Beating Depression & Making The Most Of Jupiter In Sagittarius

american flyersHortense quoted my statement on Depression, Coping With Life Threatening Illness:

“These are all Jupiter-ruled things but I have really seen work well to buoy people is when they are LEARNING something and I am talking about SPORT.”

And she asked:

What do you mean by SPORT? Doing? Watching? Thank you!

Great question! I’m sorry you had to ask! I wrote that post some years ago when I thought I could write in “code” and people would get my meaning. Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house.  Anyway…

“Sport” is a Jupiter / Sagittarius concept.  “Outdoor sports” to be more specific.  Think in terms of a wild horse, running free.  Crap just falls away.

I was thinking about this the phrase, “Res Firma Mitescere Nescit”, when I wrote that post.  It’s Latin. Roughly translated it means, “Get it up & keep it up…”

I got the phrase from the movie, “American Flyers”.   That’s where the pic comes from as well. I was not the only one struck by this motto. Someone posted a thirteen second clip of the scene on youtube.

It’s all about momentum. You want to get it going and once you’ve done that, don’t stop.  Push through. Continue! MOVE!

Jupiter and Sagittarius are forward-thinking, forward-moving, up, Up UP!  So whatever is dogging you, this can be applied.

As an example, I had a client yesterday struggling to leave a bad relationship. How might she do that? Turn and run, Run, RUN! FLEE THE SCENE!  And for Godsakes, don’t look back!

To clearly address the question, reading can be SPORT!  Like when I decided to become a professional astrologer, I dedicated myself to it. I read and read and read and read… and when finished a book, I opened another.

Jupiter in Sagittarius offers everyone a chance to graduate and move on.  Right now, today, it makes no sense to stand next to a pile of manure, smelling it, when you can walk away.

Aim higher. Do better. Be better, do more… go beyond where you are right now.

That right there, is SPORT.

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Beating Depression & Making The Most Of Jupiter In Sagittarius — 10 Comments

  1. Keep moving for sure. Love that. Right now I want to run free but I know I cant. I guess I will need to do a little dancing now and then to free my spirit.

  2. I had to chuckle when you mentioned how Sagittarians favor outdoor, fast-moving sports. My Sag boyfriend said he likes to ride his bicycle for aerobic exercise because it’s “fast and more scenic outside.” He also enjoys being around like-minded people in church and social clubs.

    I’m with you, Elsa. Studying charts and researching astrological topics is my “sport.” I have Jupiter and Neptune conjunct my Scorpio-ruled 9th House.

  3. I’m trying to maintain the momentum: I’m learning a new skill, from completely unrelated career field (software testing, and I’m a psychologist :)). I must do it by night, because my kid is constantly sick, and can’t go to daycare. But it really is maintaining my mental health; I need to be mentally active in order not to be depressed.

  4. Yes, I’m feeling it! Where I’ve been stuck stewing, or pushing rocks, I’ve got momentum or traction. Thank you for expanding on this, Elsa.

  5. Ok, I needed some help re: MAINTAINING momentum because that’s where I always fail. Found these suggestions (condensed from a longer article):

    1. Do something TINY every day.

    When you start with something EASY, you’ll see yourself win and you’ll keep going. (ONE SMALL VICTORY A DAY, as my brother says).

    2. Progress must be CELEBRATED.

    RECOGNIZE your small progress every day. To make the effect even greater, REWARD yourself — but only in ways that actually further your goals.


    For example, focus on the 3 pounds you’ve already lost, not the 17 more to go.

    4. Keep a “DID IT” list.

    It’s the opposite of a “TO DO” list. Fill it with every single small task you complete. Keep it in a visible place. SEEING YOUR PROGRESS and how much you have completed will inspire you to keep pushing.

    Sharing this here in case it helps someone else too.

  6. My stellium in sag, fourth house daughter has been in therapy. Recently we began unwinding some of our knots through honest talk about how these habits of relating got started and were never interrupted and developed into a large story as we are attempting to open new channels to going forward life which includes education. Sounds pretty spot on for this Jupiter in sag phenomena. It’s happening in my eighth. Simple

  7. Jupiter in Sagittarius offers everyone a chance to graduate and move on. Right now, today, it makes no sense to stand next to a pile of manure, smelling it, when you can walk away.

    Wow. <3 (love)

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