Blue Hair, Heart Of A Lizard – Uranus Square Pluto, Transit To Mercury

Mercury Dime Obverse 1926Last week, I was negotiating with my accountant. He managed to screw up my taxes to the extent that it’s August and they are still up in the air.

I surprised myself when he insinuated I that I had lied (exaggerated) about something. I paused. I looked him in the eye and decided to let it go.

Generally, I would defend myself with vigor over an issue like that.  But I realized it would take me off the task that I really wanted to complete so I paused a second and then I shrugged.

Does it matter if he does not believe I was on hold with the IRS, and/or being transferred around in their system for all those hours? No!

Does it matter if he thinks I am an crazy exaggerating woman who reminds him of his crazy, exaggerating wife? No!

Does anything matter but that my taxes get done, correctly, finally? No!

So I let it go and it was fantastically liberating.

I can thank the people who have falsely accused me of so much, for so long, for my new found ability. I no longer care what people believe or think about me.

“Yes, my hair is blue and I have the heart of a lizard. Now please sign here and I’ll be on my way…”

Is Uranus and Pluto transiting your Mercury? How’s it going?


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Blue Hair, Heart Of A Lizard – Uranus Square Pluto, Transit To Mercury — 37 Comments

  1. I had a similar situation at work – I’m one of the top performers but then I got a new manager – a young egotistical Leo to my accomplish Aquarian…. I kept my head low but I knew a conflict would arise at some point – and man did he manufacture hearsay and in a manner that put my work security at risk (I wasn’t the only one he tried things with but am the only one “technically under his charge). Up til then you bet I cared about my reputation and honor – I don’t lie, I don’t cheat…….. Suffice to say what he did was incredibly disturbing. I kept my head low, I knew the score, so I just did my work and started to “disengage” from the emotional environment of work. And now….. I’s COMPLETELY disconnected from everyone opinion for it’s their own drama – it REALLY IS THEM NOT ME 🙂 Its been EXTREMELY liberating. And while it took longer – – by my NOT saying anything to change his mind or his perceptions – his perception changed GREATLY. And I’ve since also heard through the grape vine – my stock in the “personal integrity” department has only risen while he still has a lot of “issues” that others now completely acknowledge.

    Think we can get the rest of the world to disengage from other people’s wars and dramas?

  2. haha, had the same with a company of movers… bad service, liars, wanted more money for the same amount of work… they don’t get that, but I want to get rid of them, cut my losses and fly away, the Universe should do the punishment 😀

  3. Yes. Looking over the last few years, certain situations, some volitile, some degrading, have coincided with these two transits. Pluto conjuncts Venus and Mercury with Uranus squaring them. I checked out, emotionally, from this two years ago and Mars in Scorpio is fueling my anger.

  4. so interesting that you had tax problems, or rather “delays”… my husband and I also had tax delays. We got it all squared out FINALLY, in AUGUST no less, like yourselves. But it usually is supposed to be done by March 30th, strangely. But this year was just so ODDball. It has to be the Uranus/pluto square transit or something.
    Luckily, my husband’s father has a brother (his uncle) who works for taxes or something, so *whew* we had to make an appointment with him. 🙂 But afterward, we’re taking him out to dinner or make dinner for him for the big help.

    i like the reference to “Lizard heart” so i looked it up:

    don’t want to copy/paste the words as there are “terms and conditions” to do that, however, the site is interesting for animal totems. 🙂

    • What a great site! Just a side bar: Years ago I had a very potent, meaningful dream in which a horse took me on a journey (no mind-altering substances involved, honest!). The horse felt like my guide, so now I carry in my purse a small polished rock with an etching on it of a horse like the one in the dream!

  5. This would be the first time ive ever commented even though I visit your site daily. I just found the title very interesting.One because i literally do have blue hair at the moment not to mention im very cold blooded lately and my Leo sun / virgo rising / Sag moon husband keeps accusing me of EVERYTHING I havent done and my Virgo sun / Cap rising / Leo moon just doesnt give a crap anymore and could care less at this point if he believes me or not. In the past my over analysing virgo ways would’ve went out of my way to prove my innocence but lately I just dont give a crap. Ive lived with this for 15 yrs and his borderline personality , anti-social personality, bipolar, and PTSD crazy making drama, him accusing me , humilating me and driving others away from me. Now like I said I just dont care anymore what he believes or what he makes others believe or the fact that I registered my daughter for school yesterday with my bright blue highlights getting aweful stares from the ” straight laced ” soccer moms.

