Black Moon Lilith in the Third House – Cassandra

Collier priestessIf you have Lilith in the third house of your chart, her themes will manifest in terms of communication, community, and religion. You will have a deep need to be heard and understood by those around you and will be driven create a community of peers who truly hear you.

In traditional astrology, the third house is known as The Goddess. Standing in opposition to the ninth house’s big-R Religion, the third house deals with little-r religion. This is about the daily act of spirituality and devotion. With Lilith here, you will reject all the small ways you are meant to conform in order to be acceptable. Instead you will create your own version of what it means to be good.

Lilith in the third house also brings issues with community, peers, and siblings. This is another placement that tends to be scapegoated and made an outcast. The people who are supposed to see you as their equal will instead suck you dry and then blame you for failing to do your part. You will spend a good part of your life struggling to find “your people.”

Finally, Lilith in the third house tends to create something of a Cassandra complex. You will try your whole life to be heard and to communicate your truth. But somehow, it never fully comes through. You feel misunderstood and diminished as your voice is silenced.

There is much more to say about this placement, which I consider one of the more significant. But my best advice is this: stand up and speak. Cultivate a stentorian voice and a brave heart. Let yourself be seen in all your messy authenticity. In doing this, you will find both your people and your place in this life. Speak out.

Do you have Lilith in the 3rd house? How does it feel?   


Black Moon Lilith in the Third House – Cassandra — 23 Comments

  1. Lilith conjunct Sun in Leo. 3rd from my 8th house Gemini Moon. I want to be heard! I want to roar and rage! It’s taken me many years to recognize when to open my mouth, and when to keep my mouth shut. I often err on the side of caution. ?

    I remember in my younger years, I would cry, “What about me?!?” to my then husband.

  2. Thank you, Midara, for sharing your knowledge about Lilith. It is not a topic written about often, and definitely helps in these trying times to recognize where we ‘rage.’

  3. 3rd house Lilith conjunct Chiron conjunct Saturn in Pisces. Not being heard, yes and no; I just stood up for myself last week, wasn’t really very skillful about it because I felt hurt, but what came back made me realize I may just have spoken to a wall; and even though I felt I defended myself, I was being portrayed as the person attacking. … Outsider, yes, from early childhood on as imposed by my siblings. I have been labeled all kind of things, including stupid, in addition to dealing with people projecting their sh** on me, constantly. But also, the tongue and quill are very sharp and even though I have often been made feel guilty for speaking up, doing so always feels liberating. Onward and upward! 🙂

  4. “Finally, Lilith in the third house tends to create something of a Cassandra complex. You will try your whole life to be heard and to communicate your truth. But somehow, it never fully comes through. You feel misunderstood and diminished as your voice is silenced.”

    Story of my life. Thank you for this wonderful insight Midara. Never knew I needed to know things about My Lilith, but now it all has more sense.

  5. Lilith in the 3rd at 7′ Pisces. Amazed at how true what Midara wrote rings. Astrology still has the power to astound me after 30 years reading around it.

  6. I’m really enjoying your writings on Lilith, Midara! There’s so much to think about; I keep coming back to the articles and the comments.

  7. Lilith in 3rd house Aquarius (equal. With Placidus its in 2nd house – but I have a hard time identifying with Placidus placements). I stuttered from about age 7 through 14 – a debilitating impossibility to communicate in public, to answer the phone, ask for directions/help, reply to teachers’ requests for a public answer in the classroom, or speak to any member of the opposite sex. I was magically healed around the time of my first sexual experience.

  8. Your Black Moon Lilith articles are rich with application. I’ve returned to this one about Lilith in the 3rd to track and apply her energy as she transits my natal chart: spanning Pisces and then Aries over the next few months. It’s helpful for me to draw on the energy to “be heard” and “Let yourself be seen in all your messy authenticity. In doing this, you will find both your people and your place in this life. Speak out.” BML is natally a 1st House placement, at this stage of my life it helps so much to work with Lilith’s wobble (changeable nature) as a vibrant oddity to encourage as I ripened into an authentic old woman.
    Thanks so much for this chunk of Lilith astrology to chew on, digest, grow on.

  9. Black Moon Lilith in third conjunct Mercury….all my younger siblings had major life issues and died in their forties. On another note, I am an astrologer who goes deep into charts and doesn’t shy away from discussions about our shadow and death.

  10. Conjunct Pallas in 3rd Aquarius, 2nd decan. I gotta watch that Pallas thing, especially with my mercury * uranus. 😀 It’s more than little r with me. It’s everything outside the social norms and hierarchial constructs. Best results, and I am at my happiest and whole-ist, when all minds come together in a concerted effort. It belongs to everyone involved and it always works.

    When I have been asked ‘do you believe in God?’ I ask explain to me how you mean, explain what you believe God is. Never an answer. If the response would be the creative power that runs through all an everything I would say yes. I do believe in that.

