Workshop For Beginners: “Three’s Company”- Gemini Rising, Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon

Workshop for BeginnersToday’s Key Topic – Elements
The signs can be divided into four groups called elements. Each element describes a basic temperament. When reading a chart it is important to consider the distribution of planets by element. A dominance of a particular element will be give a person a noticeable bent. So will a lack of any element.

The FIRE SIGNS are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. People with a lot Fire in their charts are willful, energetic and bursting with spirit.

The EARTH SIGNS are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. People with alot of Earth in their charts are realistic, reliable and concerned with practicality.

The AIR SIGNS are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. People with a lot of Air in their charts are social, intellectual and lean toward abstraction.

The WATER SIGNS are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. People with a lot of water in their charts are sensitive, emotional and feel psychic.

Note: There are three signs to each element. This is why you will sometimes see elements referred to as “triplicities.”

Chart 4 for WorkshopCHART IV

ASC – 15 degrees Gemini
That makes this a Mercury ruled chart, with a quick breezy feel pervading. Gemini risings are dexterous and witty with one hand on their phones and the other in the fountain of youth. These people have an innocent appearance and get carded for everything.

The Sun – Gemini in the 1st House
More Gemini. Again we have a first house Sun (See Chart I.) All the usual descriptions of Gemini apply; intelligent, communicative, Hey, did you know that distract is from the Latin “traho” meaning to pull? Dis-tract is to pull away in different direct…Click, click, I love this glitter pen, have you been to Sam Moon? In the first house this energy can manifest as physical agility.

The Moon – Gemini in the 12th House
More More Gemini. The person has a preponderance of Gemini/Air energy. The moon in the 12th gives a tendency to bury the emotions. This adds to the airy tendency to intellectualize. Any attempts to communicate emotions will be prefaced with “I think I feel…”

Can you guess who else had/has this Triple Gemini Combo? That’s right Gemini gets two!

Don Budge and Steffi Graf

Pro tennis players Don Budge and Steffi Graf! Who remembers this, Steffi exercising her quick wit in response to an admiring fan?

Now here’s Satori with the re-mix.

With the Sun, Moon and Rising all in Gemini, in the air element, we can see they pretty well agree. They present a unified front, and the ego is in step with the moon needs. While this is definitely a good thing (or at least an interesting one), such a great emphasis on one element, one sign can benefit from a balancing factor. With air we’re looking to the aspects to see how this person doesn’t just go sailing into space!

This triple Gemini is a balloon, so where’s the string? There it is at the bottom of the chart in Virgo, an earthy sign, grounding. The Virgo Mars Saturn conjunction squares the big three from the fourth house. Mars conjunct Saturn can be reflected in a drive that’s slow to move or restricted in some way. With all that quick air rising it’s not difficult to see how that kind of grounding could be utilized in a positive way, once boucy Gemini learns to overcome the frustration of being tethered.

Opposing the Sun, Moon, Rising is Neptune in 7th house Sagittarius. With the Mars Saturn position, these three points form a tee-square, two squares and an opposition. While this adds more tension, it is spread over a closed aspect pattern. If this person does the work they can utilize this interrelation.

One way this might manifest is The Sun Moon Rising has the idea, Neptune in Sadge dreams up the adventure, and Mars Saturn moves slowly to manifest. This slow movement is probably a good thing, with so much air dreaming up an adventure you want to have a plan and make sure you’re not driving over a cliff!

Four of CupsAnd here’s Dixie with the tarot cherry.

As Gemini on steroids, you have thoughts about your thoughts and will find the process of examining each idea breezing through your conciousness as endlessly interesting. That’s a fun hobby! There’s a tendency here, though, to replace having emotional experiences with thinking about emotional experiences instead. This feels safer and less disruptive in general, but don’t always rely on brainpower to keep you a step removed from your emotional side. Otherwise, you’ll miss some of the most powerful insight that’s easily within your grasp. And I know you don’t want to miss anything!

Now it’s your turn. Got a question? Ask away. Anything in common with this chart? Tells us all about it. Itching to show off your skills? Give us your reading. This is your workshop. Have fun!


