Balance (Libra) May Be The Better Option Over The Extreme Choice

I know people who make decisions to do people certain favors when the favor may not be a favor at all. I am not talking about my personal life here. I am talking about people who come up with blanket rules around various things with good intentions but bad results and I am a classic example.

Many times I have thought and proclaimed that I would mind what I wrote here very closely as to quit making enemies or whatever may be driving me at the time. I have a good intention but if I actually managed to achieve this the idea that good would come of it is dubious.

As another example, there are situations where people have a negative experience with someone and decide to never, ever be like that person or do what that person did. Sometimes this may be a good choice but more frequently the person restrains of limits themselves to such a degree it can compared to cutting off your leg to save a toe. Basically, they over-learn the lesson and sometimes there is a bitterness involved which is rarely (if ever) good.

Have you ever done this?

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Balance (Libra) May Be The Better Option Over The Extreme Choice — 16 Comments

  1. I have. I thought I was being smart doing certain things in certain ways (after witnessing certain things, or dealing with them myself – learning from my own life experiences or those of others). And then in one case, I somehow dealt with precisely what I’d been trying to avoid, after managing it for years. I think I would have got it out of the way a lot sooner, had I not isolated. Have to go – my sister’s asking me what I’m doing.

  2. I see people drawn a line in the sand for themselves and fail to see it’s not actually serving them.

    Saturn in Libra,yes? Get your lines in the right place, best you can.

  3. Oh sure. I over hide and avoid the woman that stalked me, which of course makes my life very small compared to what it was.

    Now I’m the problem. It’s a hard knot to undo, but I’m working on it everyday.

  4. I love learning these expressions! Another form of self-sabotage…

    What about the astrology? The Libra has been indicated… yeah, I see some Venus and possibly some Neptune (cold). Is there a certain type of transit or aspect you could associate with this phenomenon of good intentions/bad results?

  5. If my planets were a little closer together, I’d have a Mars/Saturn trine.

    Restraint, trying to do the right thing, and keep myself as safe as possible. Hiding for a while, but some things become more difficult the longer you wait.

  6. Yes, with both my parents, thought I held it together pretty good for a while but I find my self a slight crisis point right now because of it. This situation is a bit different since we know we usually always grow into a version of our parents anyway.

  7. Yeah, I can relate with a situation similar to @Tam’s. I mean, avoiding something as fiercely as I could which lead me to limit myself…

    It is almost a knee-jerk reaction to me really: something unpleasant happens, I don’t wanna deal with it so I cut off or retreat. It did seem like a good move at the time… for the sake of self-protection.

    And, yes, there was some bitterness involved.

    After reading this, I can agree it was not the smartest thing to do.

  8. When I was a teen my mother would say that I was in danger of cutting my nose off despite my face. Meaning I was headed in the wrong direction making obvious poor choices that were going to either get me into trouble or I would be less than happy with the end results of my choices.

    If people try to make decisions for others even if they feel they are doing it for their own best interest then that person is responsible for the end results. That is why as my children got older I made them learn to make their own decisions and choices so that as adults they would be able to live on their own. Yes they still sometimes make choices that are less than great or poor in my opinion, but by in large they do very well.

  9. did it re: my mom. have grown out of most of it. i think. helps that i get along better with her now.
    it led to some serious stupid on my part.

  10. intention vs. results.

    i’m really feeling this. could this also be a fire thing? i have a lot of fire. but my sun is 10th house virgo and my life purpose is to see RESULTS. i’m realizing that this is a collaboration – nothing of lasting value can be achieved alone. and also i tend to get in the way of the results, because i want to be involved every step of the way.

    a perfect word for this – “unintended consequences.” can be good or bad, but some things/people are left to their own devices.

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