Introduction To Black Moon Lilith

β€œFaith is an excitement and an enthusiasm: it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander on our way through life in the small coin of empty words, or in exact and priggish argument.”
–George Sand, pen name of the 19th century writer who dressed as a man (Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius conjunct the MC)

Researching Lilith is a pain in the butt. There’s asteroid Lilith (#1181), the supposed phantom Moon, Dark Moon Lilith (that has never actually been discovered), and Black Moon Lilith, a theoretical point based on the orbit of the moon. Each position has its followers but as far as I can tell when most astrologers are talking about Lilith they are referencing Black Moon Lilith, the apogee (furthest point) of the moon’s orbit around the earth at a given time.

I really hope that was a good explanation. I took astronomy in university but it was at 8am. I am not a morning person. I did read the book though. In any case, the only Lilith I follow is the apogee Lilith, Black Moon Lilith. If you’re wondering, the Lilith in the additional objects field at is the apogee Lilith.

The mythology of Lilith is that of first wife to Adam. You know Adam and Eve, right? Apparently Adam’s first wife was a handful. She may or may not have given birth to a bunch of demons. She may even have been something of a succubus. Everyone’s got something horrible to say about the first wife, though, so let’s just concentrate on the meaning of the apogee point in the chart.

Lilith is associated with feminine power, feminine sexual power. But Lilith is not just for women; if you are familiar with Jung’s concepts of the animus and anima, women have a subconscious male energy, the animus, while men have a subconscious female energy, the anima. So even in a manly man Lilith position has its merit.

Lilith is often prominent in the charts of women who are noted for being direct and powerful, and in some way provocative. Lilith relates to the moon. It is the feminine shadow side of the moon. What society rejects as appropriate for the feminine, Lilith takes up. I find it interesting that Dita Von Teese has become famous not only as the former wife of Marilyn Manson but also as a burlesque dancer. Feminine, provocative, taboo, successful, Dita has Lilith as part of her stellium in Libra.

I see Lilith as the dark side of the moon. Like the moon, Lilith has needs, though not necessarily needs we like to acknowledge.

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What do you think of Lilith? If you’re feeling bold (or drunk) how do you see your own Lilith manifest?


Introduction To Black Moon Lilith — 67 Comments

  1. Mine is conjunct Venus in Leo — in the 12th House. And thus squares my saturn, squares my neptune, sextiles my Jupiter. Big needs, big illusion, big…. feelings of πŸ™
    Oh Lillith…
    Honestly I don’t know how it plays out other than… fortifying what my natal Venus already does? My dark feminine force is hidden (just like Venus)… and takes hits and one cigar from the outer planets. No one can see, but they can feel (and thus act accordingly) my vast dark deeply loving sexual nature.

  2. My lilith is with my 11th house sag stellium. When I am bold I get very blunt with a dash of joking tone. -to soften the blow of course!-

    This would explain my dark direct humor and the way I dress. It’s got to be sunny and dark.

  3. Wow – once again, thank you Satori. Love this summing up of what seems like an extremely complicated energy. My Lilith is in Aquarius and so part of a stellium with my Sun, Venus, Mars and Pallas. How it works into all that, I need to analyze (an Aquarian’s favorite hobby, LOL!)

    This is great. I am sorry about that 8 a.m. class! (Not. Fun.)

  4. Lilith in Aquarius (2nd house) Trine Sun and Mars, Sextile Jupiter and Uranus. Sounds deep me thinks πŸ˜‰

    Here’s a good website that explains Lilith in the Signs & Houses

    like someone else already said.. its interesting that these secondary asteroids are right at home. I think without these posts we wouldn’t fully understand all the layers of ourselves astrology has to offer. Rock on Satori!

  5. In the 1st, in Libra, only aspect it makes is a sextile to Mars in Leo. Aha. Lightbulb moment.

    I used to dress and make-up like Dita Von Teese when I was younger, although I never stripped in public!

