Be the Director of Your Own Movie – Saturn Moving Into Sagittarius

do your james francoIf like me you have issues with tendencies to people-please against your own self-interest, I have what may be a helpful perspective. Consider the idea that each of us has his own story to create. We’re here to make a movie. We are writing the script as we go along and we are enlisting each other as supporting actors in our movie.

But each of us must remember that we all have our own distinct movie and when we interact our movies are intersecting. Sometimes this creates conflict, sometimes it creates value and pleasure.

Soon Saturn will go into Sagittarius and square Neptune. Neptune rules such nebulous, creative things as making our own movie as a life concept! Saturn is reality, and Jupiter (broadcasting a life model) rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is an adventure, a story!

This square will often pit the moviemaker-director against others’ model of reality in order to advance the plot through conflict!

As this starts happening for you, remember: You appear in everyone else’s movie, by choice or by happenstance, as a secondary character. They are director, writer, and star of their movie, as you are in yours. They may be trying to elicit a particular response from you that furthers their own plot.

You’ll want to be helpful and kind, but don’t forget to direct your own movie while it intersects theirs. You write your own lines and act in accordance with your own goals and perspective. If someone else is a bad director or oversteps their role, you can walk off set or renegotiate. Don’t let them ruin YOUR movie. Take control (Saturn) of your own story (Jupiter). Drive your own plot! You are both the authority on your story and the creative director.


Be the Director of Your Own Movie – Saturn Moving Into Sagittarius — 25 Comments

  1. Interesting….

    I’m a big people pleaser, I find it’s a terrible cycle to get stuck in and to get out of, without hurting people’s feelings. LOL.

    It never occurred to me, some are bad directors. I really do like being the star! That’s why I’m a people pleaser.

    Note to self: bad directors equals poor movie and poorly paid star.

  2. Misti I love David Lynch too…as a matter of fact, I started watching the old Twin Peaks episodes on Hulu…he is totally a Capricorn I would love to know…

  3. My Taurus boyfriend turned me onto Twin Peaks in 1999. I thought it was boring at first but then the switch came on and I was hooked. Cspricorns. Everywhere. No escape. 🙂

  4. You helped me step out of line, at just the right time! What direction! I was wrestling with a bit of the wibbly-wobblies after negotiating an early 2015 gig and left trying to convince myself that it might be good for me to stretch the role I play. But with Saturn moving into Sag and the conflict and potential evil happening with Saturn fresh in Sag I believe self-direction says, ‘Go play outside!’
    Timing is everything in comedy, is everything in most things! Wheww … thanks.

  5. I bookmarked this. Somebody needs to throw something at my head when I forget this. I’ll even make it slapstick *makes long trombone sound*

  6. This post made me think one of my favorite scenes from the movie “Holiday” when the retired screen writer neighbor asks Kate Winslett’s character. Something like “your life is like a movie, shouldn’t you be the leading lady in your own movie?” It really hit home in the people pleaser center of myself. Diva or not I’m the star of this show!

  7. Satori, you shine like the brightest star ever in your beautiful, powerful and provocative movie. Bad directors, go to hell. It is important to know that one can walk off of the set. I love that! It is time to direct my own movie with honesty to my own creative integrity. I think I will play the role of the extra in the movies of others now. I have been integral to the plotlines of other peoples movies and you will not see me listed in the credits, some invisible neptune energy. It will be fine now that I now direct my own movie and you have made me see that it is important to take creative license with authority. What a fine post!

  8. I woke up early this morning. I was having ‘the actor’s nightmare.’ It’s something performers all get. Not that I perform anymore so it’s a throw back. In case you are not familiar with it: it’s you are on stage or the curtain is going up and the dreamer has no idea what the play is, what the part is, and worst of all what the lines are. I must be feeling unprepared or something.

  9. This is actually very helpful; thank you! I was just recently thinking that if I’ve learned anything during this Saturn in Scorpio transit (squaring my entire Leo/early Virgo stellium, so I still have the square to my sun to go), it’s that I have to care for myself as I do for the people around me. Sounds kind of obvious, I know! But I extend myself so much, trying to help everyone see the light in the dark; reminding them that we are here to learn, and that their lives are to precious and beautiful to waste on being afraid of actually living them.

    For me it’s not necessarily about people pleasing. It’s more about finding othes lifepaths more worthy of my attention, and rather help them with theirs than pursuing my own. And I guess now with this post I once again realize that it’s time that I did all of that for myself. I love the positive change people tell me I bring, but I don’t think I can do that at the expense of myself anymore…

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