    Cassandra conjuncts venus cusp of 9th for what that is worth.

    • PS. I am always surprised when I am heard. It is on a very deep level that I do not recognize until I am told. And when a bell goes off for someone in our interaction, I hear the gong of life.

  11. I’m actually shocked. I joke constantly that I am Cassandra, I’m always right and no one listens to me!

  12. I have that placement, and can easily relate to your interpretation. In fact she is currently squaring the full moon axis, and conjunct my natal Sun/Venus in Aries 4th. Would love to hear more … she obviously plays a significant part in my life – one seldom addressed so deliberately.

  13. in fact … I was drawn to your article unconsciously, having just walked home from the beach where I spent this night of eclipsed full moon – a ritual I have become increasingly attached to. And boy was the lady out in all her splendour. You rightly suggest speaking out, yet the older I get the more I find that my need to explicate/communicate has to be balanced by lots of alone time dedicated to a score of Lilith-requested little rituals; as if my heart-felt devotion to Her must be at least as great as my need to extrovert her perspective. Until I figured that personal practice trumps talk … I did feel unheard and misunderstood. Less so now.

  14. I consider this interpretation to be extremely accurate!
    I just found out about 2 minutes ago, that I have been reading my Natal chart wrong since the very beginning! Oh no-lol. I never even understood those little markers for houses that were different from the numbers. Just didn’t understand it and followed the numbers,etc– My welcome to finally understanding the Placidus system. Oh well, what can I say :-). I’ve done the best I could trying to teach myself Astrology,and somethings just seemed, I guess too overwhelming at the time, so I was negligent in following up on some areas.

    Anyway, now that I realize my Lilith is in the 3rd house and with your explanation of it–It all makes so much more sense! Your statements are extremely, extremely accurate of my siblings dynamics, in conjunction w Saturn in 4th family house. Wow, you’ve really described it–and what I have finally learned in life that I have been scapegoated my whole life by a Narcissistic Mother whom, as part of that dynamic, intentionally turned my siblings against me,etc.
    Wow,U really hit the nail on the head here. Excellent Understanding and Communication of what this placement entails. This really helps me to understand many things about myself, my family and formative factors.

    Thank U so much! U r Wonderful!!!

    • I just want to follow up on my comment.At first, I was just going to say I am curious about what you mentioned U wouldn’t mention w this aspect :-). But that’s fine w me, because I suspect it may not be flattering, and that’s y U didn’t mention it :-). I feel it was probably the right decision,for several possible reasons.

      But I have something else to say now. I was curious, so I looked up Cassandra in Greek mythology. Wow-so incredibly accurate to describe my dynamics within my family– and also in other areas. U r Amazing. No other comparison could have captured it so Accurately. Bless U for ur Contributions, not just for this–but also other information I learned from U from many articles-Yes Bless U for Sharing ur Wisdom w others and helping to Enlighten them and help them Grow. Bless U

  15. Hi Elsa! :-),

    So sorry I did not address U by name earlier,but I wasn’t sure if that was ur real name or not (I just checked).
    I am also sorry that I am writing so much on here today, and promise this is the last entry—but it’s been quite an exciting day–and U have been part of it.

    First I was only going to tell U that learning about Cassandra had quite an impact on me (and people can definitely have a Cassandra complex, while at the same time the dynamics of it are a true reality, and not just a “complex” the person has–although a complex can and many times does develop due to it being a reality in their family and can linger in other areas, after the formative years,etc. :-).

    But anyway–reading about Cassandra validated me in some way,because I realized the deeper Truths about the planets and the Gods and Goddesses are aspects of Us and Universal -or at least Earth life struggles and qualities, in Our Journeys – both as Individuals,and also as we are fractals,mini solar systems, and Ultimately “mini” Universes–and just like the planets are aspects (I did not use that term in the Astrological sense) of the Suns-Larger Sols(Souls). And the Universes Larger Souls still…

    But anyway let me get back to my point, in an effort to be concise,reading about Greek mythology today–Thanks to ur reference to Cassandra–Thanks again, I realized what many people do about Greek mythology, what I already said about what the planets and Godesses/Gods r—but I realized it on an even deeper level, and I understood (on more than the preliminary understanding I already had)—that the people in the past, B4 the 2nd 1/2 of the last 26,000 yr cycle—had a much deeper understanding of the Metaphysical Truths than we so now, and we are just beginning to Evolve or Ascend to the level they were at, and then, of course, we are meant to Surpass it, as we are on a next cycle–and a different one, as we are now further along on Our Path along the Milky Way–our current Evolutionary Cycle/Cycling–so we are hitting different Evolutionary markers/Agents of Potential Change/Growth,etc. than in the previous parts of the current Cycling.

