Black Moon Lilith Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

night pathWhen Black Moon Lilith and the North Node meet in a synastry chart, the effect is intoxicating and immersive. Whether the aspect is a trine, opposition, or anything in between, you will feel strongly as if your relationship is fated. So if you see the North Node and Lilith in aspect in synastry, what do you need to know?

· Your meeting was fated. This is a whirlwind aspect, the kind where you are struck by a thunderbolt and your world just stops. There will be an intense feeling of recognition between you as you realize that, at least in this moment, this is your person. You are brought together to work through Lilith pain and in so doing find your true self and path in life. This relationship will be a winding, tortuous road with a brilliant treasure at the end.

· Old habits die hard. As much as this relationship pushes you to grow and go beyond your comfort zone, it can also leave you exhausted. And when that happens, there will be a tendency to fall back on old habits. You may hide or deny some aspect of your relationship. The North Node person may be tempted to conceal the relationship altogether. Either way, taboo is a difficult thing to confront day in and day out, so make sure to take breaks and focus on other aspects of the relationship.

· Build, build, build. Because we’re dealing with the North Node, there will be constant effort. The North Node is the place we are least comfortable, yet the place we must work toward. With this placement, the North Node person’s partner is constantly triggering these feelings while bringing in their own darkness and complications through Lilith’ influence. This is a difficult combination. And the only true way around it is through. So keep building.

While of course you would have to look at the whole chart to get a sense of the totality of the relationship, this aspect will undoubtedly pack a punch. With the North Node and Black Moon Lilith together, you’re guaranteed a near-fated, intense , and potent relationship that will keep both people working and becoming better every day.

Do you and your partner have the North Node and Lilith in aspect? What is it like?

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Black Moon Lilith Conjunct the North Node in Synastry — 9 Comments

  1. My NN in Aries squares my bf’s BML in Sagittarius. Our connection is intense and does feel fated, but we struggle with balance. I often feel like I do everything for him with little reciprocity and end up feeling resentful. I know he loves me deeply, but I feel like he puts his own needs first while I am very couple-oriented. Some of the time, I’m okay with this, but in times of high stress (like most of 2020), this stuff rises to the surface. I’ve been doing less for him as a way to strengthen my boundaries, but it’s so hard since I tend to fall back into my Libra SN.

    • I use 10 degree orbs for nearly everything. Though in this case, given that both Lilith and the nodes are mathematical points rather than actual physical bodies, I think it is reasonable to tighten the orbs a bit. I would recommend 6-8 degree orbs here, but if you have something farther out that still resonates, there’s no reason to discount it.

  2. My NN and my crush’s BML are conjunct with a half-degree orb. And, using your orb suggestion, we’ve got a double whammy, with his NN sextile my BML with a 4-degree orb. (I used to think that was too far apart, but I guess a sextile at 4 degrees is OK?)

    I know this relationship is fated, and I’m pretty sure he thinks so too. It feels very karmic.

    There’s been so much growth for me. Not angry feminine growth, though. Instead, my spirituality and connection with the numinous has just taken off because of this relationship.

    On his side, I know that I have occasionally inadvertently triggered jealousy/feelings of inadequacy in him, just by being who I am. (This hasn’t had anything to do with other men, but rather because of skills that I may possess.) So this relationship has been growth-inducing for him, too.

    I’d like this relationship to become a romantic one, but he has other commitments, so it may never be more than it is now. But it really has been life-changing for me.

  3. I was the NN and ex was the bml, a 3 deg conjunction. Nevermind this aspect, we had the ugliest synastry and composite I’ve ever seen. I’ve mentioned somewhere else in here on synastry, all the red flag aspects, all the difficult aspects you can think of, there were there all of them. A wise man once told me ‘ girl, when transit pluto hits your ascendant, it also hits your descendant, don’t be such an idiot.’ Oh well, no one told me and I had no idea back then. Fatedness. Learned a few about relationships from this one difficult experience.

  4. Midara, would inconjunct aspect count? We have exectly 150 degrees aspect. My Lilith at 12 degrees aries, his NN at 12 degrees Virgo. Meeting and falling in love certainly felt fated and now more then two years later we love each other more then ever but syncing our completely different characters is getting harder and harder.
    Like Occhinery wrote in times of high stress it’s more challenging then ever. I’m constatly fighting with myself of how much I should complain or disapprove when his choices are clashing with mine. I’m trying to bite my tongue and that isn’t working very much being scorpio rising and trying to control the situation too much. 😔

  5. His BML is conjunct 3° to my NN.
    I don’t know if I should consider that we have a fated relationship, but it is something I never would have imagined, meeting someone from another background and (nearly) out of nowhere – both working freelance in an agency.
    But, both Leos (not same year), both Merc in Virgo & Venus in Cancer. I think it’s a pretty good base.
    We complement each other at work, and the rest is a sort of friendhip. Now that I think of it, it must be rather uncommon.

  6. We have a sextile between my LIlith and his North node. He does seem to be scared of this more than I am. And he totally keeps me secret. 😀

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