  6. BML sits EXACTLY (just 3 minutes off) in the lap of my Moon in the 8th house in Capricorn… shadow side and light side fused in the house of Death and Sex but with an air of sober responsibility and social climbing?… FUN!!! LOL

    BML is square my Chiron in the 11th Aries and trine Mars in the 12th Taurus. Not sure I’ve fully absorbed what all this could mean.. I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually. πŸ˜‰

  7. Lilith conjunct Leo Jupiter in the 1st. Wouldn’t say it’s prominent since it only squares Chiron.

    No idea. Does that mean my inner anima is a wounded drama queen? πŸ˜›

  8. Satori – thank you for these posts. Lilith fascinates me, and it’s hard to get a good grasp on her meaning in the chart.

    Natally, mine sits in the 5th house, Aquarius. I found this to be an apt description:

    “LILITH IN AQUARIUS lets you misjudge your friends easily. Probably you have completely wrong conceptions of them or of what your friends think about you. You strive for autonomy with manipulative methods and psychological tricks, reject all too tight interpersonal relations and consider partnerships and relations rather as friendships. You surely hardly tend to commit yourself, although you want to to express any certain inner urge. Your fairness, tolerance, global thinking and humanity are noticeable, and you may argue with degenerated art or queer music styles. Though your intuitivity is remarkable, you could tend to a nonperception of the mentioned things.”

    Sent chills up my spine, because while I crave friendship and companionship, it turns quickly into feeling somewhat “tied down”. This causes me to pull back, for reasons I hadn’t really understood until I researched this today. It also explains why, once I left the marriage and got my shit more together, so many people that I thought simply tolerated me or were nice to me because I was a customer or whatever, turned out to genuinely like me and enjoy my company. I’m good with that, but close “best” friendships are hard for me. I need space!!!

    As for in the 5th – this one hit so close it hurts, in particular the part about my children:

    “LILITH IN THE 5th HOUSE spreads charisma, but possibly lets you misjudge your children. It can lead to fatal misunderstandings, if you don’t use your intuition and wisdom with children. Maybe it comes to manipulations on one side or even mutually. You are maybe a phoney and like to set yourself on stage. Gladly you surround yourself with luxury and look for harmony, need a lot of freedom. You easily succumb to the temptation to take part in speculations.”

    Lilith also opposes my natal Sun. Not really sure what that means, but I’m sure there’s a key to who I am in there somewhere. I am fascinated by Lilith – always have been since I learned of her story many years after I left the church. Funny all those years being taught what I was supposed to believe, none of those churches mentioned Lilith at all.

    Rambling now. I’ll shut up.

  9. What perfect timing Satori, as today’s new moon is conjunct my black moon lilith :o)! Good thing I set my intentions for something that I am passionate about (my little ones & my creative time).

    As for how it manifests in my chart, I can see it very well now, thanks to your explanation. BML is in scorpio & 5th house, exactly inconjunct saturn. My responsibilities(saturn) challenge (inconjunct) my creative(5th house) passions(scorpio).

    I can see how that plays out in my life on a regular basis. The insite is wonderful, Thanks for sharing Satori,

  10. KE–thanks for that. I found another link that says basically the same for us Cappy BMLs. If I can find it again, I’ll post it. The only thing different, is that it discusses the difference between early sign and late sign BMLs.

    My BML is 28 Cap. Interacting with just about every major planet–sextile Saturn, square neptune, inconjunct sun, pluto. Much of the description, even though uncomfortable, fits.

    I have to say Satori, that learning about the asteroids has been powerful and eye opening. thank you for doing these posts

  11. 9th house in Taurus. Loosely conjunct my South Node/Chiron, tightly trining my Ascendant, opposing my Venus/Uranus, inconjunct Sun. Am I trouble or in trouble ? πŸ˜‰

    One thing I’d pin on my Lilith is the fact that I love learning, but not within conventional structures. Even if I had a deep passion for things I studied at University, I mostly spent hours studying thing that were totally irrelevant to the courses I took. No wonder I never graduated !

