Workshop For Beginners: “ExactaMOONdo!” Aquarius Rising, Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon

Workshop for BeginnersToday’s Key Topic – The Moon.
Once you have a handle on Sun signs and what they mean, the next best step is to learn the Moon. The Moon is the compliment to the Sun. She shows our moods, emotions and needs. Think of it this way, The Sun is the outline of our IDENTITY and The Moon is the shading that adds PERSONALITY to the portrait. The moon also describes our attitude towards our mother and mothering. The SIGN tells us WHAT we need. The HOUSE tells us WHERE to find it. The glyph for the Moon is a crescent.

Note: The Moon moves about 13 degrees every day. Since each sign is only 30 degrees each, this is important to consider when looking at a chart with no birthtime. If a time is not given, we usually just substitute noon for the time. This chart will be close to correct, however, the Moon could be anywhere around plus or minus 7 degrees from what it says. This may put the Moon in a different sign. It will also change any aspects to the Moon. With practice you will learn to make an educated guess about which moon is correct. But remember, without a confirmed time, it is just a guess.

Now, Let’s dig into today’s chart!

Chart 2 for WorkshopChart II

Ascendant (aka “the Rising Sign”) – 22 degrees Aquarius.
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. What? Two rulers? No fair! Here’s the deal, planetary rulership was handed out before anyone knew anything about Uranus (or Neptune, or Pluto.) So, they worked with what they had and Aquarius shared Saturn with Capricorn. So, now fast forward, Uranus is discovered and we decide it’s a better fit for Aquarius only some people like to hang onto the old ways of doing things. So, depending on who you talk to Aquarius is ruled by one, the other or both. But most will side with Uranus nowadays. Uranus as chart ruler will give an overall rebellious energy to the chart. Aquarius rising people define cool and are not afraid to stand out if that’s who they are.

The Sun – Scorpio in the 9th house
Scorpio is a natural detective. Penetrating and enigmatic, they get to the core of whatever it is they are investigating. The 9th house adds an expansive viewpoint perfect for seeking higher forms of truth. This is one who holds tenaciously to their high IDEALS.

The Moon – Virgo in the 7th house.
Another 7th house moon like Chart I. In this case Virgo gives a need to relate on an intellectual level. This picky person may cycle through several partners before finding one that makes the cut. Practicality is always a consideration.

Hey, can you guess who else has this combination of Aquarius Rising, Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon?

henry-winklerActor, writer, producer and all around cool guy, Henry Winkler. Here he is playing the pinnacle of cool, Fonzie in one of TVs most unforgettable moments: The Fonz.

Now here’s Satori to help you put it all together…

After identifying the basic energies of the Big Three, it’s time to address how each relates to the other and to the chart as a whole. The Sun is in sextile (an aspect of opportunity) to the Moon, a relationship in which the energies are helplful to each other. It is important to note that both the Sun and the moon have planets conjunct (close to), sharing energy and addiing to their expressions.

With Mercury, the planet of communication, conjunct, the Sun’s energy (the ego) will be in tune with the way this individual expresses themself. Also conjunct, Neptune, the planet of spirituality, illusion, and higher creativity gives this person’s Sun a dreamy quality. In the ninth house (publishing, education, philosophy, adventure) this combination might indicate someone who tells elevated tales of powerful (Scorpio) adventures, or perhaps they merely dream of such things (Neptune).

The Moon conjunct Pluto (depth, power, and the shadow) denotes a person who seeks a deep connection and transformation through one on one relationships. With the chart ruler, Uranus, here as well, they may seek electrifying emotional experiences and need a good measure of space.

The Ascendent in Aquarius is at odds with both the Sun and the Moon. Its square to the Scorpio Sun indicates someone whose outward affect appears cooler and more distant than their more internal self. Saturn loosely conjunct the Ascendent adds gravity and responsiblity and will slow down that quick Aquarian energy. Saturn exactly quincunxes the moon, an energy not unlike a see-saw. With this aspect one finds themselves with difficulty expressing their outer personality while simultaneously meeting their needs, in this case a need for deeper connection.

The good news here is that these three parts of the chart connect to each other in a closed pattern, sextile to quincunx to square. They relate and can be integrated in a workable way. It will take effort (Saturn involved), but effort pays off. There’s some work and some play, but Jack (Jill) sure doesn’t look at all like a dull boy (girl).

queen of cups reversedAnd Dixie makes three…

As a 9th house Scorpio sun, you broadcast your depth. Still, Virgo moon can be read as cool because it’s so analytical, often more comfortable in observation mode than owning those messy feelings. Be aware of the tendency to distance from your emotions, because those deep (and sometimes dark) feelings feed you. You don’t have to tell anybody about what you find. That’s against Scorpio’s credo. But do focus on maintaining a good working knowledge of your emotional drives. The understanding will give you more peace and sharpen your relationship skills.

Now its your turn! Got a question, ask away. Anything in common with this chart? Tell us about it. Itching to show off your skills? Give us your reading. This is your workshop. Have Fun!


Workshop For Beginners: “ExactaMOONdo!” Aquarius Rising, Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon — 31 Comments

  1. Is it the ‘ Saturn conj asc’ part of the Saturn-Moon aspect that shows the outward personality conflicting with meeting inner needs? If so, then would the same aspect between Saturn in 7th and Moon in end of 1st signify that other people would conflict with getting needs met? Thanks

  2. YOU GUYS ROCK! Sorry, can’t help but yell;)

    “Saturn exactly quincunxes the moon, an energy not unlike a see-saw”

    The see-saw/quincunx connection is super helpful, thank you!

