Heartbroken Man: Venus and Neptune in the 12th House

sagittarius poker chip vintageDear Elsa,

I just came out of a horrible breakup with this girl. We had been together for 3 years and she broke up with me.

I tried my level best to get her back – but she has become really cold, and says that she doesn’t care for me. Please help me. I really want to get back with her. It has been almost 5 months now in hell for me…

Will she come back?


Dear Ex,
I’m very sorry. I appreciate how much you are hurting, and I know you won’t like this. But I think you should let her go and focus on the future. I’d tell you otherwise if I thought there was a hope in hell – but you said yourself, you’ve done your level best, so I ask you, what else can you do?

Well there is nothing I can think of, so you’ve got to move on. And obviously this will be a struggle, but I will try to help.

First, you’ve got to quit feeding her memory. With Venus and Neptune in the 12th house, you have a rich imagination. You have tremendous ability to fantasize and I am sure you are spending lots of time dreaming her into a goddess.

I do not doubt she had some terrific qualities, and you loved her. But she has also very plainly told you (and shown you), she is not interested. So how does that fit in your fantasy image of who this woman is? It doesn’t.

I wish there were a gentler way to say this, but you simply have to allow reality to seep in. Once you do, this will all break open for you. Know why? Because you’ll have your energy back.

Right now you’re spending all kinds of time and energy infusing her memory with that rich imagination of yours, which is a gift by the way. And when you stop investing in this hologram, what will you do instead? The answer is anything you want.

And I have one other idea. You have a lot of Sagittarius. You’re full of faith and you’re a story teller. So how about you tell yourself a new story about this situation.

“Once upon a time I knew a princess. I loved her and she loved me, but then something happened. She left me, which seemed it was a big mistake. Understanding things always work out in the end, I decided to continue on my journey alone, knowing if we were meant to be together, we would meet a little further down the road…”

Good luck.


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