Blogging ‘Cross Multiple Factions

libra decanter vintageFaction: a group or clique within a larger group, party, government, organization, or the like.


Years ago, my husband predicted the United States would become factionalized. We’re well on our way and the internet is already there.

This makes it exceedingly difficult to blog to a diverse audience….which is all I care to do.  For example, current events are completely out as far as topics go. The reason is because there is no “common knowledge” and I’ll give you an example.

Take the Lion Killing Dentist. He’s provoked a lot of commentary. Bt when I read the various pieces, they contain allegations and facts cited that seem to be imaginary. Basically, they were not reported on any “news” site that I read. Do I have time to sift through the lies on the Internet until I believe or convince myself, that I KNOW the definitive truth?  Ha. Ha. Ha.

So you have people writing these screeds to be consumed by their faction. And people say, yes! Yes! Yes! Especially on facebook. But if you are outside their faction, the writing sounds at best, unbalanced.

I have Mercury and Mars in Libra. There is no way I can ever forget there is more than one way of looking at something.  I suppose there’s a faction out there who will come unglued at the mere suggestion a view they don’t share might have merit.

I bring this up because I am coming back to work now. I have decide what I’m going to do. I am not content to write for google, clearly.  So how does a person like me function in the modern world? Is a blog still the best format? Should I go back to making videos? Entertaining? Storytelling?

I have a couple days to decide. Saturn is going direct, yes? And I will follow.

How can a person like me, determined to interact with a diverse group, function in the modern world where factions rule?


Blogging ‘Cross Multiple Factions — 13 Comments

  1. Videos!!! I miss them and it’s so good to put a face to the writing! You’re very entertaining, concise, informative and a great story teller!

    Keep up the amazing work; I’ve come to count on it! One day I hope to afford to contribute maybe get a consultation I would love to understand my chart better!

    Thank you for all you do, Elsa!

    • I agree…videos are popular now. Lots of people have achieved huge success using Youtube videos lately.

      If I were to try and become a successful astrologer this is the main avenue I’d choose.

  2. Oh my! Ain’t that the truth!! Your videos are always fun, precise, and useful and much harder to argue, but I trust your voice will make itself heard above the crowd!

  3. Well in Matrix they turn you in to Mr Smith..-)Actually it is the effect of globalization and this market economy ruling everything now. You travel to different countries and everyone looks the same..nowadays. Except the old ones and the misfits..-) Them without economy..Greetings from Sweden.

  4. From my eye into the window of your Blog, you function very well with a diverse local, national and global community. When I Google “ElsaElsa”, it says, “Meet People World Wide”, that’s you, that’s me, that’s us, that’s people from abroad. No one has time to shift through the lies on the Internet or CNN or Fox – it’s up to them to deliver the facts, but it seems they deliver intrigue. As my husband said, “They’re just feeding you pablum, Carol.” He got the news from PBS, the BBC, then NBC and CBS – and considered the words of the newspaper columnists who broke it down for you, BUT with their own opinion, which means you have to think for yourself. One should have their own thoughts on it, if you can sift through it all. I studied two years of Journalism, and our local newspaper was founded by Joseph Pulitzer (as in, The Pulitzer Prize). The Internet? I’m laughing. Will the truth/tooth come out with the Dentist? I don’t know, but it’s a damn shame if that’s how the lion/lyin’ went down. What GLORY is there in taking down a beloved beast? If what was said truly happened, that was not a true hunt, and he is not a hunter; just cheap thrills at a great cost, in more ways than one. (The more you say about your husband, the more he reminds me of my husband, his mind was all over the world, and I can prove it. My husband is the hospital, tired of the doctors who ask him the date, place, time and who is the president of the United States. With all due respect to the doctor questioning my husband who meant no insult, just playing the same game, asked the doctor, “Okay, now you tell me, who is the Prime Minister of a location on Earth that I never heard of, and the doctor answered, “I don’t know.” Husband told him who the Prime Minister was. Doctor was embarrassed that he didn’t know. The patient won.)

  5. Do whatever gives you the greatest pleasure.
    I believe you have come to a point in your life when you can ‘afford’ to do just that.

  6. Just be yourself, Elsa. That’s the reason we’re all here. You are genuine, and honestly questioning and searching. It’s a rare spot of true essence coming across in the vast Internet swamp. I’m sick to death of ‘content’ designed to appeal to the person the marketing bots think I am.

    That said…more videos please! I love them and was sad when you stopped doing them.

    • Thanks. I quit doing the vids because I got sores on my face. I was sick…so sick.

      I am unexpectedly better, lol. Truly, I am amazed. I never thought this would ever improve or resolve. It went on for years.

  7. A kid from work turned me onto real clear
    Sometimes hearing other points of view expressed intelligently shocks me. I’ve been in a lefty pool occasionally disturbed by libertarians.

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