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Elsa and KayI admit it’s unexpected I start posting real life stories. I never expected to do this again. It’s like a retired from it. But then I started writing about my Aquarian friend, Kay, in my newsletter. That’s her in the picture.

Quite a few people emailed me about the kay-story snippets. I got to thinking about it.

A lot of people have learned astrology from me, on this blog over the last 22 years.  Do you know this blog was launched on these stories? It was. And this astrology blog launched all the rest of them… around the word.  So it’s quite a thing to be sitting on in a way.

Back when I was writing stories, people asked me about the astrology that winds up in them- why? Because I’m an astrologer, that’s why!  It’s been part of my life since I was eight years old!

Take it out!


A lot of people liked the stories but wanted the astrology removed. Most of those people wound up learning astrology so this is pretty cool.

I quit writing stories because I can’t make a living doing it.  Over the years… well the big search engine decides where the traffic goes. Like it or not you wind up writing to that end, to varying degrees.  Basically, true stories do not benefit the search engine aka AI. Clinical astrology does.  But is it the best way to learn astrology or realize it’s worth?  Definitely not. You need life for that. Real life, real experiences.

In trying to understand what prompted this change, I could see it in my current Lunar Return. Massive emphasis on the 9th house. The 9th house rules truth and storytelling, also publishing.

I also see Uranus in Taurus squaring my natal Venus in Leo. These stories are part of my creative output over the years. Suppressing them to conform may have been a mistake. I am trying to discern this now.

At the moment, I think there are a lot of people who would like to read about real life and real people on this blogs. Others do not but they may change their mind when they’re not only informed by astrology but moved and entertained as well.

I know people are asking me to republish my book. I appreciate this!  And I am not meaning to withhold it. I am just trying to decide if that would be best or if I should just post the stories on this blog.

My book is 600 pages long. 15 stories, I think. My idea is that people can read a story and perhaps share it, as opposed to sharing a 600 page book that is BROAD to say the least.  So this is what’s going on behind the scenes.

With Saturn squaring Uranus, I have advised a lot of people to experiment with their business or the boundaries in their life.  I’m taking my own advice here. I know some people are bothered but I am personally bothered by all these years spent pretending I know so very little about life.

Are you renovating something in your life?


Astrology Blog Experiments — 11 Comments

  1. How could I enjoy reading your blog any other way. You are preeminently a story teller and that’s to me the chief glue holding all this together; your life as a constant illustration of reaction to the magnetism of the planets, along with friends and clients of course. Keep on being the light that you are.

    • @Michael I totally agree with you.
      Elsa is the Hans Christian Anderson of story telling,its what keeps me coming back to the blog.

      Amd yes I like the astrology,which explains a lot of shxxe!!!
      Its makes it fun and interesting.
      Thank you Elsa

  2. I have always adored your stories, and it has taught me astrology. Your stories are a major asset, they bring people to life!

  3. Actually I understand the dilemma… The stories as wonderful as they are,seem to be just a hanger for draping the real undying curiosity of how the Astrology “works”. The book should be published as it stands but with a second volume annotated with the astrology and as the basis for your PhD. thesis….not that you need that for credibility…but all that data- with no place to go….just a dimple in the continuum…

  4. At this point in your life, Elsa, it seems like you should just be free to ‘let your freak flag fly’. You’ve done your time toeing the line. You’ve proved you can successfully Act Normal. But this other Elsa stuff is so much fun! And everyone is starved for [eccentricity + heart]. Enough heartless. Enough meaningless weirdness robot existential shit. Someone living successfully and financially succeeding from such a heartful, human, sweet weirdo place… well this makes more room for all of us!

  5. I’d like to hear more of your stories too. I bookmarked the last one…after all your warnings, I was a tad ginger to start to read it. I thought it was pretty tame, honestly. As always your authenticity shines through. Keep it coming, you’re a natural!

  6. Your stories are what got me interested in you 16 years ago. Also your advice column back then. That really kicked ass. I was always so blown away with how you answered all of the questions. I was young, early 20s… I thought you had all the answers in the entire universe. The smartest person I’d ever read, so much wit and creativity.

    • Thank you! I do know how to solve a lot of problems because I’ve wrestled with so many, really for as far back as I can remember. It’s like I was born into a rock and a hard place – no choice but to figure it out.

      I also pay attention to things on a number of levels and I talk to people all over the world, of different age groups and beliefs or cultures.

      Last, I do have Mars conjunct Mercury which is a fast processor. I think Venus in Leo gives me heart. 8th house is unflinching. Jupiter / 9th is honest.

  7. Pics of you and Kay!! yay![there’s still a uranus in 7th House marriage story there, no?!!! lol!] I lOVE your email newsletter … often a snippet of a story on there … Though I’m not sure what’s happened to me the last couple of weeks … haven’t managed to click on the links to the stories from your books (though book-marked in my head!) …also love how you are always ahead of the game re a good heads up … like the early june ‘saturn – mercury square’ … that bought me here, in some round about way!!! lol!!!

    • Yes, and I have that story already written, actually. It’s not in my book. I will probably post it. I’m also slow! I have to get my garden in, basically. And pressure wash stuff this time of year!

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