  12. As for me, i could never grasp the concept of Lilith really (BML in Sag in the first, opposing my sun), but when Jupiter hit her in transit, the minute of conjunction, i GOT her. Instantly. I felt the power, and i envisioned the image that represents her for me: A Xena-type woman, tall, clad in black leather, riding a motorcycle. In my vision she stepped into a bar in some desert. Only men there, and they tried to get near her, but she just kicked them away with her overknee leather boots, walked back out and rode on. The feeling of strenght, independence and sheer contempt she had of those – all- men, knowing they were never their equal – wow, amazing!! And very joyful.

    Really, i would never ever have thought of identifying with this picture of woman… and i guess nobody else would have either. But hey, that vision was SO strong! Having become aware of her that way, i got kind of more sensitive to the way and the occasions she plays out and yes, sheΒ΄s definitely THERE! What an amazing trip!

    My favorite Lilith hymn: “Beast of Burden” sung by Bette Midler. I hear that and feel Lilith roll on ;-).

  13. I go very much with the idea of BML directing your female power and how it manifests. I’m sure mine’s identifiable as emotional power expressed through my sexuality.

    My Lilith is in Scorpio, the only planet/asteroid in that sign, and alone in [prob] my 3rd House. It is in opposition to my ‘Moon conjunct Pars Fortuna’ in Taurus, and trines both my Saturn in Cancer and my Venus/Vest which are v tightly conjunct (less than a degree)

    My surrogate mother on the island remarked jokingly last spring how curious it is that I’m considered an ‘alpha female’ like her! – since in her case it’s obvious why and in mine not at all (as I have no money nor obvious professional and social standing). I wonder if this particular conjunction of aspects explains why?!

  14. I’m glad you posted this Satori, I find that the info that I do stumble upon on Lilith is Vague and negetive. I really like the info you gave on the Jungian theories towards Lilith, It is very empowering to hear.
    Mine is in Aries, 5th House.

  15. My Lilith is in 21 degrees Gemini in the 12th house, while my moon and Jupiter are at 6 degrees Cancer in the 12th. My Lilith feels like she lives in the same house as my moon, but she has to have her own room. This is very interesting.

  16. Lilith at 10 Gemini, in the 11th house. It trines Venus, opposes my Mercury/Jupiter conjunction, sextiles both Ascendant and Midheaven, squares Pluto.

    I studied linguistics at the beginning of my university studies but soon found that the way my mind works is not especially compatible with the analytic nature of linguistics. Still fascinated with language acquisition, but from a psychological and sociological standpoint. Oh, and Lilith is one degree from my late father’s Sun. He spent a lot of time and effort to try and make me conform to what he wanted, but didn’t succeed.

  17. What I’ve learnt by transits…she’s dark, she’s uncomfortable, unnecessary or maybe not…the underbelly. Not what one chooses to interact with. There’s always a kind of alarm bell about to ring in the background, but we trust the process anyway and get annihilated later on. Wish I could reveal some of the details, but it does not make for good press.

  18. BML in the 29th degree of Virgo 12th house conjunct 2nd degree Libra AC. I feel very in touch with Lilith, but she makes getting along with women difficult for me. At least women my age- I tend to get along with older women splendidly. I am very much an alpha female.

  19. lilith gives me another point in space conjunct my jupiter.
    might need to chew on that. in a way, it seems like the Shadow… the projection of the hidden moon. or something like that.

    yeh, gotta’ chew on it.

  20. Lilith is in Gemini/6th conjunct my chart ruler, Jupiter, and inconjunct my Scorpio MC. Semi-sextile Chiron.

    I have received formal training in several different healing modalities and have what I like to joke are magic hands.:)

  21. In Scorpio in the 6th, our dark lady Lilith is a sexual therapist. Ideally she resolves her own questions in the same process. Serve rather than suffer, but if a little blood is necessary to the process, it’s no issue at all…

  22. I did my chart on with all the liliths.
    Which one is most influential? I have one in Scorpio 4th H Lilith 1181, another in Taurus 10th H Lilith i, Oscillating Lilith in Aries 9th H, and the Waldemath in Gemini 11th H. I have Pisces Moon 8th H.

