Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Mars August 2020 – Primal Scream

primal screamMuch has been said about the upcoming square from Mars in Aries to the stellium in Capricorn in the coming months. But what doesn’t get as much attention is that Lilith will be right there with him, stirring the pot and giving voice to our pain. So what can you expect?

·        A Primal Scream. Already we have seen unrest with communities that feel they have been subjugated rising up to make their voices heard. I would expect this to intensify as Lilith enters the picture. Lilith rules the underdog, those who have been rejected and trampled upon. Adding Mars into the equation is like giving her a flamethrower. And the square to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto will amplify the effects and make it possible for her to bring unjust institutions crumbling to the ground.

·        Who Shot Who? Lilith was famously scapegoated in her myth, being turned aside for merely hoping to be equal. With her joining an already volatile situation, I would expect there to be scapegoating on all sides. It will be incredibly difficult to determine who exactly the perpetrators and victims are. There will be a good argument to be made for all sides. To navigate this, I would steer clear of anything that looks like an easy target. It is all but guaranteed to be a trap.

·        Separate spheres. Lilith’s ultimate destination was to carve out a space where she can be truly authentic. Many of us are already siloed into ideological echo chambers, whether it be from the media we consume to the people we keep in our lives. I would expect this to accelerate when Lilith joins the fray. Protesters may even create autonomous zones in cities in which only those sympathetic to their cause can enter. On a more positive note, activists and organizers will have the opportunity to build lasting community ties. People are also more likely to come together in solidarity to clear up their cities and try to rebuild after all the turmoil.

Mars square Pluto and Saturn was already a tense situation, but Lilith’s presence turns it into a powder keg. To navigate this, focus on lifting up and amplifying the voices of those beneath you. Stay away from simple answers and easy targets. And above all, work to create a kinder, more equitable space for us all.

What do you predict with Lilith joining Mars?

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Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Mars August 2020 – Primal Scream — 11 Comments

  1. Uranus goes retrograde around the same time, so the cliche probably works well here “expect the unexpected”.

    That said, with a combination of Lilith-Mars-Eris (Mars’ equally hot-headed sister) all in Aries, I would watch out for a resurgence of mass shootings!

  2. I have no idea what Lilith is going to mean in terms of collective transits. Personally I have some idea of Mars and it seems to be disagreements I have with others.

    You didn’t mention the retrograde of Mars? Surely that’s quite significant. It goes over during shadow, then retrogrades over Lilith, then goes forward over it. Did Mars have to apologise for something to Lilith?

    I wonder if that is when my disagreements with others will have some insight. It seems to me likely what that is. The forward movement will probably be me not bothering with them and then the retrograde will be ‘oh, so this is some insight into those disagreements’ then the forward movement will be applied insight. Since it is going between the degree of my ascendant and Jupiter in first house.

    No idea what Lilith means. It seems to me to be very much to do with sex, you tell something about someone from the sign of their Lilith.

    Apologise to a conspiracy theorist day?

  3. Midara, I wrote before: I don’t know much about Lillith, but you learn us about her in an interesting way. Thanks for that.

  4. This is a fascinating post about a complicated situation. ‘I would steer clear of anything that looks like an easy target. It is all but guaranteed to be a trap.’ Ok. Sometimes when you’re a perpetrator of inequality and don’t understand, it’s easier to pick the simplest explanation. Systemic inequality is a real and very subtle struggle. Police are not scapegoats. But demonizing them all would be wrong.

  5. I had a really weird intense dream where I disguised myself as a police for some sting operation and infiltrated an immigrant holding place where immigrants were being mistreated. And the winding atmosphere was very hard to get through. I’m dealing with the Mars/Neptune in Pisces thing. I already have Mars in the 12th and the less I do, the more active and ‘missiony’ my dreams tend to be. I guess I’m starting to do very little.

  6. “Steer clear of anything that looks like an easy target” — solid advice in general, but especially these days. Reality check. Action-oriented Mars in Aries is predisposed to either/or, binary thinking: yes/no, right/wrong, my way/the highway, friend/enemy. With Lilith here that last one gets magnified. Is your picture of reality as stark as it seems and suggesting only one approach?

    I’d also take a peek at your own chart to see where this falls. 7th house, caution not to piss off the wrong person, 3rd, you’ll probably have some choice words, etc.

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