  6. He made a series of mistakes…each of them had repercussions. He also slacked on this, which he admitted.

    Anyway, I don’t care anymore. Our amended returns have been filed…we’ll eventually get our money back, and all of this will fade into nothingness…which it already has, actually.

    I am only upset until I can get something resolved. Once it’s resolved, I quickly forget things. What pisses me off, is not being able to forget them, because they’re not resolved.

  7. Funny and wise. I have learned so much about this over the years too and am learning more since I’ve been recruited to serve on the board for my neighborhood association which is such a nightmare for this dedicated introvert and idealist! Let it go in the moment, but probably “file it away” so I don’t get into the same skirmish with the same person later.

  8. I have yet to find an accountant who really shines. They have to be good at finding ways around the system (hence, why one employs an accountant sometimes!). Sometimes the system they are good at getting around is YOU, LOL. Any accountant I have encountered throughout my life has had some issues with delay, not being on time, etc. The $ I lose by not knowing loopholes is probably less than the time (=$) I would waste trying to get someone to do their job/prioritize my taxes. Mars rules my 8th, and it’s at 28 degrees, unaspected, in my 3rd (and in Scorpio, no less). I can do my own damn taxes just fine, and I get to keep my financials private too. 🙂

  9. This is the first time I have ever hired an accountant. It’s because I formed a corporation and did not have to educate myself.

    I will probably wind up doing them myself, eventually. I like doing taxes and I sure as hell get them done correctly and on time. This was totally unexpected.

    • No! I don’t have blue hair or a lizard heart.

      That was meant to sound (and be) as ridiculous as some of the other things people say or think about me. 🙂

  10. Everyone knows, except your accountant, what a screwed up mess the IRS is if you ever have to deal with them. That’s a really good piece of advice to just let some things go and focus on what’s important.

    • I think he has some idea how bad it is. However, his position is that I should have said, “Look. This is your mess, now you fix it.”

      He has a point. However, when I was sitting there with a letter in my hand saying I owed the IRS, $22,217, a person tends to panic…and not trust the person who got them into the mess, to get them out!

      But in reality, he did own all this and I am sure he’d have gotten me out of it with less stress, had I allowed it, simply because he does this all day, it’s not personal to him and er…he’s been an accountant for 35 years!

      I think I raised enough hell, if he does do my taxes next year, which he may, because I’ll be busy moving, I seriously doubt there be an error. Not after what I put him – and his son – through. Deserved, but still.

      The thing about this is being called a “liar” is something that is specifically irritating, because I’m actually not a liar. So this was a high level, hard core trigger and I just shrugged.

      It’s direct result of the internet. People say all kinds of shit about you, and you just can’t worry about it, or you’ll be done in.

      I keep this simple truth in mind, all the time now: people can say anything.

      Or type anything.

      It doesn’t make it true, and it doesn’t make it meaningful. And also, I am busy. Way too busy to defend my honor, which if you can’t see I have – well, there’s no hope for you anyway.

      Un-fuck your own mind, yanno? I’m moving on.

  11. Also, because I didn’t go off, I have the option of using him again, if it behooves me to do so.

    This would not be possible, had he not owned his mistakes…which he did. He was not a baby about this. It was just really, really, really hard on my end. Horrible.

    I think it this was my 4th or 5th year to be filing a corporate return, I’d have been a lot calmer. And if anything like this was to happen again, I would tell him to fix it…and not get on the phone with the IRS, repeatedly.

    • Loved this post. I am learning to detach from accusations as well. Just curious – is there a specific natal chart constellation that renders one “faslely accused” a lot? I get this too, take a lot of crap for things I never do (and would never, ever do or even speak of!). I look at the situation, and if there is a resolution imminent, I say the phrase “this is not a hill I’m willing to die on” a lot, whereas before I would defend myself to the death.

      • I think there are a number of things that can attract this.

        Specific to me, people with a strong 8th house, tend to be the shadow for the collective…and Neptune in Scorpio, prominent makes me SEEM bad / dark, etc.

        Really, I’m just so sick of people adding two and two and getting five…I can no longer pay attention to it. It’s like…so 2009 or something, lol. 🙂

        I’m looking for 2020 at this point in my life.

