Batting Clean Up Before Saturn Changes Signs

saturn recordI’m going to a new hair salon today. I gave the last gal three chances to make my hair at least “tolerable”.  It’s been atrocious. So bad, I expect it take several months to begin to recover.  This, if I get lucky.

Some of this is probably my fault. I’m not used humidity. However, if I tell you I want my hair left long enough, I can tuck it behind my ear, there is no excuse for having pieces cut above my eyebrows…and hanging into my eyes, and…you get the idea.  Cut with a razor, which makes it pretty much impossible to curl, in any way I recognize. I look like Fantine in Les Miserables!

They are also bringing a replacement for the recliner I got for my husband.  The poor (new) delivery guy broke it when he put it together, wrongly. I felt sorry for him. He did it because he was distracted.

Seems his wife threw him out. He has a 2 year old son who he was frantically trying to talk to on the phone before his naptime.  This stuff is life, isn’t it?

But after today, I will have this house done as far as anything I plan to buy in the foreseeable future. I feel like I’m batting clean up before Saturn (my ruling planet) changes signs. After today, I will be back at work, full time.

What’s up with you today?


Batting Clean Up Before Saturn Changes Signs — 22 Comments

  1. So many things are “just about there” for me that I’m confident they will be wrapped by the end of this Rx. It sounds dramatic to say, but I’ve been evaluating and re-evaluating every aspect of my life these past several months. It’s been trying my patience, to be quite honest, but I know it’s important. I’m getting ready to spring from a high dive into the next chapter of my life; I figure whatever it throws at me, I will be able to handle.

  2. I’m not sure I’ve aced or even passed Saturn in Scorpio. I’ve survived. I don’t see how Saturn moving from my IC to my fourth house, where it will square my moon, will make much difference. I do not expect relief but from myself I am demanding patience, integrity and slow progress.

    • I’ve got 3 minutes left of July 29, and I’ll spend them on you. You will make it. You have many gifts, your art, writing and more. Don’t forget your gifts as you develop the other qualities you are seeking, that being patience, integrity and progress, even if progress takes time. My time is up, for it’s now July 30, 1 minute after midnight where I live. I can’t hang up until I share Maya Angelou’s words (and I hope I remember this correctly) “Do not expect, do not demand; you could hold life in the palm of your hand.” When I first read that years ago, I had chills up and down my arms, because it applied to me at that moment, and it’s still a good vantage point, depending on the circumstances. Maybe sometimes we have to expect, other times we have to demand, because every day and each situation is different – but sometimes we go to a level where we back off from that, and in that place is where the ‘push/pull’ is gone, then that’s when many wonderful ideas come in. Maybe it only happens in a crisis, but that’s when we most need it. I’m not an astrology wiz by any stretch of the imagination, but I bet it’s a Pluto thing, and Uranus could help make it a revolution – they’ve been squared, you know. Did not mean to intrude in any way, just sharing a thought. I’m 24 minutes over time! 0024 hours.

  3. Three people I know are all moving…in September/October. Lots and lots of tying up things. Another one is starting a business in September.

  4. Saturn in Scorpio is scraping the womb, sorry for the rough image, but that’s what it feels like for me. Life and death and more death. Scorpio squares off the many issues of my packed 8th House, so as you once wrote “Legacy: the 8th House Passing on the Goods of the Dead” back in 2009 … coming clean is a deep and sometimes dirty business. Attempting, one more time, to teach in small groups, is proving difficult. Going against my grain especially at this point in my life. Jupiter trines all this Saturn and Scorpio and that means I’m better off ‘publishing far and wide rather than small and tight.’

    Your post by the way from 2009 is this one: Thanks for both this and that one!

    • Sooner or later comes resurrection, but it does seem to take forever. I experienced the life/death/more death/new life w/ Saturn in Scorpio- and I am Scorpio. I was encouraged to read that Saturn’s retrograde would affect those in the later degrees, but I could still feel it at 17 degrees, hot and heavy, yet chilling. 8th house? me too! Uranus is entering my 8th/Aries. The time has come to wrap up things from my husband’s death in 2013. Jupiter trine Saturn and Scorpio – it’s on the cusp of my 4th where Pluto is sitting in my HOME. Something’s gotta move; bet it will be me, and not Pluto. Jupiter will also trine my natal Chiron wounded warrior/wounded healer in the 4th. I feel happiness for you Elsa, waiting 8 years to get the house of your life! All I ever wanted was a real home, a forever home, for I grew up in a lion’s den myself. I do tend to put down roots, the love of the land kind of thing, the community. Interesting times coming up for all of us.

