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sagittarius poker chipI’m happy to report, my surgery is done. I think it went exceptionally well.  I still on the pain meds so this might be affecting my judgement. I can feel where the tube was shoved down my throat and I’m told the pain will hit tomorrow. I just don’t think it will be that bad. I truly feel this I’ve hit a turning point, even though they told my husband I would probably need more surgery. This was not unexpected!

My main nurse has cancer. This was her first week back after six months off. You’d never know it. She’s a Virgo with Jupiter conjunct her Sun. She’s got a Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Pisces. Sounds a lot like the T-square we’re dealing with right now, huh? She was cracking jokes and calling her peers, “slackers”.  She was a great example of a positive way to use this energy.

Her fellow nurses kept coming in the room. “They’re checking on me,” she said.  “They want to make sure I’m okay.”

She was beyond, “okay”.  I would have never guessed in a million years, she’d been through chemo and in fact, was still taking it. She showed me the port in her chest. But her performance as a nurse was impeccable. Mercury in Libra, on top of her competence, she was nice.

“What kind of cancer did you have?” I asked. “Is it impolite to ask?”

“No, honey. You can ask…” Breast cancer that metastasized to to her bones.

She said she doesn’t worry about anything. I thought her hair was just cut short but it’s actually growing back from chemo. Her tag had a picture of her, with hair. It was just amazing to have this person buzzing around and I assimilated what she was telling me, the best I could having missed my morning coffee.

“They call you, Amazing Grace, don’t they?” I asked.  Her name was on her tag, Grace.

“Yes they do,” she said. “They do call me that.”She then told me about a patient she had, “She was a pistol. Told me she was glad I wasn’t going to be there when she woke up.  She didn’t weigh but eighty pounds.  She said that to me, so I had my picture printed up, big picture of my face, and I stuck on the wall in the recovering room so I would be there when she woke up,” she said, grinning. “She laughed and laughed. I said, I told you I was gonna get ya!” Grace is sixty years old.

I thought this was a great example of this t-square in action. The helper is back (Mercury rx). She’s sharp (Mars), smart (Virgo), funny (Sagittarius) and caring (Neptune).  She also put things in perspective. Missing your morning coffee is not bone cancer, is it?

How is your day going?


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  1. HOOOOraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! carry on, better, higher, stronger, and with Joy. We need you, AND more Amazing Graces on this planet, alot longer.


    • Thank you! I am not suffering! Not since they killed the nerve in my neck anyway.

      They did tell my husband another surgery was likely (the doc did not talk to me). But there is nothing life-threatening or horribly painful *and* I can walk, normally now, put my feet on the ground and move with confidence.

      I’ve also gotten to know the local docs and how things work around here. It’s been like a loooonnnngg trial, but end of the tunnel is *right there*. I think it’s a transit and the transit is passing / nearly passed. 🙂

      • What’s Pluto doing to you again? 🙂
        With Pluto backing up to within 5 seconds of my moon next week, I’m whistling in the dark. Of course you’re not suffering! Just another tricky day. 🙂

        • It’s just life. This post proves it. You’re going along and one gal gets cancer, the other gets…lucky?

          I mean, bad and good things happen. I got an angel nurse today. I got a doctor who’s going to get the job done.

          I stopped at a gal’s yard sale on Saturday, which turned out to be a sort of home-based antique / collectible shop. This cat kept trying to come inside, she kept shooing it out. Black cat. It was not hers and she did not want it in her shop. This was a old gal.

          She then told me her son fed the cat yesterday (Friday). She was going to call him to help her / come get it, but his best friend died, Friday night. He had some kind of 4-wheeling accident.

          She also said, the Lord blesses him because he was going to go with his friend but did not. And what do you say to something like this?

          Life is happening all around us, all the time. This just seems to a great opportunity to figure things out, deeply.

          • Ha! Thank you. I’m used to it, nearly killed me two years ago but this is his last chance at me and yeah, I’ve gone deep. First Pluto opposed the 11 Cancer sun, then conjuncted the 14 Cap moon. If I survive this last bit I hope he’ll make me a philanthropist going forward!

            Best to you too.

          • (Moon/Pluto conjunction within 5 seconds here) Sometimes it IS hard to speak. lol! So, go with it, Splat. At least you don’t have to live with it foreeeeevvvver. 🙂

  2. Great news Elsa! Cancer changes you, Grace certainly sounds Amazing. Inspiring to all to adopt a positive attitude when cancer affects your life. My son has started to recover from his infections – we’re still in isolation but chemo could continue soon. ?

  3. Thanks, everyone. I’m feeling really good. No problems.

    See the doc in a week for a check, test results and recommendations. This could not have gone any smoother. I going to pick up my car this morning. 🙂

  4. Welcome back Elsa, and I am really happy for the absence of your pain (until now) 🙂
    I hope this works out even better than you thought or expected.
    Take care, Amazing Elsa!

  5. I woke up feeling really good. Apparently, I am not going to have the agonizing gas pains that some suffer after lap surgery. I have not needed pain medication at all, so I cleared opened up my consulting calandar, I’m ready to go!

  6. Great news! Finally, after all this time. Glad to read this.
    And yes, missing morning coffee is not bone cancer. Went to see a buddy in hospital this morning. Psychologically he is doing fine, he knows what to expect and is ready for it. It’s amazing and uplifting to see people with such an outlook.

  7. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well! And the nurse sounds like many strong, terrific women I have been meeting since being diagnosed with breast cancer this summer (as Pluto entered my house of health).

    Best wishes to you.

  8. Welcome back! So glad to learn you fared well with your surgery, Elsa! And what a wonderfully, positive experience courtesy of a positive nurse to see you through your procedure. (Positive? Jupiter conjunct Sun, Moon in Sagittarius? I’ll say!)

    I’m also glad you are free of the pain you’ve suffered for so long. May your healing go as smoothly as your surgery.

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