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full moonHi Elsa,

I was born under a full moon, is there significance to that? Or more significance, I should say. I know each moon phase holds different meaning. Do eclipses or full moons impact me differently?

Gal in Vancouver, Canada

Yes, being born under a full moon is significant. It means you have a sun – moon opposition in your chart.  Generally speaking, Western astrologers think this is a stress, but Vedic astrologers consider it auspicious.

As for my personal experience, people born under full moons easily attract attention.  They’re seen and possibly favored?

I’d compare this to a man who is very tall. My first husband was 6’7″ and well aware he would get any job he applied to, due to his height. I’m not saying he exploited this; he observed it. Further, he said he stood out in any group and his peers knew it.  “They wind up talking to the tall guy,” he explained.  Imagine the scene and you can see the truth of this.

So is this an advantage? Probably!

On the possible downside, there is this to consider:

Qualities Of People With A Strong Opposition In Their Chart

I guess we all have our individual situations. This is yours!

As for the transiting sun and moon, the active planets trigger our natal planets. When there is a full moon, it triggers your sun moon opposition.

As for how, or whether this is good or bad and to what degree, it would depend on the aspects to both your sun and moon and the transiting sun and moon.  So the answer is, “yes”, but the way it manifests is not universal.

You’re in a position to figure this out how this works for you, personally.

I’ve also noticed the family (moon) is often emphasized with people born under full moons. The family is illuminated and the individual may be the family star (for good or ill).

Anyone else have ideas?


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  1. As someone born just after a lunar eclipse, I have thought quite a lot about this topic, especially lately. Oh and the opposition is on my ASC/DSC axis. My Cap sun (pretty much exactly conjunct Ceres) is 6° away from my Cap ascendent and my Cancer moon is within 4° of my DSC in the system I use. Astrological charts are so in insanely intricate, I’m still trying to figure it all out.

    However, I have some thoughts: when it comes to being favored, I’m not so sure about that lol. I do seem to always attract a lot of attention wherever I go and I’ve never really understood it. I’ll go to the grocery store in my workout clothes and no makeup and try to fly under the radar, but it somehow just doesn’t work. I used to think that I was paranoid, but I really do feel that I attract attention for some reason. This is likely a big part of why I studied psychology, I want to figure this stuff out!

    But it’s not always positive attention. I’ve recently realized that a lot of times I seem to inspire envy in others (maybe purely because I do attract attention?) or I intimidate people or something so they feel threatened by me. I’ve seen this happen at work a lot. I am not a competitive person AT ALL (I really think there’s a way for everyone to win), but people seem to want to keep me down or “in my place.”

    Of course, this likely has something to do with the fact that my whole life has been a series of major Pluto transits. Can’t forget about that part. I think people sense the Pluto in me more and more as Pluto whips my self-confidence/self-esteem/personal power into shape.

    I never really thought there was anything all that special about me, because we’re all amazingly special in our own way, but I always seem to be different than everyone else. Definitely feel like a black sheep and generally like a weirdo (thankfully I now enjoy it). So I just try to march the beat of my own drummer and ignore everybody else’s opinions. It’s so odd to me that people would want to emulate one another and be “normal.” Normal is not so desirable if you ask me.

    I think the opposition also gives me a little extra Libra energy in that decisions can be super difficult. I learned to lean into my Cancer north node and listen to my intuition. I’ve been working on this for a long time and my life has really gotten quite magical as a result. Synchronicities abound and I always seem to get the answers to my questions pretty much immediately through the funniest ways. Because I have such a strong relationship to source or my higher self, it helps a lot in being different/kooky/authentic. Thank goodness because it’s painful to try to fit into a mold that’s not meant for me.

    I’ll also say I’m definitely looney! I have the weird sense of humor that full moon babies often have and I LOVE the energy of a full moon. It’s invigorating. And I married a guy with a same degree opposition between his sun and Pluto. We’ve definitely both grown a lot in our 20+ year relationship.

    Even though this is already crazy long, I will say one more thing. I recently ran across an evolutionary astrologer who pointed out that lunar eclipses allow us to briefly see our shadow due to the positions of the sun and moon and when I heard this something clicked.

    I think I either am aware of others’ shadows to a stronger degree than most people or I force them to see it in themselves – or maybe both. I trigger people without even meaning to, I think people feel like I can see into them (which I kinda can!). It sucks because I want to be the nicest and least offensive person you’ve ever met, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be the effect I have. I’m finally getting that i’m not supposed to play small and I’m not supposed to be a people pleaser. I’m finding a way to move through this world with kindness and gentleness, but also not put up with other peoples’ crap. A fine balance indeed.

    • I was born under a full moon, and I was taken aback reading your message because the traits you describe in yourself & people’s reactions to them are nearly identical to mine. I’m a Leo, with an Aquarius moon, and a north node in Capricorn. But I too feel that the energy of the moon that I was born under emphasizes the way people see me & are affected by me. Uncanny, the way you describe your work relationships…the words could have come out of my mouth. Of course there are other influences & I too am my own quirky version of myself. But I feel very obvious or on stage, I always attributed this to my Leo sun until I really started paying attention to my moon. Elsa is on point too, commenting that I stand way out in my small 4 person immediate family. Interesting topic to ponder!

      • Very interesting indeed! Thanks for sharing Janie! It’s always nice to know it’s not just me haha.

        I guess we were meant to shine, huh?! Might as well embrace it. These days I find myself looking at the full moon a lot and feeling a powerful connection. It’s pretty cool!

        I also stand out within my (tiny) family, but as with most families it’s a pretty complicated dynamic and I’m not 100% sure how others within the family see me. It’s come to my attention recently that some of the people closest to me are not exactly what they seem (masks are coming off) so I’m reserving judgement for now.

        This astrology stuff truly is fascinating. I dream of one day incorporating astrology and psychology to help people on their paths. But I have a lot of learning to go as it’s so complex

      • Same. It was spooky reading it since I related so deeply. My moon is in my 10th house, which is cancer.

        I’m always being watched or noticed, I do not blend in. Funny that Elsa mentioned height, because I’m also very tall too.

  2. I have a lot of friends with the Sun/Moon opposition… one of which has Leo/Aqua is super tall with her Sadge rising and model thin. She is definitely striking…

    She is shiny and fun until she is cool and aloof… it’s interesting.

    • Ha! I think you just described me perfectly with that lest sentence belladonna… when I’m in a bad mood, watch out lol. The majority of the time I feel full of life and vitality, but I can be very icy too, just ask my husband ahaha

  3. Elsa —

    Given that I was born under a full moon and my moon is in cancer where it is exalted, does that mean that cancer full moons like the one coming up at the end of December will impact me more?

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