Can A Planet In A Chart Be Stronger Than The Sun Sign?

Hi, Elsa.

Can another natal planet sign overwhelm your sun sign? Double Virgo with Venus in Scorpio. We all know how powerful Scorpios are. My sister and brother are Virgo but do not have the Venus in Scorpio. Needless to say I’m intense and passionate. A Scorpio friend recently commented that I think feel and act like a Scorpio.

Double Virgo

Hi, Virgo. I don’t think that a planet can overwhelm the sun sign. I also don’t think the sun sign can overwhelm a planet. You are a Virgo, and it’s proven by your simple note.

Are you not curious? Are you not trying to figure something out? This is classic Mercurial behavior.

This does not mean that you lack passion. There are passionate Virgos, boring Virgos, brave and/or cowardly Virgos, lazy Virgos, amped up Virgos, happy and sad Virgos, but they are still Virgos.

As for what you or your friend are seeing, there a number of things that could create a scenario like that. For example, if you have Pluto conjunct your Sun and Moon in Virgo, you are definitely going to be a Virgo with some depth…but still a Virgo! 

You shine as a Virgo, even if you love (Venus) like a Scorpio. Having both lights in the sign, you’d be well advised to get in touch with this side of yourself. Excluding intensity is secondary to helping people in life, as un-sexy as that may sound.

Good luck!

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Can A Planet In A Chart Be Stronger Than The Sun Sign? — 4 Comments

  1. I used to get hung up about this one. But once I started looking at my chart as a whole and studying it I fell in love with my entire chart.

    From one Virgo with tons of Scorpio to another: examine your whole chart, look at your rising sign, your mars, your moon. Even the most challenging aspects offer an interesting punch to your character and your person. And face the music; YOU’RE A VIRGO!

    The great thing about astrology is that there are so many complexities in one individual that just cuz your sun is Virgo does not mean we are “boring” people. Saturn, moon conjunct Pluto within 3 degrees all in Scorpio with a Pisces rising sun and mercury conjunct Virgo; quit wit, dark humor led chameleon; I couldn’t make myself more interesting if I tried. Such could be said of the next person and so on!


  2. Well, you can look at astrology as a metaphysical soup. Your sun is your broth and main “core” flavor while your inner planets (Venus/Mars/Mercury) are there to spice it up and the outer planets give it more meat in terms of depth and substance. Aspects and house placement determine the complexity and dimensions of the flavor.

    No two soups are the same. Your broth may be chicken but you can be a wonton soup, chicken noodle, white chili, vegetable, tom kha khai, etc. There’s trillions of variations.

    Just like your Virgo. Your Virgo is a little clad in leather and intense and more Scorpion-flavored. But it’s still Virgo at the core. Own it! Virgos are awesome. ?

  3. Usually when somebody says “I’m a …, but I’m not like a …, I’m more like …”, then the suspected sign is the rising sign. But the question came from a double Virgo?

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