgo is in the little things. These people enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and value every part of the process equally, no step is insignificant. Virgo prefers to let her work speak for itself and will tend to stay behind the scenes. In the third house adds extra mercurial power. I would expect this person to have nimble fingers.

The Moon – Gemini in the 11th House
Another Gemini Moon! This workshop was just too shiny to pass up, huh? Or was it you’re just a quicker draw than everyone else? This moon needs to talk it. It the 11th gives lots of friends to talk it all out with. But do notice how close to the 12th house cusp. This energy is going to bleed over making you collect some of those friends on the fringes. Do you like to chat with homeless people?

Can you Guess who else has this combination of Cancer rising, Virgo Sun and Gemini Moon?

James GalanosAmerican fashion designer James Galanos. Known for his high quality gowns, detailed craftsmanship and extensive use of fine bead-work.

I’m including two videos today for his Gemini Moon. Here’s his Virgo side talking about the Couture Process (Around 6:29 if you’re impatient). And here’s an interview in his home with his Cancer side.

And from Satori…

With Jupiter conjunct the Cancer ascendent we expect a bigger presence. Jupiter rising is expansive, philosphical and generous. Big breasts? Perhaps. Kidding. Perhaps. As Uranus is also conjunct we can expect a bit of the quirk as well, electric and innovative.

The Sun in Virgo is in a challenging square with the Gemini Moon. The earthy ego, however, is in Gemini’s house, the third, providing more agreement than might otherwise be expected. The Sun sextiles the Cancer ascendent, an opportunity to utilize that energy as well as that of Jupiter and Uranus conjuncting. That’s a pretty gregarious rising for a Cancer placement and Virgo is well-equipped to integrate and make use of it.

The airy Moon trines watery Neptune in the air sign Libra. The Moon itself is in house 12, Neptune’s house. The Moon in the twelfth is not an easy placement. It’s obscured there. However, with Neptune in an aspect of ease this needn’t be painful. With Moon Neptune you’ve got beautiful dreams, divine longing. A need to escape can be fed through music or spirituality. That square to the Virgo Sun could ground this propensity into something that can be communicated outwardly.

In this chart are many placements between 21 and 26 degrees. These include the sun, moon and rising, as well as the other angles, Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. Taken in total each of these energies aspects all the others in some way. That is significant to note. Any time a transiting planet hits those degrees this chart is affected profoundly.

Now Dixie…

Nine of CupsYour Cancer rising leads you to wear your emotions like accessories. Good thing they’re pretty! With your Mercurial sun and moon energy, you are another whose thoughts very much lead your emotions. This is a blessing, because you direct what you need for contentment. If you’re not happy, it’s normally going to be because you’ve (quite logically) decided not to be. You can always talk out problems with a friend, of course, because it’s a big help for you. Affirmations and chant-based meditations are also especially powerful for you, so consider utilizing some form of “beautiful words” whenever you’d like to lift your perspective.

How do you think the energy of this sun, moon, and rising together might manifest? Do you have any similar placements or know someone who does? Why do you think we had so many Gemini moons charts in this workshop, anyway? Questions, comments, observations, now’s a good time to jump in. We’ve just got a couple of charts left, so better participate if you’re going to. It’s your workshop–have fun!


Workshop For Beginners: “Hidden Gem” Cancer Rising, Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon — 9 Comments

  1. hi nota,

    rockin’ the squares is the right word. i remember exactly where i was when i heard that lennon was dead. throw in columbus day (i don’t remember where i was that day) and these are historical moments.

    just a couple more charts? say it ain’t so!
    have really enjoyed this workshop, and learned so much. hope there’s another project in the works.

  2. ThankYou Elsa P., Lupa, Satori, Dixie !!!

    This is Great i wish i have enough time to understand everything but it is Great !!!

    Blessings !!!

  3. WOW, that’s my chart. you guys are really, really good. Nota, i don’t rock the boat your right,at least I try not too. and I guess it was just to shiny to pass up. I read elsa elsa every day and I am fast with my hands(not as fast as my brain though)maybe all of us Gemini moons were on line at the same time that day!I really wanted to learn more about charts, And felt this would be great way learn.I feel so lost sometimes. I find the more I learn the less I know. I am in awe of you ladies. Oh Satori I do have big breasts, I was laughing so hard over that line. I do talk to homeless people. I talk to everyone! and Dixie OMG do you read minds? no matter how small they are LOL. it was me (I don’t know about the pretty thing though) I hate to see this workshop end. I don’t post much at all but I read everything. Thank you so very much Elsa, Nota Satori,and Dixi!! This has been so much fun! cookie

  4. Possibility that this person has had more than one nurturing influence? Or an unusual nuturing arrangement (such as foster care) or one that is in conflict with the birth mother?

  5. This is quite interesting for a Virgo sun, sag moon, cap rising! Moon conn Neptune too! Cookiebox, we’ve got similar but mirrored charts!

  6. my 15 yr old daughter has 3* Cancer Sun in 7th house (concerned with others over self), Gemini moon between Venus and Mercury ( very musical with a quirky humor, high giggle) and Capricorn rising (pluto transiting)I feared the Pluto transit would be overwhelming but she has gotten stronger. She is very tall and has learned to buff, polish and paint on her mask and mane to project the image that she feels is necessary. She almost dropped an AP class until she realized that she had a reputation to uphold by staying in it.

  7. Oh wow, my chart is very similar ascendant and rising sign wise.
    What’s with the release point of the t-square sitting right on the north node? Does that mean you find relief from your inner tensions by being nurturing to the unfortunate?

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