Beauty Tips Through The Zodiac Signs: Have some fun!

Whatever rules your chart, or wherever your Venus is can have some fun with some new ideas on how to spoil yourself, ways to update your look, or ideas for product or technique that might appeal to you. Here are some ideas:

Aries jumps out at me and if I were and Aries I know I would be dressing casually as often as I could, casually or for action. One thing that would cheer up and Aries and put them on the map would be some T’s to go with their yoga pants or jeans that said something fun on them or something interesting. Collecting such T’s is a good hobby for them. That, or finding a tinted moisturizer that worked with their skin to help them race out the door without much to do about it! Or, go out and try on a hundred pairs of jeans until you find the very best one’s that fit perfectly, give you stretch and give you enough room to move as well as show off your butt! When you find them buy two or three pairs! Jeans come in all price points, remember. Try a “boho” look on top of jeans.

Taurus might enjoy going on a spree to find vintage clothing especially vintage sweaters…sweaters with vintage beading or cashmere sweaters. A Taurus also might enjoy finding a new skin cream that pampers the skin and to make some sort of investment in that skin cream. Taking care of your skin is what you need to do to invest in your future and you know how you like to invest. A beloved sweater is an investment as well so find one that can be dressed up or down depending on your day or even can be used to curl up in at the end of a long day when the weather is cool. Or…how about a little pooch to carry along with you when you are out? A cute, cuddly, long curly haired lap dog would wear you just fine!

Gemini, if I were one, might enjoy some new eye shadow colors if they wear make up and metallic are “in,” this fall for women who love shadow on their eyes in fun colors. A Gemini would also have a taste for some intense T with a message on it that would start a conversation or make people think…Gemini loves to chatter and to help people chatter I’d try a message T. Go out and try on some new colors for the season as well! Try the new pastel violets and strange new interesting colors in tops that are out now for fall. You love to change colors in your wardrobe so find their perfect jacket and change colors in your top daily! Try some new cuts in shirts to make conversation and give you the interest you so rightly demand in your personality on your body…find your new costume!

Cancer would probably love to find a necklace that just brushes the bodice! Look for antique jewelry in vintage shops or resale shops that are the type on you can wear if you are a cancer. You want the necklace that graces and just brushes against the bust to accent that part of your body. It would also be nice to shop for some rose or pink lipstick to bring out your pout or a product that causes your lips to be fuller and that brings on that pout you so love to show!

Leo should consider a way to put their hair up that is new and has some royal look to it. Play with your hair by winding it up and bring it up until you find a look you enjoy that is placed at the crown of your head and then start pinning. Make it unique, something you discover or try a beaded head band but wear it as a mini crown around the front of your head! With all the flat hair that is out of style now try some product in your hair that adds body and wave and find a hairstyle by playing with your existing hair that involves waves and body. Again, make it one of a kind.

Virgo might enjoy the short cut products. Try the all over colors that are made to use on cheeks, eyes and as a lipstick and find one in your color. Use it all over your face for a monochromatic look that is very peachy or rosy and brings out the “virgin,” in you! These products are practical and quick to use even on bare skin. They give you a peachy complexion without much shock and effort. You’d be surprised how much they can wake up your face and give you a youthful glow. Virgo’s like to have a uniform to wear at home too so it might be fun to shop for just what they uniform might be. Pajama pants and cute T’s? Yoga pants and tops? Even shortie night gowns and shorts? Buy a few to run around in at home and make sure they are nice and virginal so you feel as good as you can when you throw them on to work on your computer, clean your home or just curl up with your S.O.!

Just ask for product tips and product line ideas…

– Annalisa


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Beauty Tips Through The Zodiac Signs: Have some fun! — 5 Comments

  1. Venus is 12th House Leo – nailed that! When I was young, my very straight hair was to my ass, and I did something different with it every single day! Awesome!

  2. Annalisa, you’ve done it again! 🙂 While 15 lbs ago, I was NOT about to be caught dead in a t-shirt and sneakers, now I realize that I’m all over body-skimming tops, yoga pants, and very well-fitting jeans. As a typical Aries (double, even!), movement is ESSENTIAL for me to feel sexy. 🙂

    Venus in Taurus – I definitely am the type to invest in very good skincare. I look quite young for my age (I’m 30 next year, but most people think I’m 21) because I take good care of my skin.

    Two of my best friends are Geminis and are crazy over eyeshadows! One of them has taken on the “retro 50’s” look – again with the costume! 🙂 The other one leans toward a more bohemian look, but her hair is always done well (Leo moon) and her Gemini shows best through her choice of makeup.

  3. What about Venus Aquarius? I struggle with style – it is forever, not changing, but more like undetermined or confused. 🙂

  4. @Wonderingair You’ve just described a possible manifestation of Venus Aquarius. The look can be confusing…but really whats best is something that makes you feel unique..I’m a Cap with Venus Aquarius and I usually have an unforgettable yet possibly awkward accessory everywhere I go. Sometimes it’s a leopard print jacket, sometimes a bizarre futuristic Japanese watch. I also design my own sayings on T-Shirts. But I constantly get compliments from people on the accessory and as a Cap I keep it simple otherwise, and let my Venus *pop* through.

    I love Venus-Personal Style connections!! Great work!! 🙂

  5. @Wanderingair Also, when you take the ruler of your chart it adds up. Although I keep it simple my Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is in Scorp conj. Pluto and my MC so I wear tight fitting (Saturn is restrictive, in Scorp geared toward sexiness) and I am perceived as a “sexy” person (MC in Scorpio)with a “unique” style (Moon, Venus and Mars Aqua…with Moon/Venus conj. first house…I own my uniqueness). Hope this helps!

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