Workshop For Beginners: “Three’s Company”- Gemini Rising, Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon — 27 Comments

  1. Wow that is a Gemini powerhouse 🙂 I did a double take when I looked at the chart and saw Gemini Sun, Moon and Rising. (I haven’t seen all three in the same sign before).

    Would that mean that this person would be a pretty pure example of Gemini energy or would the Neptune opposition cloud or dilute that a bit?

  2. I would like to hear this person’s story. Are they an inventor of some kind? Have they written books about an adventure, an heroic quest, fantasy? I bet at the very least they are a great storyteller that can enthrall an audience.

    Very interesting, the Big Three all in the same sign, we’re talking a huge shiny chicken!

    I see Jupiter in earthy Virgo, out of orb to Mars, that must be some help in staying grounded too, huh?

    Thanks to you ladies for doing this great workshop, I think I’ve neglected to chime in here with that, and to let you know I’ve been lurking and learning since you started. It’s great!

  3. “This triple Gemini is a balloon, so where’s the string? There it is at the bottom of the chart in Virgo, an earthy sign, grounding.”


    Gemini: “Ooh, balloon! I want a balloon!”

    The “string:” “Oh, it reminds me of my childhood. I think I’ll just stay here and reminisce/burrow in my files a while.” (Sun square Jupiter: “More like buy a 10 pack! And a cake!”) Some string.

    I never expected Steffi Graf to have a chart like that/be that kind of person.

  4. With the Mars Saturn position, these three points form a tee-square, two squares and an opposition. While this adds more tension

    I am really curious about T-squares. Often on the boards people will say a certain hard transit will activate their T Square. One of my questions is: is the T square always active so that any time the moon or venus or any fast moving planets trines or sextiles one of the legs if that activates the t square and how? And does the nature of the planet aspecting a planet in the t square increase or decrease the reaction/manifestation in life?

  5. Dina, that pic is hilarious. Right on. 🙂

    This is an interesting one. And I love this series you guys are doing. Your readings are so informative and powerful!

    It’s interesting that this person’s Moon, Sun, Venus and Ascendant are conjunct. They know who they are and are charming, self-confident, and most likely in a significant relationship. Maybe a little unbending?

    With south node in Aquarius, relationships and groups are important. North node in Leo in the 3rd with all that Gemini – I’m with Peppermint, this person has the potential for a successful career as an entertaining writer/storyteller.

    Also, with Saturn square the Moon and Sun, they may have had challenges with relationships with both parents.

    Uranus square the MC – several changes in jobs, but with Venus trine MC, will land on their feet career-wise.

    I could be off-base, just my amateur musings.

    Thanks again for this workshop!

  6. This is HOT inside info that I have researched myself and many people have loved hearing about this!

    How to Spot People’s Communication Styles and Predict How They Might Get Along:

    *These are COMMUNICATION styles and are NOT to be confused with astrological elements. And I felt this would be an interesting addition to the discussion on elements here.*

    If they talk fast with emotional words then they are fire communication style.
    If they talk slow with emotional words then they are water communication style.
    If they talk fast with little or no emotional words then they are air communication style.
    If they talk slow with little or no emotional words then they are earth communication style.

    Most people find it difficult to get along (socially) for long periods at a time when the energy level raises.
    But find it a real turn on sexually if the energy level raises!


    If one person’s communication style is with “emotional words” and the other person is NOT then the two elements usually get along well because the energy level is NOT raised much. If two people have similar “emotional words” (i.e. both are NOT emotional – OR – both ARE emotional) then they tend to raise a lot of energy that SOMETIMES (more often than not) makes it difficult for them to get along for long periods at a time.

    Often two earth communication styles eventually wind up NOT getting along socially (I have even heard two earths make death threats to each other!). Exceptions to all this would be two fire signs. They often enjoy raising each others’ energy level for short periods at a time. Another exception would be sexual attraction: people find raised energy sexually attractive.

    This is all from research that I have done and NOT based on Astrological signs and the usual “elemental dignities”. I find all this very fascinating anyway! Try it out and you may find (as many have) this is very useful information.

    Be Blessed.

