Bound By Your Beliefs – 2016 – The Profound Time We Live In

cap heavyHere is my official post for the Intense New Moon in Capricorn. But that aside, look at this Saturn-heavy chart (of today).  It just begs you have a some sort of foundation / limits / rules.

All the planets in Capricorn track to Saturn in Sagittarius. This gives us a hint.  You’re bound by your beliefs. I suspect this is true whether a person realizes it or not.

For example, if you believe yourself to be a terrible person, it’s bound to affect you. If you believe that you’re fabulous, you’re limited in another way.

People are also bound together by their beliefs. As an example of this – my husband and I believe our marriage is a sacrament, there can be no divorce.

If you have a group (or a society) with common beliefs, that society tends to be strong and stable. A certain percentage of people want to destroy anything of this ilk. Once they’re successful, those same people want to flee to the safety that structure provides…like a roof over your head?

This is a profound period of time, personally and otherwise. The people who will fare best are those who believe in something, firmly enough to stand for it.  Having a spine is back in vogue, basically.

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Are your beliefs, defined?



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