Born A Disruptive Big Mouth – Jupiter Rising In Aspect to Uranus

The soldier:

“How’s it going today, P? You doin’ good?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m in a tango on my blog due my big mouth. I’m spouting off again and in some trouble.” (Abuse Of Power)

“Are ya? Good, P. That’s good.”

“You like that?’

“I do.”

“Well it’s nice to hear. Real nice. Makes me think of my sister. She was embarrassed by me and my mouth beyond belief. I felt bad. She was always trying to get me to shut me up and I would have liked to do it but couldn’t.”

He laughed.

“Yeah, it is in my nature to broadcast but anyway one time I gave this speech in high school. I was like… 13. And I wrote this speech and I had to give it in front of the whole school. And of course it was provocative. I did not want to bore people so I said all this stuff I thought was funny; I just yelled it out like a crazy.”

He laughed.

“And apparently my voice was just booming through this microphone though I had no idea. I was just trying to get through the speech and my sister couldn’t stand it so she was outside in the parking lot and she said she could hear my voice all the way out to the cars… she said she it was BOOMING and she wanted to dive under a car and hide she said she was mortified.”

He laughed.

“Yeah, and I was embarrassed too, when I heard that. But it goes to show I’ve been doing this awhile. I actually started this in 3rd grade when I was 7 years old. That was my first public protest and act of defiance and it doesn’t appear I can stop.”


Born A Disruptive Big Mouth – Jupiter Rising In Aspect to Uranus — 7 Comments

  1. i read Ken’s and Busted’s comments on one of the other entries about having compassion for this woman, and i just can’t agree. the comments she’s making seem custom designed to provoke – and she’ll get more outlandish and up the stakes until she gets a response. she’s after his energy, and if the only thing she can get is negativity then that’s what she’ll take.

    so as for feeling sorry for her, hell yes i feel sorry for a person who has to be as jacked up as she is to do what she’s doing. what kind of life have they had, if what they’ve learned is that this is an acceptable way to treat people? gah! and chosing a way to provoke that costs the Soldier money? insult added to injury!

    just imagine a man doing this to a woman – there’s no way anyone would say, “Oh, that poor man!” they’d call him a creep, and a stalker, and probably worse. and while it isn’t the same thing for a man to harass a woman, it doesn’t mean that you or the Soldier are over-reacting to want to put an end to it by any means necessary.

    *steps down of soapbox, and sheepishly hides in the corner*

  2. Thank you silverfoot… and I can support your statement by saying he has never ever done anything to or with this woman. She is not his ex-lover!

    They have had coffee together (with others most often… I think once by themselves when others begged off). This is after church!! You know, a group goes for coffee for 15-20 minutes and a couple times only he and she showed and they drank coffee alone.

    Outside of that, they have played music together (also with others)… this is a church activity!

    The soldier is freakishly Catholic, and conservative. He has no attraction to this woman and even if he did he would never act on it.

    He is a nice person… he is kind beyond belief which is why she is doing this. it is because she thinks she can. She is relying on and exploiting his kind nature… and his long, very long fuse.

  3. Silverfoot, I was going to comment about the gender issue too as I felt if this was reversed, there would no question this whole scenario smells to high heaven!

    Elsa, with every new aspect you reveal about this situation the more I suspect Pluto is very much involved. This woman seems to have her head so far up her a** she can’t see daylight . . . it takes some doing to get that deep in denial! Of course, I’m reading “Hades Moon”, the book Melody recommended so that is keeping me on the Pluto track too. 🙂

  4. Neith – I wish I had her birth data but it does not come to me. Perhaps she will text the soldier… ‘It’s my birthday and..”

    Ha ha ha, we can hope.

  5. For the high school talent show my senior year, I recited this piece I’d written at two AM, something so impassioned that I had woken up spouting it, and while I didn’t win the show (how can intelligent rhetoric compete with a girl singing (badly) Whitney Houston in a slinky catsuit?), I did spark a lot of discussion (and some insults). I can’t help it! I have a big mouth that I can only restrain for so long! 😀

  6. This makes me wonder what happened. I remember snippets of this story but not the end. Was there an end? I forget. All I remember is wanting to crawl through the ether to gave that lady a shake (oh dear).

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