  7. …would the ascendant conjunct Moon and chart-ruler Mercury in cancer, give the chart more water? (thinking that Mercury rules the chart and is in a watersign and Ascendant (personality?) is conjunct Moon?)
    …and Mercury also conjunct 2nd house-cusp, does that mean 2nd house things (like economy, values etc) are important to the person?

  8. I know a triple Gemini, who can dilate her pupils at will. She really is from space. Many years ago she had a pirate/underground radio station.

    toomuchpluto (being one of the people who has multiple T-squares):

    “is the T square always active so that any time the moon or venus or any fast moving planets trines or sextiles one of the legs if that activates the t square and how?”

    I usually only pay close attention if one of the planets of the T-square is experiencing a transit by conjunction.
    With that chart above, that would mean (for example) the holder’s Mars in Virgo. I’m thinking Saturn in Virgo activated that T-square, big time. Mars is a call to action; Saturn to slow down and work step by step.

    “And does the nature of the planet aspecting a planet in the t square increase or decrease the reaction/manifestation in life?”

    Personally I would look at it from a different angle than increase/decrease, I think this is where brainstorming with overall personality traits of the person comes into effect.

    With the above person’s chart, I’m looking at their Moon/Neptune/Mars T-square: Saturn in Virgo transit happens, and the chart holder likely had a pretty serious dose of reality (Saturn) about their imagination (Neptune) and how it plays tricks (Gemini) on their emotions (Moon).

  9. As for fast moving planets, I think it’s definitely worth paying attention, especially for this person, paying attention to the Moon.

    Moon/Neptune people are highly sensitive (I’m dating one, he has this conjunct) and their moods often fluctuate quickly. If they knew were the Moon is, it may help them keep some of the anxiety at bay when experiencing a trickier Moon transit to their T-square (s).

  10. mebeme, it would probably be good to look at faster-moving Mercury as well, because the person’s chart ruler is Mercury.

    I’m trying hard to pay attention to the Moon these days because of Pluto in Cap being conjunct my Moon for the next few years. It’s hard on the heart so if a good day comes along (ie. a favourable aspect from the current Moon) it lifts my mood—like today, with the Moon being in Gemini, conj. my Jupiter.

    ha ha

  11. I seem to be balanced but I really feel more airy and watery. But people do tend to be calmer around me, so maybe that’s my earth. pluto, venus and jupiter in virgo.. moon in pisces so that gets pretty darn watery.

  12. What are everyone’s orbs for aspect patterns?
    (For example are the orbs for the opposition and the square in a T square the same as they would be on their own)?

    This person has a mutable T-Square and a Grand Trine/Kite in Air (if you count the MC) in addition to having a Gemini Sun, Moon & Ascendant. This is Gemini on steroids AND a fast-forward button.

    Mercury in Cancer is the chart ruler and the only planet in water and aspects Pluto which is part of that Air/Trine Kite.
    This person is compelled to communicate. What do they do if they get laryngitis and carpal tunnel syndrome? I bet they have one hell of an imagination.

  13. okay noobie here, hazarding a guess… looks like mercury in the 2nd house is squaring uranus in the 5th, so maybe issues of valuing their creative communication, unexpected and sudden unusual playful ideas having a hard time getting crafted due to judgements about their value?

  14. Thanks Chrispito. I have moon square Neptune and I notice that I feel that particular transit very intensely if I don’t put myself on guard. Sometimes even when I am on guard I still feel it.

  15. Ok, so this is my chart. It’s pretty crazy how accurately you guys describe me –

    Peppermint – Not an Inventor or Writer but I do have my own shop on Etsy where I create all kinds of candles, soaps, incense, etc. (with a spiritual flair). I have gotten some good compliments on the way I write up my listings tho! I actually wanted to be a Lawyer when I was younger, lol.

    Belle – Saying my relationship with my parents is challenging is an understatement! I’ve only met my father a handful of times through-out my life, this doesn’t actually bother me much. Can’t miss what you never had ya know? My mother is and has been a mental mess most of her life. It’s straining to say the least. The less time we spend talking to each other the better we get along lol.

