Workshop For Beginners: “Chariots of Fire”- Libra Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon

Workshop for BeginnersToday’s Key Concept – Qualities
Another way to divide the signs is by quality. There are three qualities. Each one describes a basic modus operandi. Again, consider the distribution of planets, this time by quality. Take notice of an abundance or a scarcity of any quality.

The CARDINAL SIGNS are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. People with an abundance of Cardinal placements in their charts are leaders. They like to start the conversation, get the ball rolling, and forge ahead. They will do whatever it takes to initiate action.

The FIXED SIGNS are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. People with an abundance of Fixed placements in their charts are not going anywhere! These people prefer to work from a solid foundation based on firm ideas of “the right way” to do things. Do not challenge them to a standoff.

The MUTABLE SIGNS are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. People with an abundance of Mutable placements in their charts are adaptable. These are compromising shape-shifters who mold themselves to whatever position is available as long as it holds their interest.

Note: Each sign has a unique combination of element and quality. See for yourself, no two signs have the same pair.
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Chart V

Chart 5 for WorkshopASC – 7 degrees Libra
This is a Venus ruled chart, giving an overall pleasant air. Libra rising people are often accused of overt flirtation with intent to charm but no court would ever convict them, they’re too darn cute. Even the dowdy ones have that Je nesais quoi.

The Sun – Sagittarius in the 3rd House
This is a jolly Sun. Sagittarius lives out-loud with humor and grand thinking. In the third will make for a fact junkie. Will jump at an invitation to take part in an all night round of “did you know?” Will also bring beer.

The Moon – Aries in the 7th House
Another 7th house moon! This time in Aries. It should be noted that a Libra rising will always have signs in the house opposite the natural house. This flusters people when they are starting to read charts because it seems contradictory, the descriptions of Aries compared to the the 7th house, etc. But that’s part of the essence of Libra, it is balancing. Aries moon needs to be number one. In the 7th needs you to be number two.

Can you guess who else had this combination of Libra Rising, Sagittarius Sun and Aries Moon?

Morcambe and WiseBritish comedian Ernie Wise! Also known as “the better looking half” of the duo Morcambe and Wise. He’s the one on the top.

Here’s Ernie with comedy partner Eric Morcambe having a regular breakfast.

And now Satori…

First off I’m looking for the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. While the chart doesn’t show the aspect, I would allow for ten degrees between the two “lights” (Sun and Moon), particularly, as in this case, where they are both in the same element, here fire.

Even widely trine, these fire “lights” share a common energy. That’s some pretty good agreement and goes a long way toward working in concert. The ego needs and the emotional body don’t clash; they present at ease with each other.

The 3rd house Sun conjunct Mercury, in Sagittarius, denotes an active communicator. Neptune conjunct from Scorpio is where the fog rolls in. On the high side you could see an imaginative talker with deep stories. The low side might be someone who surreptitiously prevaricates, but with style. You can’t know how it’s expressed just by looking at the chart.

The Moon closely conjunct Saturn is a large defining characteristic. The soft Moon in close quarters with hard Saturn just doesn’t feel good. It restricts, slows down and the moon person feels it. Independent Aries particularly does not like restriction. This can manifest as not feeling good enough, or fear. The high side, however, can be someone who takes their emotions and matters of the heart very seriously.

Mars rising conjunct the Ascendant in Libra opposes the Aries Moon. Mars in Libra is not the most active Mars, but its position in the first house gives it more of a bite. For one thing, it’s right up front, part of the ASC mask. This kind of Mars may express as killing you with kindness, or they may very well be assertive in maintaining personal balance.

While the Moon opposes the Libra Rising, the Sun sextiles. The independent moon and the active, adventurous ego manage to relate a good deal. Because of the Libran ASC, they are likely to look pretty good while doing so.

And bringing it together, Dixie…

The Emperor ReversedYour disposition is usually so pleasant, with your sweet and jovial qualities front and center, it can obscure the power of your emotional drives and the need you have to feel in control of what happens in your emotional world. In turn, It’s pretty easy with a 7th house moon to attribute the need to feel in the drivers’ seat in upon others. Don’t do it. Remaining aware will make it much easier for you to keep all your interactions fair (Libra) and generous (Sagittarius). Owning the need for control actually allows you to better maintain it.

