Avoiding Responsibility During A Saturn Transit

My last client was interesting.  She’s got a moral problem, with Saturn bearing down on her Venus and Mars. She wanted to know how it would go.

The answer to that question will be determined, to a large extent, by the actions she takes (or fails to take).

This gal is not avoiding responsibility. I want to be clear on that. She was just asking a question.I advised her not to dissociate herself from the fact that what she chooses to do is going to play heavily on how the situation plays out.

Saturn transits often put you up against some kind of wall. It’s not enough to talk or think fluffy thing. There is pressure. You’ve got to pay a real price for your real principles so it’s best you figure out what those principles are.

As always, if you opt to do the right thing, invariably, you find support. Saturn Transits – How Do I Know I Am On The Right Path?

Are you doing the right thing, right now?



Avoiding Responsibility During A Saturn Transit — 20 Comments

  1. the weight of a saturn transit is often related to natal placement — I know this is true of any planetary transit but like so many things, it’s really clear with saturn

  2. I don’t see that you particularly have a choice with a Saturn Transit. Unless you’re willing to engage some very elaborate excuse why you can’t do what you clearly have to do.

  3. Saturn has been opposing all my stuff in the 10th over the last several years. Venus, Mars, Moon, Chiron and square natal Saturn. Now it’s steadily approaching another opposition to my natal Sun. So much baggage has been thrown in my lap that it’s head-spinning but you’re right. As long as you opt to handle the responsibility instead of shirking it, support finds its way to you in myriad ways. And there’s often blessings contained in those in the form of growth, bonding, and burning away what doesn’t serve. Saturn likes efficiency so it will highlight the cracks.

      • Directly on my North Node sits only asteroid Iris. So she (the rainbow) is important for me? (Rather rhethorical question because I don’t see how the rainbow, although also Hera’s messenger, could be important for me.)

  4. Sometimes, Saturn leaves you with no choice but do the right thing.

    I know I fell off course, but I’m back on it and learning, learning, learning and more bloody learning.

    Transit Saturn on my Neptune.

  5. Natal venus mars Saturn trine is chuckling. Nothin like a clear conscience. And yes, it is good to listen to myself and do the right thing. I still listen to others sometimes against my better judgement and suffer the consequences. And then there is all the programming on how I should be, how it should be. It is always good to shed another layer of that. Each time I do, I shake my head in disbelief at how much of that crap there is.

  6. Me: Saturn in Cap tightly conjunct DC and wider orb conjunct with chart ruler Moon (b/c of Cancer AC). So Saturn has always worked clearly and true to type for me. Doing the right thing is the only choice, that and accepting the assignment; avoiding has consequences — it’s like there’s no in-between, no option to wait it out. It’s always a matter of grinding through, never fun, but at least usually there’s a payoff in the end for the work. For me, Saturn runs over my Jupiter, moon, Saturn 2d return and DC over next two years so am trying to get my basics and head in the right place now

  7. Am I doing the right thing now? I would say that I’m, like always, doing what is shown by my progressions and transits. Saturn is transiting over my MC, another conjunction still ahead when Saturn will be in direct motion again. Uranus will then be retrograde and add a trine to my MC. I still have only a very weak and insecure idea of what both planets could want to tell me. The transit could bring a chance to take more responsibility for my vocation because I certainly don’t want to avoid it. There’s only the possibility that I have some misunderstandings about it. Having the MC just somewhere in Sagittarius is not very telling, but defines me only as part of a twelveth of mankind. However, my MC is conjunct the Galactic Center (on Tenth house side, and conjunct centaur Cyllarus on the Nineth house side). But perhaps my natal Saturn is of more importance? I recently learned that it is conjunct Praamzius.

  8. The right thing? Hmm ,do I discipline myself,forever with food but money
    Dictates a diet, relating ,I have been working on listening but it’s tough
    Dreams run kinda crazy but I guess
    I am allowed . For me the right thing is deep breathing belief in my prayers , I have been so falling into study I realize how hungry I am with new material, I think the right stuff
    Is to carve a piece of each day to
    Make for appreciate where I am
    I am here at the beginning of a brand new day and I don’t need to be afraid the rest I really can’t control.

  9. I think doing the right thing for me has been to go after my dreams in a mature and responsible way.
    I’m hunting a re-start of my career (Sag shares my 11th and 10th house), finding a new home to settle myself in- a home that is MINE and mine alone and the right home, not some private lease on a funky landlord – as well as taking responsibility for my dreams and goals to pursue what I most want.

    What I set my sights on this past year has come true, not without work, but easier work because Saturn trines my natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. Jupiter transit in Libra is helping out as well here.

    Life has been surprisingly smooth since I became single from a real Chiron/karma relationship where a Pluto transit in 12th squared my moon in 8th…

    Now, as Saturn transits my 12th house Cap in not so long a future I wonder what that will mean…..

    • Scottish, this is what I experienced also, AFTER my first Saturn-return with itself.
      I learn to look around as much as possible, I learned to be alert. But that does not mean nothing happens to me again! 🙂 I am almost 63 years old! (jippie!!!)

  10. Ready to pull my hair out as transiting Saturn conjuncts Venus, opposes my Saturn in 12th and squares my Neptune in 3rd. My natal T-square is activated and I do not want any responsibility! But as stated above, this must be my assignment. What a time to test my endurance. Can’t wait till this passes. #Karma…….

  11. Am I doing the right thing, right now?

    I think so. I hope so. Because with transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Saturn AND square my Sun-Mars-Merc-NN core stellium, I sure don’t want to screw up.

    I’ve successfully crossed over the exact conjunction part (my 2nd Saturn Return). But I have years to go with the square.

    I’m doing my best (Saturn), being disciplined (Saturn), working hard (Saturn), looking to elders for guidance (Saturn), pacing myself (Saturn), building a solid foundation (Saturn), setting and enforcing boundaries (Saturn), all of this crag by crag (Saturn), mountain goat style.

    So I’m definitely not avoiding responsibility (Saturn).

    However, this post, and writing this comment, makes me realize that 1) I’ve got the Saturn end of the deal well covered but 2) I need to now switch my focus and attention to the other end of the square: my personal planets – Sun, Mars, Merc, and my North Node. Those are crucial and fundamental components of who I am (Sun-Mars-Merc) and where I’m going (North Node). That’s what I have to work on (Saturn).

    Add to this equation some Pluto transits: one that’s wrapping up (same square as above), one that’s starting (opposition to Moon), and one that’s halfway through (12th house). Transformation, transformation, transformation!

    Gotta build a new me, or renovate the old me… That’s my responsibility, and I assume it fully.

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