Break The Algorithm

cryptoI keep hearing this phrase, “break the algorithm”.  It’s interesting from an astrological perspective.

I think algorithms (online) were used to benefit people, early on.  I believe they helped you find the content you were searching for.

These detached entities (Uranus), algorithms, are now used to block and control (Saturn) people as a matter of routine.

With our independence (Uranus) blocked (Saturn), humanity has to innovate in order to be liberated and reach a goal.  This problem is described by Saturn squaring Uranus!

There are the search algorithms, facebook, twitter, etc. But there are also algorithms controlling trading of stocks and other commodities.

That’s crypto in the picture. Forget the price. Look at the matching graphs.  They present a puzzle in my mind.  How can I break free?

Assuming I’m right about the astrology, we have eighteen months to figure this out. I have seen some ingenious solutions which must evolve very quickly. But I’ve also seen the simplest thing drive the machine insane.

Have you run into something like this yet?

Here’s a twist, if you’re not blocked or thwarted, you’ve not had to innovate. This might actually cost you, over time. Others have become adept at leaping over fences and you may have a hard time catching up.

I wonder if in the end, if anyone will be able to stay safe and secure (Saturn) without acknowledging the future is here and might not be so nice (Uranus).

What to you think?  Do you find yourself working to be free?


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  1. I was thinking today that we’ll all have to live with the continually mutating Covid virus forever, like we do with the flu – booster shots once a year; worrying about getting ill every time a serious mutation occurs… forever. Could this be Saturn/Uranus?

      • I see. Over coming fear is going to be really hard for people with respiratory weakness or who are in the ‘vulnerable’ categories. I think a lot of people (over 1,000,000 in the UK) with long Covid are fearful of not being able to look after their family or keep their jobs. Overcoming fear is always commendable – I only hope we manage to do it.

        • Hi, Kate. Covid is a hot button politized thing but it was not what I had in mind. People do get sick. They get cancer quite a bit. They have heart attacks. They may be HIV+ and there are endless other conditions that leave a person vulnerable… scared. Illness shakes a person! What I am saying remains true in all cases. You will bump into this wall until and unless you find a way to free yourself and yes, it may be struggle. We’re talking about Saturn.

          • Maybe through acceptance of the illness? Saturn is the ‘you’re not getting out of this situation’ planet, so you have to accept it and that’s when your fear turns into something other. Something that brings you strength?
            I disagree Covid is political. It’s just an illness. Although of course various medical conditions can be political – abortion, depression, poverty-related diseases like TB, leprosy, etc.

      • Astrologically does the pendulum swing, is there a counter transit. What is the major transit 18 months or 2 yrs from now?

        When you say algorithms or when i see pictures like the one you posted i think heart electromagnetic waves, brain waves and The HeartMath Institute (see below). Uranus is electricity…and control measures (Saturn) are being put into place in multitude of ways and by a multilayered process.

        Heartmath Institute.
        “The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty explains in The Energetic Heart. “The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).”

        HeartMath studies show this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body and between two individuals in close proximity.”

        • “When you say algorithms or when i see pictures like the one you posted i think heart electromagnetic waves, brain waves and The HeartMath Institute (see below).”

          Interesting. When I look at those graphs, I feel under control of a machine and I immediately want to break free.

          • Yes I agree..actually maybe i should of specified at the end of my post that i feel that there is a heavy attempt (and some success) at controlling those algorithms; heart, brain electromagnetic energies.

  2. In 2018 I had an epiphany or stroke of lightning in my head… The message was

    “From 2020 and beyond – Innovate or die”

    I didn’t came with an instruction manual though.

    If one thinks about what have happened since then, it’s pretty chilling.
    People, places and organizations have had to innovate – or they’re going to either perish or being left behind.

    That year I was hired by a global oil company. These people can for sure be one of the dinosaur’s that will perish of not moving fast enough.

    I wonder why I got this job… But maybe I had to see the dark side of it before being able to see the light side?

    I mean… Natal Pluto and Saturn conjunct in 8th house Libra. The dark side, turned into the light side? The 8th house is the house of transforming matter. It’s a house of magic. Transformation is for sure a kind of magic, yes?

    Break the algorithm.
    Oh yes….

  3. Break the algorithm. Yep. My Aquarius-opposite Pluto mom is always saying this world is craaaaazy. But I ALSO don’t know if we’re the crazy ones— or other people are the crazy ones, so I’m just we are going to take care of ourselves until we know more how to move in this world. Quietly move away from folks who could hurt us…. Also, also keep willing to be wrong: this to me is innovate for survival, innovate or die. That’s the way we learn. Trying to be better people too, while we we’re at it. We get the opportunity to be here in life. A lot of people don’t get that opportunity anymore…

    So, I take that preciously.

  4. Never heard that one before. Well said, a little cryptic albeit? …Bout time Saturn is getting put in check though. If you ask me, the whole decrepit system has been breaking down for a long time now and just begging to be put on blast. You can sweep things under the rug all you want, but eventually you’re gonna have to look at it. For me, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was what made me take a long hard look at myself, my surroundings and the people I associated with, and finally make a change.

  5. These algorithms have a major role, IMO, in why we as a society are so divided. You watch videos or read stuff online, then FB or YouTube, etc. recommends similar content. Do you see where this could take people? If their worldview is never challenged, and each person only watches curated content that feeds their individual bias….where does this leave us, down the road?

  6. algorithms are just computational plans for responding to input. the danger is how fast they can act, and at what scale. they are much much faster than people, but also far more stupid (in the sense of common sense.) and they are making a huge amount of everyday decisions around us.

    i’m really curious where you pulled the 18 months timeline. are you talking about the saturn uranus square time frame?
    (this aspect heavily overlays my natal saturn uranus t square…brings in my moon in aquarius on top of it)

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