Busting Out Under The New Moon In Aries!

garden 2019Today’s new moon in Aries opposes my natal Mars. I’ve been hopped up all week!  I really like the fiery moon, trining Jupiter in Sagittarius.

As for a new beginning, check out my wide open (Jupiter) garden space. I’ll be planting seeds today!

What have you got going under the fiery new moon?



Busting Out Under The New Moon In Aries! — 10 Comments

  1. wow, that’s a lot of work! Your planting early? Old wives tale is plant right after Easter. I don’t envy the hard work, but will envy all the good food you will get from your garden. Enjoy!

    • I just planted radish, lettuce and such. Cool weather stuff.

      I also put fertilizer stick all around the fruit trees and worked on weeding the flower garden. 🙂

  2. It’s been kind of a stressful work week. But I woke up feeling refreshed this morning. Big to-do list to tackle, once I get home. I’m ready.

  3. From the campground where bunnies reign, we took ourselves to the city to fire up the Aries Moon in us. We needed to hear from a young Black poet this line: “My body is an argument I did not start.” What an affect it’s having on my intention to say what I mean, and don’t back down!

  4. Hoping workman’s comp approves my L4/L5 lumbar fusion that will be a 5 hour surgery. Right now it’s bone on bone and the L4 has slipped over the L5. Glad they agreed to a 2nd more extensive MRI in March. Got a GREAT surgeon who is a devout Roman Catholic. 3 years of excruitating pain since 4/28/16. Time to move on and take care of this. I called my case manager at workman’s comp and he said it should be fine but I’m not counting my ducks yet as it has been one thing after another since my birthday. TOUGH YEAR! I want to be able to garden again with NO pain!

      • I know Elsa, I know. You inspire me. The surgeon said I could continue like I am. I will not end up paralyzed or in a wheelchair. Your sharing about your replacement and needing another keeps me going and brave. (((Elsa)))

  5. My back’s been out of commission which means I was unable to work which means no pay.

    But this too will pass and life will go on (one way or another).

    In the meantime, today I had an awesome day, regardless of my back and my fears for the coming week (the injury is due to repetitive strain in my work).

  6. I’ve had a headache in my left temple for about two or three days. Wondering if the new moon set it off. Tylenol doesn’t really get rid of it.

  7. Aaaand the headaches continue. Tylenol takes the edge off, that’s it. I’m graduating to Excedrin Migraine and may call up my doctor this week because I’m tired of feeling like someone’s tapping my head with a hammer.
    Somehow I’m still managing to get things done at home and function like normal at work. The pressure to do so feels relentless under the Aries Sun and Sagittarius Jupiter. GO GO GO!!!

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