Brainstorming With Mercury Direct in Aquarius

Mercury FlyingMercury went retrograde in Pisces in February. The planet turned direct, earlier this week. I thought it might provide some clarity before it re-enters Pisces in a few days. This period has far exceeded my expectations.

I didn’t plan this, but I have been brainstorming. I’ve sent a barage of ideas to, Midara, this morning. I don’t think she’s awake yet.

I also asked for Serious Feedback In Regard To The Forum. People showed up in droves, with remarkable, helpful comments.

There was also the deal on the phone with my daughter.  We brainstormed her cheap plane ticket, choosing dates that neatly dodge my numerous doctor appointments.  All these doctors are also brainstorming, just exactly what they’re going to do with me.

 We have three more days to think and communicate really well.  What’s going on in your life?


Brainstorming With Mercury Direct in Aquarius — 20 Comments

  1. I am writing obligatory essays. We had our deadlines pushed because of Corona, but this post is helpful. Better to finish now while we can think. Thanx. Really hope everything goes to plan with your daughters traveling. It was smart to do it sooner rather than later. I’m scared to go into that tread; understandably there is cause for concern when one sees a change in traffic, but I hope this forum and site stays forever. It is a calming place online, something I don’t think exist elsewhere. Just watched a dopamine video last week , because I have a hard time focusing and they explained our click nature has made it difficult to sustain presence. I hope this Corona thing slows us down and creates a common mindfullness, content can become an exchange and not just feed.

  2. This is not my experience…I truly wish it were. This has been the most difficult MercRx I can remember, if ever, hasn’t cleared up for me at all… I’m thinking in my case, it’s everything else that is going on with the orbs as well, but it’s a fractured fairy tale for me for sure. Very uplifting to hear that You are making hay AND the sun shine!

  3. THANKS! I have been brainstorming with myself,and with my husband, since other people seem intimidated by my intensity.
    About the Forum: Your request and the feedback was terrific, and an example of why we keep coming back here! You encourage human interaction and respectful communication (uncommon, yet so necessary a model) It brought me back to the Forum, out of my complicated life, to engage. You shared a link to a piece of writing I did and shared it on the Forum, some folks are reading it. It’s about SAFETY PINS. Safety Pins literally and metaphorically hold my vulnerable life today. They have for a long time! What’s happening during this Mercury Direct period is brainstorming with my husband who gave me this ‘brainstorm’: “Back to the safety pin. When it’s closed it controls its tension. Visualize and experience it … the tension … put one in your hand and do that.” Fastening the pin is some you DO. There’s empowerment there.” What springs forth when it releases.
    All types of metaphors to apply to living, attaching, connecting.

    • Oh Moki, SAFETY PINS!!!! I have to tell you this story!! It happened today.

      But first let’s backtrack a bit. I work at a place where I have to wear a name badge. There are different ways you can “wear” it. Sometimes I insert it in the “window” on my bib apron. When not wearing the apron, I can either clip it to my collar or use the attached safety pin to fasten it to my shirt.

      Since I wear something different every day, I need to re-attach the name badge every day. It’s a royal pain the a–, so I NEVER use the safety pin. CLIPPING it to my collar is much easier and faster. Just press and go!

      So the darn safety pin has been bugging me for a year now!!! It gets in the way, and it’s ugly just hanging there tangled in the clip. I’ve been wanting to snip it off (once I figured out it could not simply be slipped off the clip). This would require pliers, and I just never got around to it.

      Until today. I clipped the bugger off! Finally! But……….. That sent half the clip flying!! To my dismay. Because the safety pin had been the “axle” so to speak of the clip!!! It actually was a functional part of the clip!!!

      ROFLMAO !!!!

      • The Universe has a sense of humor!!! Thanks for the story,Tango. We have more and more safety pins ALL THE TIME. So many axles is right. Take care out there, dear!!

  4. Suffered a broken finger near the beginning of the retrograde (astrology is hilarious) so I was out of commission this whole time. Haven’t been able to work – couldn’t hold a pen! or plates and you need to do both of those thing as a waitress so… As I was able to go back to work this week, boom this virus hysteria and fewer people want to go eat in a restaurant. My birthday just passed, it’s usually the worst time of year for me. Just the pits. I’m taking it one day at a time and trying hard to steer most conversations away from where they naturally wants to go.

