Astrology Birthday Gift!

Are you wondering what to get an astrology lover for their birthday? I offer a package that includes two of my most popular reports at a hefty discount.

Have A great birthday and a stellar year ahead.  This package will help with that.

Birthday Astrology Report Package!

This package makes a great (and lasting) gift. This is because it includes one year of personalized transit interpretation.

I would love to get something like this!  The Deluxe Transit report alone is about 70 pages long.  I’d be checking it, daily. Your gift will be remembered and appreciated over time.

Check it out – Birthday Astrology Report Package



Astrology Birthday Gift! — 4 Comments

  1. Elsa, my youngest daughter has finally developed an interest in Astrology, and is driving me crazy, are these 2 reports a good start for her? Her birthday s in June, I was going to offer her a consult with you for a birthday present, and maybe I will do it after I get the reports, what do you suggest for a beginner wanting to learn about self?

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