  12. A fabulous post Elsa! I love that it raises my awareness yet again, for having read it. I don’t have Uranus/Pluto transiting planets to natal Mercury you mention, but I have had this very same awareness in the last maybe 10 days if that. I just “realized” one day, (just after Jupiter moved into Leo), that I just don’t want to be the whipping ‘girl’ anymore, nor do I want to “react” to other people’s judgments, put them right or feel a need to say my Truth. I’m moving on too. so much easier, simpler and I ‘get’ to keep my energy, instead of giving it to someone else.

  13. Who has a clear definition of projection? I almost get it, the idea of projection, projecting something inside of you onto another person…. but I still think I’m missing something, something I don’t quite get. I think It’s important to understand… because I know I still project. eeeesh. Thanks in advanced!

    • Interesting. Shan. There is a tag “projection”, but besides that I wrote a simple explanation by a weirdo (me) for Friday…thanks to fish ^^^ 🙂

  14. I don’t know what the particulars of your case are but even so I can point out that I would take very seriously any questioning by my accountant.

    Accountants often have greater insight than we mortals into the mind processes of the IRS and if there is something in your return that he is questioning, well, you can be sure that this is the sort of thing that will cause the IRS to raise an eyebrow.

    You have to also factor in the fact that your accountant stands to make more money if you get audited since he is the natural choice to defend you. So if his advice saves you an audit, then he is acting against his own monetary interests.

    If you wouldn’t choose this guy to defend you, then you to ask why you are using him in the first place.

    • It was not that kind of mistake.

      First, he did put the corporation together…but failed to file the form that stated the entity should be taxed as a corporation. I (we) did not find this out until the return was filed, a year after the fact.

      Next, I gave him everything in Feb…it was very complicated. he knows my husband is not often home…I wanted the taxes done soon enough, we could review them before they were filed.

      He slacked on this, which he owned. The taxes were filed sight unseen, on Apr 14th – way outside my comfort zone.

      When I was informed I owed, I knew it was wrong…and found a $5K error.

      It was my fault…I had not provided him with this info, BUT, had he done the taxes in a timely manner as he agreed, I would have found the error, instantly, and it could have been corrected before the return was filed.

      Because of this error, I needed to file both state and fed amended returns…and one other thing.

      I paid est taxes to my EIN…I swear I was advised to do this – I am CAREFUL about such things. But I should have made the payments to my husband’s SSN.

      Consequently, I got a letter from the IRS saying we owed all this money, we did not owe. It was a matter of getting it taken off the EIN and applied to the SSN, which was not easy.

      The first call, they could see what happened, but no easy fix. Lots of paperwork…which could not be processed quickly, because they did not have that first paper (how to tax the corp) that was not filed 18 months prior.

      So really, he failed to file a paper, and did not work on the taxes in the time frame he said he would…everything else stemmed from that and sort of snowballed.

      So he’s not out to get me…he’s also just personally, had a rough year. He very nearly died, twice..spent a lot of time hospitalized.

      So I don’t think he’s malicious or anything…

      I had some jacked up taxes. No one knows the law and I’ll give you an example.

      Udemy, which hosts my class and takes a cut (about 40%) sent me a 1099. But they pay via paypal, which sends me a 1099 on the same income.

      Udemy should not be issuing a 1099…and they should know this. They have a legal department and here I am, an astrologer, having to attempt to educate them.

      Really, it’s just been a mess.

      This year, the corp paper is filed and accepted…my accounting system is more organized, I know to pay est tax to my husband’s SSN and most important of all…

      This may shock y’all, but I have worked on this site since 2005…and got very little draw as salary. There was nothing I could do. I did not have access to the back end of my site, or own my domain name. So basically, I’ve been busting my ass for all these years for very little salary. My site was not my site, but a sweatshop where I worked, that had my name and picture on it.

      I was finally able to wrench my site into my own hands…and so some of the money I had earned and you had paid me, I finally got, last year. So it was like a lump sum, see? So I had to pay a lot to the government,

      Want to hear something shocking, but true?

      When it was all said and done, I think I may have received about 20 cents for every dollar I have earned since 2005.

      I don’t really care. It’s all over now. I own my site, I own my business, my taxes are paid in full, and really…it could be worse.

      It’s by the grace of God, I ever got my own site, yanno? So this is what’s gone on behind the scenes, while so many think I need my ass kicked, daily.

  15. Still, having read this, I shudder when I hear you think can handle this all by yourself.

    I pay over $2400 to my accountant each year and consider it money well spent because I haven’t been audited.

    Left to my own devices, I am sure I would slip up somewhere. And I have a law degree!

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