  23. Black Moon Lilith Libra 9th Trine Venus Aquarius 12th.

    I have been frustrated in my attempts to obtain the proper husband for a happy marriage, and also in my attempts to travel. I also have felt hindered in obtaining higher education, and functioning comfortably in groups.

    Perhaps I have not utilized my feminine wiles properly?

  24. My black moon lilleth is conjunct Pluto in Virgo opposite my pisces sun, mercury and chiron. I am a budding astrologer only just begun my fourth year. Lilleth has been a fascination for me for years and when I first come across a chart it tends to tell me where the feminine warrior is. Often the area of the chart that has lilleth is the area the person is challenged to bring forth to their own core, their centre strength. Then if I look at the north node straight afterwards it starts a story of its own. I know this is untraditional but… so am I.

  25. oops forgot to say:
    My black moon lilleth is conjunct Pluto in Virgo in 12th opposite my pisces sun, mercury and chiron in 6th.

  26. “George Sand, pen name of the 19th century writer who dressed as a man (Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius conjunct the MC)”

    So interesting…I also have this aspect (almost exact). It also trines Jupiter. Fascinating since I truly find my power within Religious Studies and plan to teach.

    • I also have this particular BML aspect in 10H Sag and it trines my Jupiter as well.

      I am trying to deepen my spiritual awareness in a way that is healing and helpful to others.

  27. Angelina Jolie is a good example of a prominent Black Moon Lilith. Apparently she has no close girlfriends, and gets on better with men, and prefers the company of men (typical BML). Also, she has that dark, powerful, sultry, brooding Lilith look about her, and exudes sex appeal without even trying.

  28. In scorpio 10th, squaring my ASC and at a semi-sextile with my sun. She’s at a wide orb of conjuncting my Neptune in Sag (7 degrees). I never noticed the contacts before, but that explains some of the projections I get.

  29. mine is 8th house Leo conjunct Moon and squaring Mars, i just know i have troubled relationships with men and women, but i do not know if this is part of it

  30. Thanks @Satori!

    Good lord. Still haven’t a clue about my own lillith. It’s in late cancer, SQUARE jupiter.

    @eggplant, what are you experiences with lillith in aspect to jupiter?

  31. Lillith conj. Scorpio Neptune at the end of house 4, forming a t square to Saturn in 8th, Sun in 2nd and Venus in 1st! At age 46, I became a sensual massuse and two years later it is my personal business and only income. My clients are great, and I am not ashamed of what I do. It’s all about the secret getaway to my “den of inequity” where I am praised for my massage skills and personable qualities. It makes perfect sense to me, as I am a natural flirt without guilt.

  32. I wonder if this is Lilith in 6th? I also wonder if this is TMI, ha.

    I just realized that my menstrual cycle routinely overtook any female roommate’s cycle. Hers would start to change to sync with mine and mine would never change.

  33. Transiting Uranus is a degree away from conjunction with my 9th house Lilith, which is in an out of sign conjunction with my overly sensitive Saturn in Pisces. I’m turning on my radar to see if I can pick up on the energy. πŸ™‚ Hope I don’t get obliterated.

    Thanks the post Satori, my Aquarian curiosity loves to be peaked.

  34. Sherry,

    What is a “sensual massuse?” I myself am a licensed massage therapist, which requires going to school, in my case two schools because I have practiced in two states–then passing a licensing test, and continually adhering to a code of ethics. I, too, have massage skills and interpersonal skills, and I use them to help my clients with their physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges. “Inequity” is a word that means “unfairness.” “Iniquity” is a word that means “evil.” Either way, it doesn’t sound to me like you are inviting your clients to a good place in your den. Just sayin’…I have a prominent Black Moon Lilith and try every day in every way to use that energy to the highest purpose I can fathom.

  35. My BML is in Scorpio in the 10th house conjunct the MC. In my life I have has lots of problems with male authority figures – inside and outside of the workplace and have always had trouble realizing any real power in my career. Now I have decided that it is futile for me to go the traditional route of working for someone else ever again. It think it is also because of having Aquarius on the 2nd house cusp…and BML is also trine my sun. I am very much in need of independence in earning a living.

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