Can Watching Transits To Your Natal Chart Help?

planets wheelWe’ve got another huge day of moving today. Our storage unit is empty, the contents loaded in a moving truck. The key has been returned.  Today, will fill the rest of the truck with what’s left in the rental house. We’ll have to unload and return the truck, most likely on Sunday.

Then I’ll have to go back and clean the rental house, return the keys and settle with the landlord. Monday?

Tuesday, I’m going with my neighbor and his cousin and his truck and his trailer, to pick up the bedroom furniture I bought (Crazy Grace).

Once that’s done, we’ll have a pile of stuff in the garage to be sorted and put away…and lots of dirty clothes! Some of our stuff has been packed for a year!

We also have a house guest coming at the end of the month..and living room furniture and a kitchen dining table, ordered in early May. Not sure when it will be here. I’ve had so many things to do, there’s no time to ask.

I’ve been chocking all this upheaval up to the Uranus Pluto transit, but hey!  That’s passed.  I have definitely been transformed (Pluto) and liberated (Uranus). I realized I should check my transits!

I pulled up a transit report, it was very helpful. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

I have transits to my Moon, of course.  But also to Mars (effort) and Venus (buying stuff). I was able to see on paper, what’s going on and more importantly, that it will not be going on forever. It was reassuring.

It helps to place yourself on some kind of map for scale. Particularly if you are in some rough water. You can take your transit report and literally tick off the transits as they pass.  Mark your progress see?

If you’ve never bought one of my transit reports, I would seriously consider it. The price is so low and the benefits are enormous. Learn more here – Deluxe Transit Report. The report covers and entire year!



Can Watching Transits To Your Natal Chart Help? — 7 Comments

  1. I buy one of your transit reports every year. I don’t know how I would be able to keep up with my transits otherwise, since I’m so very distracted. They ARE immensely helpful.

  2. Mine have a way of making themselves known. When I look at exacting stuff, I get confused. I blame it on jupiter conj my sun in virgo. I really do suck at detail when it comes to astrology. I just am unable to hear the facts and get it.

  3. Logged 100 miles today and counting. However, the truck is unloaded. There’s just a few odds and ends in the rental house, for a final clean. We have to return the truck…and I will be putting stuff away for weeks…however we’re here!! 🙂

  4. Great to hear the moving part is over.
    Husband helped his nephew move today. One of the honors of owning a pickup truck.

  5. Congrats Elsa!!!!

    That is my most favorite time. I just make my bed and get some rest and then start sorting from there in the morning :). Though I have had to stay in a ‘new house’ (new to us anyway) in a new place, by myself more than a few times. It got easier when I had kids to stay with me 🙂

    It all looks beautiful from the pics and my warmest wishes on your new place 🙂

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