    Anyway back to attempted conciseness, back to Greek Mythology and the Greater Truths it eschews (is that a word? :-). I don’t think it is, maybe it’s espouses?–is that even a word? I’m not sure, but I know it’s close, and that will do) But I really learned a lot about Cassandra and Strife–and a bunch of others, and I understood so much more about myself, and the 2 sides of Cassandra,Strife and myself, and where it comes from and what I need to work on,etc. Where the Rage comes from, the Pain, understand it, Forgive myself for it, and Transmute it. And the story of Cassandra is both a Teaching Tool and also an explanation of what’s happened to Humanity–On a Larger Level.

    But the first part in Healing this kind of stuff is Validation (when someone has been consistently invalidated even more so).Only then can True Forgiveness begin, for both Self/self and Others. This really helped in Forgiving my Mother, which has been a decades long Journey—that I can finally say is Happening Now—not just because of this, of course, but it’s a Process that I am finally coming out the Other Side of–Very much so, most especially in the past month or two— and ur message and the Chain-Reaction inside myself that began w it, well that definitely helped to consolidate for me what I need to do, I still have far to go, but I am making Real Progress— so Thanks again–and ur words and Knowledge Transmitted has Real Power to Help people—Just wanted to Confirm and Validate that for U, that What U Do Does/Is Making a Difference 4 the People U Reach!

    Anyway, I was thinking all this stuff, and it helped me a lot–I am also Now working on Anchoring this deeper Understanding that I have been growing inside me of conditions of “Reality”/Reality– that I would not have been Born to a Mother like that– if my View/Experiences of the Mother Principle–Love,Nuturance of the Universe had not already been damaged in “previous” lives–and that everything is a creation,manifestation of Self–not the Highest Self, of course, but what constitutes the larger than this lifetime self in current Human form,etc. And a Better Understanding of my Mother, and that as she embodies my experience of Mother Force in Universe, I am also a product/Offspring of her–and what that means on a Higher Level– the part of her, product of her and my Father that she can not yet accept, Integrate and Expand–and that when I Transmute this, I not only Help Her and Myself, on a Quantum Level, I am Helping My Mother as well as being the Fruition of HER Growth, and this Will Help Her Heal and Grow on these Quantum, Metaphysical Levels, although my Mom has no conscious Understanding of any of it, and that she is not yet on any level to understand how she has hurt/damaged me. But this was the challenge of this lifetime. I still don’t know if I can do it, but I am Making Progress.

    It’s interesting, because I am worried about writing all this and embarrassed, and I just read all this stuff that correlates to that with Saturn 3rd house placement, but I am overcoming my fears of criticism and ridicule and writing it anyway.

    So Elsa!, that’s it. Blessings to U, and Thanks 4 helping me again, as ur articles always seem to do!

  16. I have my Lilith in the 3rd house conjunct my sun, mercury & Saturn. I try so hard to feel understood but it always back fires. Everything you said is so true, I have a lot of enemies, people who don’t like me. I feel like every time I speak I say something offensive to someone with out meaning to. I over share a lot, everything that’s bothering me internally if I don’t speak on it out loud I feel like it affects me in a bad way like getting sick or causes me stress. So I find that getting things off my chest makes me feel better

  17. I’m newer to all of this but I’m told I have an unusual chart . my Lilith is Taurus in 3ed house . 1st house is Pisces ascending, Aries North node, Taurus Lilith, Gemini Moon, then Virgo holding Jupiter Uranus Neptune and Venus. Libra sun s node p.fortune , Scorpio I think there’s two planets in that one and then Sagittarius MC and Capricorn Capricorn 11 &12.(but It did show up in the 12th house on certain calculators? where they tell your birth chart.. oh I forgot the two cancers. where were those at?.. between Gemini and Virgo 5th n 6th. And my sun sign is in the 8th house.. and sometimes one of the Capricorns in the 12th house will be Aquarius.. so … I’m on a lot of borders. 10/21/67. And I’m the goat with life path 9. so pass 11 and destiny or whatever is a nine balance. 8. Not sure what all this means yet. I’m just barely getting Lilith.. lol 3ed house .

  18. Forever trying to find my people! Also I often feel misunderstood and want to be heard. Funnily enough (or not) I also have Chiron in Gemini. So the struggle is real!

  19. WOW, this is so true for me. I have Black Moon Lilith conjunct my IC and Vesta, opposite my Midheaven in Leo. I have always been treated like the ‘odd one’ by my siblings, even though I’m the oldest (and definitely the wisest!). And in the workplace, I was mostly not taken seriously for my ideas (which were cutting edge!)…thus, I quit my job as a marketing manager when I was 30 and have not worked since. I am very happy and lucky to have a wonderful husband who totally ‘gets’ me. We’ve been together now for 29-years and he has been a real saving grace in my life. As for my spirituality…I have always marched to the beat of a different drum! I was born with the ‘knowing’ that organized religions are corrupt and I abide my own ethics, which are wholesome and True!! This article so resonated with me…thank you.

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