Britney Spears: Pluto In Sagittarius and the Shadow Side Of Publishing

I just want to say that I feel it’s a modern day stoning when it comes to this girl. Has everyone forgotten it’s not nice to hit people when they’re down? What does this public want? To drive her to suicide? Death by press?

Personally, I will be glad to see Jupiter hit Capricorn. You can see why Capricorn follows Sagittarius. Things just keep getting bigger and bigger with no restraint.

I am tired of big mouths making their money on the backs of these young girls. Responsibility (Capricorn) in publishing (Jupiter) coming soon, I hope.

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Britney Spears: Pluto In Sagittarius and the Shadow Side Of Publishing — 23 Comments

  1. they blew her up too big and now they can’t wait to tear her down. it’s all sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll (so to speak.)
    the media has little spine nor sense of responsibility.
    it seems. i can hope it would change, but i’m not expecting it.

  2. It’s going into her solar 2nd house so maybe she’ll find more legitimately based self-esteem and not expose herself to this ****.

  3. Really, I just wish the girl would take a few years off, get out of the spotlight, and get her head straight. It’s just SAD what she’s doing to herself, the shit she’s exposing herself to… Honestly, her performance was crap. But all this blithering about her being fat… ? WTF?? She’s had two kids!! I could only dream of looking that good after 2 kids!! She just needs someone else picking her outfits and styling her hair. Then she’ll look just fine.

    But seriously… The woman needs a real vacation.

  4. Aw damn, Elsa, THANKS for finally saying that. It is a modern day stoning — it’s a witch hunt. From Paris to Brittney to Lindsay, it’s like the friggin’ Scarlet Letter. It’s the worse kind of American self-righteousness and puritanism. And few seem to realize that this kind of vulture-like moralism that we’ve unleashed on these messed-up girls is just the flip side of the moral vapidity that put these girls in teh spotlight to begin with. Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Pisses me off.


  5. I watched that telecast with disgust. Not with Britney, though. Where were her friends? Her family? Who in the world thought this was a good idea? I adore the new single, but it was clear that she was just going through the paces, and the nastiness that Sarah Silverman followed her with…gods, I would be distracted, too!! And if I hear one more comment about her being ‘fat’! Yes, she was softer than she’s ever been. Yes, someone else should’ve convinced her not to go out in that outfit, but dammit, she looked hot for a mother of two. I feel for her. The media needs to get off her ass.

  6. Initially I was very disappointed in her. Britney is an amazing performer, and to see her stumble around stage like she did was so painful to watch. But there are a lot of rumors swirling around that Mtv basically fed her to the lions for a buck. To be honest that’s not too hard to believe. Kanye West came to her defense as well on a radio station here in NYC.

    I feel for Britney, I know she’s a force to reckon with when she’s on form, but she does seem to be spiraling out of control for quite a while. Hopefully when Pluto moves away from Sag and into Capricorn she’ll finally get some stability.

    Here’s a link to that interview:

    I was thinking about these events astrologically, but is it possible that Saturn in Virgo may be at play here? As we move away from the grandeur of Leo and into Virgo’s collectiveness maybe this is the beginning of the end of artist exploitation… maybe artist will rally together and say: Hey, we’re people too, you can’t play with our mental& emotional health anymore.

  7. I remember when all the media care about was whether or not Britney Spears was a virgin. She’s been her family’s meal ticket since she was about 11 years old, so I’m guessing she’ trying desperately to do things her way.

    Speaking of meal tickets, I am reading Alice Miller’s The Untouched Key, reading about Buster Keaton who was abused in the name of ‘entertainment.’ Fascinating read albeit depressing.

  8. MTV was fully aware of what they were doing. She was a tool in their plan to attract ratings. MTV knew that she would bomb and they publicized her opening up the VMAs to the max. People tuned in to watch an incredible comeback or to confirm their own pessimistic beliefs. MTV got their ratings and don’t care that Britney Spears is still currently being laughed at by America and probably the entire world. Sarah Silverman, a typical Sagittarius, just couldn’t wait to get up there and verbally mistreat Britney. I hope she gets herself together soon.

  9. I am so ready for Jupiter to migrate to Capricorn too. gaaahhh, so tired of Sagittarius excess every time I turn around. If it isn’t poor Britney (who I view as a sad child with too much money & way too much publicity) it’s other sports figures & celebrities making a**s of themselves in a public venue. Maybe the shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn by both Jupiter & Pluto will start to bring an element of restraint in . . .

  10. Her north node is in Cancer,south of course in Cap.What I see with her is the ease of clinging to our dragon’s tail,that is until you realize how hard it is.She needs to slow down,step off that treadmill she was put on when she was a kid and do Cancer.Be a mom,have a home,some roots.Give her kids the childhood she was robbed of.

  11. I agree, I feel so bad for her, she’s just a human being like the rest of us, I don’t know why she’s held to such a higher standard. I hope she finds her way.

  12. I know these girls really want all of the attention they get, even though sometimes it’s really negative, but what I want to know is why are we giving it to them? Why can’t we just ignore them? I know it’s the media that keeps shoving it in my face when I’m just looking for information on something important. I think our media is out of control. Remember when MSNBC plastered their whole front page with the face of the gunman who killed all of those people at Virginia Tech? They only care about the money they make.

  13. Personally I’m really interested in almost anyone’s chart. Celebrities are great working examples for amateur astrologers (and professionals, of course). Thanks for the info on SN/NN, asanamama. Spot on.

  14. I don’t admire her or like her music, but I do feel bad for her. It’s bad enough going through tough times without all the publicity hell. Of course, she courts it, but I don’t think she knows anything else, she’s been a tool for so long…

  15. I just wish that whoever took responsibility for her as a tiny little girl just stepping onto the MMC would take some vital actions now. She’s much too sweet to be dealing with all this madness going on and she has no concept of what a real life is. ~Thanks, Elsa, for publishing this article. That girl is way too intelligent to be puppeted around at her worst hours.

  16. Somtimes we don’t know who we are even though we may be smart, rich, pretty or popular. There can still be inense pain in trying to figure all this out. I can’t imagine why she doesn’t get out now, she is a millionair already! But who knows, i have lots of sag, and with transiting pluto, it has been no merry-go-round. I feel bad for her, but maybe it is just time to call it over.

  17. I remember this transit. I remember not wanting to pay too much attention to her and being like, whoo, that’s tough.

    Why was this time so rough and dramatic for her? Was she having multiple Pluto transits? Do other people take it as hard and do things as extreme?

  18. Britney Spears did admit in a documentary that a part of her rebellious nature led to her breakdown, so she was honest about her imperfections. It’s partly because she’s bipolar, but also partly her wild nature. She is an Aquarius Moon, plus Sun conjunct Uranus person. Rebellion is a part of her nature.

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