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Taurus Vintage cigarette card

Hey Elsa!

I’ve been having weird and vivid dreams lately, some of them disturbing. I’ve noticed several of my friends having similar experiences. Is there some cosmic reason for this, or am I just eating too many pickles before bed?

Curious Bull

Dear Bull,

That pickle thing made me laugh, so thank you. Actually, you made me laugh twice, because I pulled up your chart and when I saw the FIVE planets in Taurus…well I had to snicker. Why? Because that’s way too much Taurus for one human being, yet here you are!

Now about this question, and your dream life – get used to it, babe. That’s all I can say. See, Neptune in the sky is in Aquarius…in aspect (affecting) Taurus. All Taurus, in one way or the other, and what are you? Well you’re Taurus squared, then squared again, then squared again. Like this:

Once I was married to a guy who told me he was going to get me a bumper sticker – “Men Are Assholes and I Married Their King”. Well, I divorced that guy immediately, but my point is that there is Taurus, but you are their King! So anything that happens to Taurus is going to happen to you, in spades.

Here’s the bottom line. Dreams are tricky. Expect more nebulous information and weird communication. Lot’s more. More than you can possibly imagine, via dreams and otherwise. You wake up *knowing… But is it real, or not? Like that. Or someone tells you something, but they’re a known liar, so is what they told you real, or not?

You aren’t going to know. When you do know, a day later, what you knew is going to dissolve and you’re just going to have to ride these waves. Because believe me, this is a big one. And long! It’s a long transit.

Matter of fact, next five years this is going to be a major gig for you. Trying to sort what is real, and what is dreamed, I mean. See, you’re thinking it’s a pickle craving and I’m saying, no. More like you’re pregnant. Get it? This is that LARGE.



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  1. Bump for this thread, so you, Elsa, can read about the pickle thing again.
    I don’t know if this is the first post of the whole blog, but this is how it appears to me. You’ve come a long way and helped a lot of people throughout the years, these are all solid pages, almost 1000 of them! Please receive my well wishes for your incoming surgeries and come back soon! 🙂

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