    Lots of activity in 10th/11th House works great for an Aquarius ASC, I think.

  3. The title is so punny, Nota. 🙂

    How does the 10th house cusp differ in interpreting what area of your life it affects versus the MC? If the MC is your FLAG what’s the 10th house? (Besides being in two different locations) So confused.

    Virgo moon conjunct pluto conjunct uranus might mean someone who is intensely picky about their partner and wants space.

    I see Mercury conjunct the 10th house cusp in Scorpio, and Mars conjunct the MC in Sagittarius. So this person is either known for being active and charming (Mars-MC-Venus conjunct together) or communicating (Mercury conjunct the 10th house). This person gets a nice boost from Jupiter in Aries in the 2nd house Of money which trines that Mars-MC-Venus stellium, and is going to have a Jupiter return as well soon, which is an extra shot of luck, because Jupiter is well aspected natally.

  4. I see idealism and imagination (Moon trine Neptune, closest major aspect), and maybe a little flare of temper(Moon square Mars).

    Which is more important, a minor aspect that’s exact within minutes (Moon quincunx Saturn) or a major aspect that’s close (Moon trine Neptune)?

  5. I like to think of the Quincunx as “the odd attractor.”

    Have you ever been drawn to an energy that seems totally unlike anything you would be interested in?

    Thats the feeling of the quincunx. Quincunxes are responsible for odd couple type of situations. Its the chocolate and cheese aspect.

  6. There seems to be a great number of squares in this chart – doesn’t this imply dissonances between the planets and a lot of challenging aspects – the planets pulling against each other?

    Do the planets in stelliums counteract this in any way, eg by reinforcing the positive powers of a planet to help it’s energy against whichever one it’s in square to?

  7. “How does the 10th house cusp differ in interpreting what area of your life it affects versus the MC? If the MC is your FLAG what’s the 10th house? (Besides being in two different locations) So confused.”

    ok, shakti…
    The 10th house still deals with public life, career, status and the dominant parent. The cusp tells what planet rules that house.

    The best analogy I can think of is, if the MC is in a different house, thats like having a billboard a mile away that says “exit 288 for good eats” or whatever it is that you’re selling. Rather than just a sign out front.

  8. Great chart.
    It seems as a huge blessing to have the ruler of the sun(pluto) conj the moon , and the ruler of the moon(merc) conj the sun. Is this aspects that will increase the cooperation between sun moon in a stronger way than what the sextile can do?

    love the workshop!

    Will we find out what people work with by the time the workshop is over, or is that the clients choice? Probably .haha. But I am dying to know. Looks like a super intelligent chart:)

  9. I am sorry, also wondering :
    what about the chart ruler (uranus) conjunct the moon…will it better the relationship between the sun ,moon asc, or will it sour the conjunction?

  10. iathina, I see the moon-uranus conjunction as a plus, helping to integrate those energies. it gives the moon a uranian influence that resonates with the rising, even though the actual moon/ac aspect is challenging.

  11. Moon in Capricorn here. I NEED a good job/career and since I have Aries rising I have Moon in the 10th making a job or career vital to my mental and emotional state.

  12. I know my question at 10 wasn’t specifically about the moon – but, any input please?

    The mooon is square Mars and MC here isn’t it? – what effect will that have on eg emotional life?

  13. @Shakti: I asked about something similar on the boards once, and Satori gave a really helpful metaphor:

    “the mc is the president.

    the tenth house is the white house.

    the president is still the president whether or not he is in the white house. they are related, but not the same.”

  14. Well I have venus in virgo in the eighth opposing saturn in the second so…I have no idea what my values are or where they came from. It has something to do with doing what you say you are going to do. I have this whole ethical framework that never changes and I’m bound to it no matter what. It’s quite tiring.

  15. Hey BP, sorry I missed your question earlier, you must have posted right as I was signing off for the afternoon.

    So, the Moon square Mars is going to give a tense need to express the Mars energy. With the MC involved, it is an obvious personality trait, rather than a subtle one. I would say this is someone who gets riled up over little things (Virgo)

  16. Teresina,
    I think that between the two planets in quincunx there is a flowing sort of energy. It is on the outside that there is a grinding feel as the rest of the chart doesn’t truly understand their love.

  17. As I am reading through this post I came across a question that I often forget to bring up.

    From #11,

    “The 10th house still deals with public life, career, status and the dominant parent. The cusp tells what planet rules that house.”

    So let’s say all of the planets are in one sign in the 10th. Then you must factor in what is on the cusp of the 10th to add to the description?
    Ex.: All of the planets are in Sag. in the 10th with Sco. on the cusp of the 10th. So there is an added Sco. feel or layer to the planets in the 10th house? Also, would that boost up the Mars in the 10th due to Sco. being co-ruled by Mars?

  18. Argh! I forgot to lay out the burning question! (See, it always tries to evaporate on me :S)

    How does it work, having planets in a house and to have the sign on the cusp of that house ruling it? That always confused me.

  19. Yes, work with psych. will start next week. Need to be in balance for optimal func.
    Also collegial improvements will be starting.
    Thanks alot for guidance / enlightment!

    Awesome this astrology!

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