  5. Yesterday, federal and corporate officials certainly stepped up and instituted new, original plans to deal with the pandemic.

    • Yep, I thought of that too. This really is the time to do it.
      Not sure how Mercury will behave in Pisces, but at least it will be direct.

      Direct can be a bad direction, though. Hah!

  6. I had breakthroughs with Mercury in Aquarius…my mind started moving…yes brainstorms…now again Mercury in Pisces is not something I’m looking forward. Just as I pulled myself together again – off to a deep dive…My Mercury in Virgo will be OFF again…I’m on a project deadline…so this is not fun. I’ve had those brainstorms on a project, I have outlines I need to take action on and make this happen, and with Pisces again, it’s like mulling things again in my head.I’m anxious because I know I will not be able to perform until it reaches Aries. I just don’t feel any benefits of this Pisces Mercury (writing poetry maybe)…any Mercury retrograde feels like Pisces Mercury retrograde to me.

  7. Someone in the forum posted a video that gave me some encouraging and new (to me) info
    on how to combat COVID-19. *Hint: It loves a cold/dry environment, so you want to do things that create the opposite of that.
    My Toastmasters group will hold its first virtual meeting this coming Monday evening. Should be interesting. Some people in the group are excited about this, while others believe we are not ready to meet online. Both sides have valid points. We’ll see. Either way, we are probably about to lose our meeting space.

  8. I got new wheels (a bike)! It’s been a while since I’ve had the time but I found one I loved today and bought it, after only 2 days of looking, which isn’t typical for me. But saturns out of my 12th now and mercury probably near my 2nd

  9. Mercury went direct in partile conjunction to the 5th house midpoint between my Sun and natal Moon/Venus/Mars conjunction (those last 3 also being chart angle rulers). It felt like a flimsy dam that was keeping a river from flowing its natural course had just broken, and with it, much of my stress! Of course, it was quite a stressful week: the breaking of the dam required some final act of applied force, I suppose. Communication was integral to everything.

    The events all had to do, in one way or another, with my career and some obstacles I’ve been facing there that ultimately relate to my ability to express myself and be an authority. The day Mercury went direct saw me make two different decisions that led to an initial dam-breaking, but interestingly, as the week went on, other people and their decisions played the larger role. It’s hard to say how the implications will play out just yet but it does seem that energy is flowing again.

    I’ll quickly add one other thing. The 29th degree is highlighted throughout my main charts covering the year, so the transit seems to have moved forward the “plot.” Those 29th degree themes don’t show up in the current lunar return, though, but they’re all over the one that will correspond with the time of a big career milestone (of an uncertain outcome)! The plot thickens…

  10. Nothing much going on – many things closed down here in France – no meetings of more than 50 people, workplaces, adminstrations, schools, restaurants, shows, xpos etc. all closed down. Can survive without that and actually managed to wash my windows. That, in itself is a sort of miracle. But not much brainstorming for me. I’m trying to see this from the funny side. I imagine many things will build up to something more serious, though. Brainstorming might be life-saving for some.

  11. My husband and I woke to recognize (brainstorm/Saturn bearing down) we need to reach out and ask for a different kind of help. In a couple days we’ll need more food; we don’t ‘stockpile’: can’t afford it, don’t have storage to keep much etc. But what we see is many people, including lots of young neighbors who work the restaurants are getting laid off. They might need and want to be food shoppers for us? We’re checking with our network, details to work out, and that would build the best of community in our world.

    • That’s great thinking, Moki! People here have started doing similar. For example, schools and daycares will be closed for March Break and an additional two weeks (or more) after that. That leaves a lot of working parents stranded. So the school bus drivers – also affected – and others in the community also affected by shutdowns, have taken to social media to offer their services as babysitters. Everybody is pulling together. It’s a thing of beauty to behold!

      Your idea is sound! Hope it works out for you! (Let us know!)

  12. Saturn in Aquarius is coming. It’s like that song ‘Rainbow Stew.’ I’ve been watching more shows with men hanging in space and multiverses.. toons really (Rick and Morty, final space) I can feel the tango with the robots coming. Probably we’ll do fuck all with it. I’m a dipshit. My dipshitness keeps going as I keep allowing fucked up shit to happen without lending a hand.

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