  5. I laughed when I read your very first post because I am doing the very same thing today. Yes my last girl had three chances as well. My hair is hideous. LOL

      • Oh, I almost forgot,the hairdo! It’s happened to us all at one time or another. I love my stylist, she’s really good, but had to explain to her that a razor could never, ever be used on my hair again, not even slightly – it makes it fly around like static because I have fine hair. I now recall a phone consult with Elsa in 2013 and she said, “It’s like you wanna go, but you can’t, because your hair is all tangled!” I started laughing and said “You must be psychic! b/c my hair gal just used a razor, and it keeps flying around and knotting!” Tell your stylist to cut the bangs more blunt so they’ll weigh down, but you look like you have thick hair. If so, you might want to go natural with it, let it go “out”, wave and curl. Another tip: Humidity. We lived in New Orleans for a short while in 1975 when our son was a year old. A guy stylist told me to switch products b/o the humidity in N.O. (worse than StL) and suggested Redken. It worked. Still use it today for styling. As if life isn’t hard enough, then ya gotta have a bad haircut. It will grow and you look like you have good hair.

      • Tried the new stylist last night…..and I have to go back. I will say my hair is not hideous anymore, it is on the mend. The new stylist has 25 years of experience so I believe she knows what she is doing it is just going to take one more visit, not bad for venus rx.

  6. Still recovering from a flu that took my voice. Now, at least I have some, but I still sound raspy. But I’m actually looking forward to going back to work. I’ve made peace with what it is, and the fact I’m never going to gain any recognition for what I’m doing there. Once Saturn is back to Sadgittarius it will pass my IC, again, in less than a month. That will close certain things for me. I just hope I’ll be in a better health than last time it happened. I have Jupiter working for me, passing to my 1st house and trining my Moon just when the exact Saturn/IC conjunction happens.

  7. I have a lot going through my head. Saturn in Scorpio transiting my 7th is still trining my Cancer sun in the 3rd. I’ve come to realize that I feel a lot more motivated to learn about certain things and improve my skills at them (e.g., cooking, creativity) if I admit that I’m doing them to impress others and get people to like me (because I’m taking care of/benefiting/inspiring them), and not doing them for myself. I feel like knowingly doing things for social approval instead of individual interest is looked down upon and the prospect of violating that norm is absolutely delicious to me. So I’m feeling excited, looking forward to the future.

    • I’ll add that I have a lot of Leo in my chart too, including Mercury in the 3rd which the lovely Saturn in Sagittarius will hit before too long. It’ll also square my Pisces moon…the last couple of hits were a double-edged sword to say the least, but this time I think I’ve absorbed the lessons and I’m ready.

  8. Elsa, quick question…you are going to a new stylist with Venus Rx? Don’t you have Venus in Leo?

    The same exact thing happened with my stylist. 3 times going back, too. I got lucky because after the last time, and I was staring sadly in the mirror while wondering how the hell to fix this, I got a group text from the stylist texting all his clients saying he was leaving the salon and going somewhere else.

    If that wasn’t the Universe trying to help me, I don’t know what.

    • I know the Universe was helping you on that one! I do love my stylist – years ago went to a high end salon when I was making money, that girl was good. But my current one is even better. I’ve been with her for 3.5 years – she is the best ever. She knows my hair. My hair has never looked better. I wish I could take Elsa there for a re-do (not so much as in hair-do, but a re-do is a medical word, like when a patient has to go back to surgery because it didn’t work out). I feel frivolous talking about hairdo’s on an astrology blog – but hey, where’s Venus when you need her? No more razors! (that would be Mars, right?). This was fun.

    • That’s exactly why I don’t want to move too far away. I hate to say it, but it’s true. With all the ups and downs in life, I don’t wanna mess around w/ a bad haircut again, ever.

  9. As a Leo, got my hair done during the Venus rx shadow period. Bad. Idea. I think I’ll give hair issues a one month buffer before and after Venus rx’s from now on.

  10. BTW, there is something to the moon phase when you get your hair cut. I paid attn to that back in the ’90’s and found it to be true. There, now I got to sort of include astrology into hairdo-ism. I’ll be watching out for Venus, as well.

  11. As a licensed sylist of 15 years I got mad when I read that that previous stylist used a razor on your hair. Just from your picture and never putting my hands in your hair it is obvious that was not an appropriate choice. For the record 3 tries with a stylist is too many. Hairstyling is an art and not everyone whom holds a license is an artist. Recovery from one bad haircut takes too long, recovery from 3 is more time than anyone has to recover. If you are unhappy with the first cut talk with the stylist about what you don’t like give him/her the chance to make correction but if they can’t, won’t or don’t seem to know how move on to the next. I always feel bad when I hear stories like this of stylist doing things that if they really understood what they were doing should have known better.

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