It’s your turn. What do you see? Do you have qualities in common with the chart owner? How do you see the qualities manifest in real life? Let the questions and comments commence. It’s your workshop, after all, so have fun!


Workshop For Beginners: “Chariots of Fire”- Libra Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon — 19 Comments

  1. Whoa! The chart holder has VERY similar placements to me….I’m a gemini rising, Sag sun and Aries moon. Oh wow…When people meet me they are struck by my youthful appearance (nobody believes my real age), I’m sweet, pleasant, can strike a convo with anyone but….please, don’t take my sweetness and niceness for being a constant lil miss sunshine. I take on challenges head on and gratefully accomplish anything I put my mind to (thanks to my cap mars). I’m the biggest goof ball too which is funny coming from someone who can be “done up” alot of the time. I think my sag will not let me get too serious 🙂 I’m a great friend but if you whine about the same issue too much, don’t expect me to commiserate. life if for the living so live. 😀

  2. Sorry! Been busy with work projects. That’s ME! lol

    That’s funny about the being cute statement with Libra asc. I get that all the time (not sure why)but like Whothatlady people are floored when the realize the determiniation behind my smiling face, lol.

    What speaks to me the most is the Saturn conjunct Moon and the feelings of not being good enough. I have spent a lifetime wondering why that creeps in all the time.

    This was great! Thanks guys!

  3. here’s some questions I couldn’t help from thinking last night as I was falling asleep:

    1. Do planets adapt to qualities of the signs in which they are placed? Say unpredictable uranus in mutable Sag?

    2. If house 6 is naturally ruled by Virgo, a mutable sign, but actually Taurus is there, does the natural ruler of that house have any effect on the sign that’s actually there? Does Taurus become more mutable but with an earthy element still?

    3. If a planet contained in a house with a mutable sign makes an aspect with another planet contained in a house with a cardinal sign, how do these two energies mix?

    Thank you 🙂

  4. also, if the cusp of a house begins in one sign but then contains most of the other, which energy has more weight? the one on the cusp? do the angles of the chart make a difference?

  5. Hey capjourney,
    Lots of good questions, where to begin…

    Think of it this way… Planets are the actors, Signs are the costumes, and Houses are the sets.

    So a planet in a particular sign puts on that signs costume and plays the part, but the planet is still the planet.

    So, your (and your peers’) Uranus in Sag would be unpredictable in the manner of a centaur.

  6. The signs stay the same. They are passive expressions. Its the planets that are the do-ers. The planets express the sign. The planets will be effected by the sign they are in. The house tells what area that energy will likely be expressed.

    So Taurus in the 6th house… well, if you have a planet there, it will behave like that planet in Taurus in the Virgo-y areas of work, service and health. But the Taurus expression itself will remain Taurus-y.

  7. Lets see and mutable and a cardinal in aspect…

    That would generally be an easy aspect like a sextile or a trine… Note that (unless out of sign) Squares and oppositions are between planets in signs with the SAME quality (aka mode.)

  8. If the cusp of the house begins in one sign but contains most of the other…

    That’s a political question… Who has more power, the governor or the governed? 😉

    Even if the cusp of the house is at 29 degrees, the planet that rules that sign is the ruler of the house. I’ve heard arguments for using midpoints to determine rulers, but I do it by the cusps and it works for me.

    Again, all these techniques are lenses through which to view the chart. If you find one that speaks to you through practice, use it.

  9. @theCapricornjourney: Wow what great questions!! Thanks for posting those because I had similar questions but you went even deeper with your inquiry and that will really help us when looking as beginners at charts!

    @Nota: You make astrology so easy to understand…I love the analogy of the Planet expresses the sign by wearing a costume and the house is the stage…so clear because a lot of this gets jumbled in my head and now I have an IMAGE to go by!…Thank you!!!

  10. Hello Emre, I am so glad you are here. It is lovely that all of us from all over the world can communicate like this. It is especially great to connect with people from the middle east which is the cradle of astrology, where our very great craft began. Thank you for joining us. Keep reading. Keep thinking. Keep listening to what is being said. And let us know what you think. Keep typing. Stay safe and stay well. Sincerely, Bridie.

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