    Chrispito – Highly Sensitive Indeed! I’m too emotional for my own good, I can go from just a happy normal mood to crushing agony in no time. It’s very hard for people to deal with really, so I tend to do as it said above, bury my emotions and pretty much try to not deal with them. This isn’t a good thing obviously but I’m still learning how to deal with it all. I have my feelings hurt VERY easily, I honestly wish I could grow a thicker skin.

    I guess I can be charming and confident, but it doesn’t come out as easily as it should. I battle Saturn quite a bit, he and I have an awkward relationship to say the least! Elsa nailed it on the head with one single statement in a consultation – “You’re afraid you suck”. I can’t seem to escape Fear & Anxiety. They rule my life the majority of the time and being someone who loves be around people, I can’t do what makes me the happiest because I’m constantly afraid how I come across, and end up over-analyzing every little thing I say & do.

    I’m curious what you meant Satori, with – “Opposing the Sun, Moon, Rising is Neptune in 7th house Sagittarius. With the Mars Saturn position, these three points form a tee-square, two squares and an opposition. While this adds more tension, it is spread over a closed aspect pattern. If this person does the work they can utilize this interrelation.”

    I’m still on the newbie side of Astrology so I’m wondering what would be a way to utilize this, to do the work?

    Thank you so much everyone, I’ve been trying to figure myself out and get a handle on Saturn and my Airy-ness, these workshops are fabulous!

  16. I’m still a newbie, but these are some things I noticed. I ended up running my mouth, lol.

    I usually do not see Pluto trining the Sun, Moon, and Rising, but this is the case because they are all conjunct. Venus also trines Pluto since it is conjunct the Sun. As Shakti said, a “Gemini on steroids.” Pluto is part of the grand trine with the stellium in Gemini, and squares the chart ruler in Cancer, giving this chart intensity. Mercury in Cancer is also in mutual reception with Moon in Gemini, emphasizing both.

    Moon in the 12th will echo that Neptune opposition.

    Jupiter and Saturn are not conjunct but in the same sign of Virgo, giving an affinity in perspective and a practical means of achieving it. So it is definitely workable. Jupiter is also in the third, adding more mercurial influences. Mars and Saturn are however in the T-square, adding more energy and pressure on the big three and Venus, too.

    I read that you can find relief from a T-square by concentrating on the house(s) with the empty leg, but I’m not sure if it works. In this case, it would be the 9th and 10th, which are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn respectively. The cusps are ruled by Saturn and Jupiter too (Saturn co-rules Aquarius) blending those energies once again. Aquarius also rules Uranus and Uranus in Scorpio is in Virgo’s house.

    Even though Virgo is Earth, it is still Mercury-ruled, so we have a 2 stelliums in the Mercury-ruled, a Mercury-ruled chart, Mars and Pluto involved, Jupiter in the 3rd, a grand trine, and a T-square with Neptune in Sag thrown into the mix. Saturn seems to be the only thing slowing the chart down (not necessarily a bad thing), and the Virgo provides the grounding. With the stellium in Virgo and Mars in Virgo a practical approach will help bridge the airy-ness of the chart with the Earth and incorporate Saturn in a pleasing manner.

  17. EtherealSoul, Saturn/Mars is grounding this pattern. whatever your ideas, dreams or goals, if you keep working at achieving small gains you will get somewhere. it puts substance to the ethereal. if you make the effort, as it won’t just happen on its own.

  18. im mostly wataaaaaah, i have no planets in air signs except for my ascendant and north node…. T___T WHAT GIVES?!!!

    i have the same amount of fire and earth planets.
    my bf has absolutely no fire signs at all, and hes mostly earth…

  19. Heheheheh wow…I am a triple Gemini… I have 6 planets in Gemini too…Do you think I’m nutter than nuts? hahahaha…
    I have sun(house 12) moon(house 12) lilith(house 12) chiron(house 12) fortune(house 1) AS in Gemini! Can you tell me what I am?

  20. What does it mean if I am a triple Gemini but also a Chinese dragon?

    let me add that this has been the most insight that I’ve ever found while trying to figure myself out with my time here in the physical form…


  21. So I am a Triple Gemini and man, my life has been a huge mess but I look back and feel I’ve learned a lot of things and I am only 23, I wish I could get more insight into all this but I hardly know anything about Zodiac stuff..

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